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  • Spider-Man's conversation with his Skrull counterpart:
    Skrull Spider-Man: Well, I do hate myself, but I don't know if I feel like smacking myself around.
    Spider-Man: Ugh! Please tell me I'm not this annoying.
    Skrull Spider-Man: You are.
    Spider-Man: (I know.)
  • Nova's conversation with the original Super Skrull after the later saved the former from a Skrull ambush.
    Nova: You disguised yourself as a Skrull? That's got to be years worth of therapy.
    Kl'rt: What is "therapy?"
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  • During the final battle:
    Thor: This battle ends with victory clear and true!
    Ares: Aye Brother!
    Spider-Man: "Aye Brother". See thats how YOU talk in one of these. I could never sell that.
  • Maria Hill lets loose on the Helicarrier's bad track record:
    I've had the same car since I was sixteen. The exact same car, never had a problem with it. This thing? Seems to fall out of the sky every other Thursday!
  • The What If end-page, which features Uatu discovering a new what-if... "What If The Marvel Comics Editors Are Skrulls??" which apparently includes Joe Quesada. Uatu's Oh, Crap! face while making the 'Title Drop' is priceless.
  • In Thunderbolts #123, Norman Osborn cheekily points out that the team has its own built-in perk when it comes to fighting Skrulls.
    The others—The Avengers, the Fantastic Four—they must be crippled by mistrust, knowing anybody could be the enemy. But we have an advantage. We don't trust each other to begin with.


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