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    Nearby locker opens, revealing the two hiding props
    Chilled Chaos: What the FUUUUUUUUUCK!?
  • "Hunted By Morgan Freeman".
    GassyMexican: [impersonating Morgan Freeman] I can smell you. [everyone cracks up]
  • "Party Boat". At one point, Adam is forced to try and defuse a bomb, but struggles to work out how, and has to rely on the advice of his colleagues to not get everyone blown up. The person who planted a bomb turns out to be the traitor anyway, and guns them down while shouting "Death to America!"
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  • "During one match of TTT," he snipes a bunch of innocents without killing a traitor, and ends up getting banned. By his own server. A truly epic fail.
  • Rooster Teeth plays with SeaNanners. In Halo: Reach, of course.
  • Adam tries grabbing a sandwich to pass the time, and gets spotted and killed more or less immediately.
    • The second run goes a lot better, with him at some points hiding directly underneath the prop hunters, who still fail to kill him after finding out.
    • The third is an Epic Fail for Adam, who mindlessly unloads his ammo into some barrels and dies instantly from hitting an unused prop too many times.
  • He himself didn't upload the complete round, but while playing Trouble in Terrorist Town, he snipes his traitor teammate dead at the very beginning of the round to gain trust. Later, when there are only three people alive, SeaNanners convinces Hutch that the third person, Chilled Chaos, is the traitor, and they both go looking for him. SeaNanners tells Hutch that Chilled is around the corner, and to draw his gun, only for Hutch to be killed by SeaNanners' C4. His reaction is priceless. Hutch's point of view. Seananners' point of view.
    Chilled Chaos: Really? That looked like me?
    Mr Sark, Seananners' dead teammate: Interesting.
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  • Nanners' epic dolphin leap in Murder.
  • SeaNanners finds a hiding spot underneath a pipe and starts giggling, much to the irritation of the other players.
    GassyMexican: "HEE-HEE-HEE! There's that stupid fucking laugh again! Don't you dare HEE-HEE....HEE-HEE-HEE...."
    SeaNanners: "Hahahahaha! It's great every time!"
    SeaNanners giggles some more
    GassyMexican: "Oh my God..."
    EatMyDiction1: "No, it's not."
  • Nanners tends to troll the hell out of everyone in Prop Hunt. His tactics go so far during one round that Mark begins to freak out:
    Mark: You are literally, literally the worst fucking person on the planet right now, Adam.
  • Nanners discovers the dreaded remote (one of the absolute smallest props) for the first time, and Mr Sark is the first to encounter him.
    Sham: Where is he?
    [Adam cackles]
    GassyMexican: [spectating] How did you become that?!
    Sark: I can't even see what he is!
    • Sark only grows more furious (and more hilarious) the longer the hunt goes on.
    Sark: He could literally hide in the carpet. He's a tiny little gray piece of bullshit.
    [Sark continues searching]
    Sark: What the fuck. Gah, just—I'm—having flashbacks of seeing that tiny piece of nonsense run away from me! I just have to stand still and see if there's any pixels moving on my screen!
    • Everyone is so horrified by the remote that when Adam attempts to use it again in the next round, Gassy (his own teammate) violates the "no-ghosting" rule to warn the opposing team.
  • The entirety of Cooking With SeaNanners, complete with Chilled playing music for everyone.
    • Nanners starts his cooking show off by killing everyone:
      Max: That was the worst show ever.
      Chilled: I quit my job.
      Mark: Your ratings are gonna tank if you just kill all of your fucking audience members, you piece of shit.
    • Chilled decides to play Spanish music for Max's show. Max plays up the stereotype for a while before changing his mind and leaving.
      • Well, he was completely into it... Until Adam's request crosses a line.
      Nanners: Make some tacos!
      Max: Fuck this, I quit, I'm not gonna put on this stereotypical act.
    • Mark tries to host his Native American cooking show, but starts cracking up too hard to do anything before the bomb blows up.
  • The World's Best Hiding Spot turns out to be a log at the top of a ladder. Nanners wins two rounds without ever being found, to the delight of Adam and Jordan, and the extreme frustration of Sham and Gassy.
    • Sark left this comment on the video:
  • Nanners and The Reveal in "Why So Serious. Adam confesses that he could have and had been rigging any given Murder game mode, much to the shock and disbelief of his friends.
    GassyMexican: I HATE YOU SO MUCH!
