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Funny / Secret Wars (1984)

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  • As Doom makes his way through Galactus's world-ship, he narrates every bit of his journey aloud. When Klaw asks him if he's taping himself, Doom replies that, as a matter of fact, he is. "Every utterance of Doom must be recorded for posterity!"
  • At one point Doom tells Klaw that he needs his help. Klaw, understably confused, asks what he wants.
    Doom: Come to the lab, I'm going to dissect you!
    Klaw: Oh, goody!
    • It should be noted, for those not familiar with the material, that Klaw's response was not him being a Deadpan Snarker. It was genuine enthusiasm.
  • A depowered Ben Grimm and arrowless Hawkeye find themselves trapped in a confrontation with the fully-powered but simple-minded Lizard and Klaw. We cut to follow the action of some other characters, and when we come back, we see these four engaged in a game of patty-cake.
    • The Lizard's reaction is priceless.
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  • As the X-Men approach Magneto's fortress, it cuts to ominous narration describing how Magneto is focusing enough power to level a city, for the purpose of... making Wasp a comb out of metal.
  • Enchantress getting blind stinking drunk and randomly talking to herself... while still retaining her faux-Shakespearean speech patterns.
    "Innkeeper! Fetch me another flagon of mead! Fie, no one attends! I shall have to conjure my own mead again... or an innkeeper!"
  • Reed finally finds a way to return the heroes home, but insists on explaining it.
    Spider-Man: Ah phooey, Reed! We just wanna go home!
    • And after Reed does explain it.
  • When he can't find a rock tall enough to swing from, Spider Man hitches the leaping Hulk for a ride with his webs.
  • In one splash scene featuring the villains, the Absorbing Man and Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew can be seen in the background, cheerily comparing their balls. No, not in that sense — they're comparing their weapons of choice: the Absorbing Man's ball-and-chain and Thunderball's wrecking ball.
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  • Enchantress needs to conjure a water elemental in secret... And does so in the villains' bathroom. She has to end the spell quickly when the Absorbing Man bangs on the locked door and screams "Hurry up, Enchantress! We're not all immortal, you know!"

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