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  • All of the Sprite's interaction with the Gnome.
  • When you visit Pandora Village, you will see that many of the villagers are in a zombified state. All you'll get if you talk to them is "......" There is one however who does this:
  • After the Sprite eats all of the Sand Ship's food and rejoins the boy, s/he tricks the guards at the door to Morie's office into leaving their post by saying that "rats" ate all the food. When the boy asks "Rats?" the Sprite merely laughs.
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  • Some enemy techs can be particularly dangerous and elicit some pretty sharp responses from the player. What do the random bat monsters do? Immobilize your characters by summoning a balloon onto them. It legitimately just freezes you in place for several seconds for no discernible reason besides maybe your character being enraptured (or held up) by a single large balloon. Though it gets a lot less funny if the bat or other enemies take advantage of this to pummel you. Primm later gains the ability to do the same to enemies.
  • The voice acting in the remake can result in some surprising laughs. Such as in the tropical resort in Ice Country, where players might expect the residents to speak with posh british accents. Instead they invariably talk like surfer dudes and valley girls.
  • The remake adds conversations between the three heroes at inns after various events and many of them are downright hilarious thanks to their banter:
    • If Primm is with Randi after Watts first upgrades the sword, Randi confidently declares that people will start taking him seriously as a swordsman. Primm snarks that all he's doing is striking flashy poses and not actually training.
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    • After Popoi joins the party, Primm asks him how many people Popoi and the Dwarf Elder managed to fool with their scam. Popoi sheepishly admits that, out of all of the travelers they put on the show for, only Randi fell for it.
    • After defeating Elinee and gaining magic, Popoi admits his relief that Primm did not receive Undine's battle magic as that would make her even scarier.
    • Primm goes on and on about Dyluck and why she fell for him for so long that Popoi falls asleep standing up. This is also after Primm warned Popoi to never bring up Gnome's assuming Primm was Popoi's wife ever again.
    • Popoi gushes about how fun it is to fly by Cannon Travel and pesters Randi to take another trip. Primm is less enthusiastic, only because she's concerned about the money, NOT because she's afraid of traveling by cannon. At all.
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    • In a Brick Joke later on, the team talks about the wonderful view from the Lofty Mountains and Primm agrees. Popoi asks Primm why she never commented about the even better view from Flammie and only then realizes that Primm is afraid of heights.
    • While it's difficult to tell from the in-game models, a conversation after meeting the Resistance mentions that Krissie apparently fills out a shirt better than Primm does. Primm is far from happy about this.

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