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Main Series

  • Issue 1 with Team Champions, a young group of heroes, trying to escape Dreadnoughts in the Fantasti-Car over Las Vegas. The car has seen better days, so Ironheart attempts to fix it while flying upside-down, and then there is Spider-Man (Miles) in the driver's seat not knowing how to drive it.
  • Pymtron in issue #4 is completely bonkers. He kidnaps both Resistance and Hydra Avengers, forces them to sit at the table in a replica of Avengers Mansion and serves them dinner wearing a "Kiss the Overlord" apron.
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  • Rocket Raccoon's failed attempt to get the other races in the galaxy to aid in overthrowing HYDRA and destroying the planetary barrier around Earth. He begins by going on a tangent about what they should call HYDRA Cap (giving birth to the now common "Stevil" name) and it ends with the other races, who by this point have become sick of Earth and humanity as a whole praising HYDRA for finally dooming the planet.


Amazing Spider-Man

  • In Amazing Spider-Man #31, as the scientists in Parker Industries' Shanghai headquarters are destroying everything to keep it out of Otto's tentacles, one scientist bemoans that she's leaving being part of this out of her resume. Her co-worker responds "Are you kidding?! When my wife asks how was work, I'm going to tell her "I fought HYDRA!""

Secret Warriors

  • Issue 1: Karnak takes a shine to Moon Girl. However, Lunella finds him creepy and Karnak agrees. It becomes a running gag until you realize why Karnak likes her; he has a child himself, a son named Leer.
  • Issue 3: When the Warriors and Hydra!Avengers face off, Deadpool avoids Devil Dinosaur and goes for Lunella, thinking she is an easy target and calling her a toddler. She ends up kicking him in the crotch and calling him a 'Bootleg Spider-Man'.

Captain America


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