    GoldGlove starts trying to kill Nanners
    GassyMexican: KILL HIM! KILL HIM NOW!
    Nanners successfully kills GoldGlove first
    GoldGlove: I'M SO, MAAAAD!
    GassyMexican: Oh my lord.. we're not playing games with you anymore.
  • The ending to Objection! deserves special mention.
    Hutch, the "Baliff": Before Chilled starts I want to say something!
    Seananners: Yes, what's up?
  • In "Cheatsy Doodle Time", Adam unintentionally glitches through the map and wins the round. Later, Gassy ends up doing it by accident, at which point Adam deliberately goes to join in and scold him.
    Adam: Max, I cannot believe you would-
    GassyMexican: Oh, fuck you.
    • To top things off, they all glitch into a room which normally shouldn't be accessible and taunt the Hunters, who can see them but cannot join them or shoot at them....that CATHY of all people discovered
  • Never Trust Nanners at Sea, aka "Nanners and his pals play The Ship". Hilarity Ensues. The entire video is a barrel of laughs, but the absolute highlights are pretty much anything to do with Minx.
    • "Room Serviiiiiiicccceee~!" BANG.
    • "I found a prison shiv and a Kama Sutra! This is gonna be a good day!"
    • Adam lures Minx into an area with a guard, and tricks her into pulling out a weapon in his field of view, causing her to be jailed. Her reaction is priceless.
    • Adam decides to gun down one of the other players at random (who wasn't his target) with an elephant gun... While Minx was stalking said player. It doesn't end well.
    Minx: "That was my target, Adam!" *Minx proceeds to butcher Adam with a fire axe* "THAT WAS MY TARGET!"
    Nanners: (singing, as Kim Jong-il) We're the best friends...
  • "I'M PEWDS!" features a few hilarious moments:
  • "My girlfriend cheats harder than I do."
  • Nanners stages a theater scene and instructs everyone to act as Bill Cosby playing different characters. Hilarity Ensues and Nanners can not stop laughing. He has to kill them all to "stop this madness".
  • This little exchange between Adam and Mark after an incident with exploding turtles.
    Mark: So we know who the traitor is. At least one. I don't know if you're trying to trick me into a hallway, you know, by ourselves or...
    Nanners: Nope. I would've already shot you right now, I would've said something like "funny joke!" "Bmmf!"
    Everyone laughs.
    Mark: Catchphrase!
    Nanners: Catchphrase! See? You're still alive.
  • Nanners plays on "The Church", and uncovers a dark secret in the map when he goes down to a hidden crypt. Loads of zombies spawn and start chasing after him.
    • Max's short confession.
  • Throughout this video, Nanners goes on a blatant noclip murder spree, and eventually gets done in by the gunman even though he's innocent. Rather than punish his killer for RDM, the round continues as normal.
    • Chilled's utter terror after Nanners bursts through a copter with his knife.
  • WRESTLEMANIA - OH YEAH in which GassyMexican puts on a Macho Man voice the whole time. Few choice lines include:
    "Drop that cone, motherfucker!"
    "Oh Adam, I'm gonna find you in your little corner then I'm gonna snap into ya like a Slim Jim!"
    "You think goin' up the stairs is gonna save ya?"
    "Macho Man doesn't like to be trapped and looked at like a zoo animal!"
  • Lord Megatron, in which Gassy puts on robotic voice not unlike Starscream from Transformers voice for a good amount of it.
    GassyMexican: (In Starscream voice) YOU WILL NEVER FIND ME.
    Seananners: Well, you don't know that.
    JackScepticEye: That came from this direction!
    Seananners: Ah, yes! (Find Gassy sitting on a ledge) I found something!
    GassyMexican: THWARTED! (Seananners tries to tag him) LEAVE ME BE. (Gets tagged) SON OF A BITCH.
  • The entire conversation in "Bathtub Baller" regarding whale semen has to be heard to be believed. Culminating in Chilled Googling a picture of a certain piece of whale anatomy.
    Seananners: (after shooting Chilled to end the round) That's just a whole level of my brain can't handle trying to remove whale semen from the ocean...
  • During this episode of SeaNanners' and Sark's playthrough of Grand Theft Auto V, the duo decide that they will pose as Swedish foreign exchange students and rob a petrol station. All appears to be going well, as they park their car outside calmly and walk towards the doors... except it turns out that the gas station isn't actually a place you can steal from, causing them to be discovered. In the ensuing chaos, they end up destroying their car as well.
  • Mr. Sark explains Five Nights at Freddy's.
    Chilled: You didn't explain the part where we like, fake cry and get views, when does that happen?
  • The entirety of their playthrough of Moonbase: Alpha. Most of it was hilarious abuse of the in-game voice modulator, doing everything for Stephen Hawking imitations to playing The A-Team theme.
    Game: (After they finish the game) Congrats guys, you are the saviors of humanity.
    Voice Modulator: Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na Batman!
    (Everyone laughs)
    GassyMexican: ...And that's how you end that.
  • Nanners and Sark play The Stanley Parable. Due to Nanners' tendency to take the Shmuck Bait, the first ending they get, of all things, ends up being the Real Person ending, despite Nanners being not even aware that he could unplug the phone, he was just messing around in the room, not wanting to answer it.
  • Chef Hutch. Hutch tells Seananners about the snack he made the other day;
    Hutch: Steamed garlic and white onions, I then mix that into the rice, pieces of shredded chicken, little bit of mozzarella cheese shredded on top, salt and pepper, boom. Nutritional and delicious lunch.
    Adam: So what do you pair that with?
    Hutch: Uhh... Weed.
  • Nanners plays Fallout 4 with "David, the Robot Dog" (actually one of Adam's friends—Chilled, most likely—using a text-to-speech program to provide an artificial voice to the in-game Canine Companion), whose deranged, frequently non-sequitur commentary and slurred, halting speech only grow more hilarious as the video progresses.
  • Nanners locks Chilled and Mini in a prison checkpoint at separate times as a prop. Each of their reactions is priceless. Chilled goes Oh, Crap! when he realizes he's been locked in, while Mini gets the checkpoint door slammed in his face and he completely loses his shit.
  • Chilled making the worst Freudian Slip, providing a perfect example how misreading word-swaps changes everything.
  • Adam's entire Prop Hunt philosophy summed up.
    Hutch: Is it an Adam spot? Would he feel bad about using it?
    Chilled: Would Adam feel bad about anything?
  • Adam finds another of his kin.
  • During a round of Ultimate Chicken Horse, Nanners as the chicken was the only animal to get past Ze Royal Viking's black hole trap. Due to a bug, even if the players are not killed by the black hole, it will count as a single trap point when it passively sucks in a part of the player. Because of this, Ze's score went from 1 to 5 and 4/5ths, leaving a tie between him and Nanners for the lead. Just seeing Nanners go from happy to utter confusion as the score kept increasing is hilarious.
    • This round of Ultimate Chicken Horse. That is all.
  • A round of CoD4 Prop Hunt with Chilled, Mini, and Sark brings up an old favorite, "Operation Anne Frank," where one or more of the hiders use their props (usually sheet metal) to hide one of the others (still in seeker form). Upon spotting Chilled, Adam offers to hide him...unaware that Chilled was just taken out moments ago and was now genuinely a seeker. Chilled plays along, letting Adam think that things are going great until Mini delivers the bad news. As often as Adam trolls his fellow players, this was pretty well deserved.
    Chilled: This is amazing...
    Adam: OH WHAAT?!?!
  • Prop Hunt Master:
    • Adam hides by removing a wet floor sign and taking its place, while Jordan hides by clipping into a safe in another location. Jordan tries to get Adam to check out his hiding spot, but Adam doesn't want to risk getting found out in the process.
    Captain Sparklez: ...No, you have no idea. Yours is ok, but mine is...
    (Seananners is talking over Captain Sparklez)
    Seananners: What do you mean, 'OK'?! I am brazen, I am bold.
    AllShamNoWow / Mark: Alright, you guys are supposed to be teammates, don't do this dick measuring contest in prop hunt, you fucking losers, hahaha, ha!... You're the biggest goddamn nerds I've ever heard in my fucking life!
    • Adam then continues milking his spot for all its worth by flickering his flashlight where Mark and APLFisher can hear it but not see it.
  • When Sark not only successfully outruns the hunters as a scientist, but manages to hide from them for the entire round (while making old man jokes), Nanners is barely able to contain himself.
    Ritz: Ok, you gotta give us a hint, what is the theme?
    Nanners: Uh, Scientist.
    Ritz: You're still a fucking scientist?!
    • Nanners goes so far to sound alarm whenever the hunters are close-by. They don't get it until the very end.
  • Seananners loves his soundboard.
  • Nanners has mostly two ways of playing Prop Hunt: as the tiniest prop available...or a scientist.

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