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  • The Stab 6 fakeout. The subsequent Stab 7 one is even funnier.
    • In "Stab 6", Ghostface calls one of the girls and does his "who is this?" shtick, only to be told by the girl that she's the more impatient version of the person he called; Ghostface then responds, in an offended tone of voice, that she didn't have to be such a bitch.
  • Following a conversation between Perkins and Hoss about Bruce Willis being a frequent surviving cop, Perkin's exclaims "Fuck Bruce Willis" just before dying.
  • When trying to learn where the Stab-athon is being held, she refers to it as a "circle jerk"
    • The bloopers revealed that Courtney Cox genuinely didn't know what it mean, but Neve Campbell did, leading to a lot of cropsing during filming.
  • When Gale is explaining to Dewey why she thinks the killer is going to attack the high school Stab marathon:
    Gale: Come on, how meta can you get?
    Dewey: How what-a can you get?
    Gale: ...I don't know, I heard them say it!
  • Jill running headfirst into a picture at the climax.
    • Even funnier is the This Is Gonna Suck look on her face when she comes up with the idea and psyches herself up for it.
    • Her self-injury scene in general. It starts out rather disturbing and quite clever, making sure she has some defensive wounds, but goes on long enough and gets sufficiently over-the-top it gets a little silly. Especially when she lies down next to Sidney and tries to mimic her unconscious pose right down to finger placement.
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  • After Jill is taken down for one last time, Officer Hicks is found to be alive after getting shot by Jill. She reveals to have worn a bulletproof vest and faints soon thereafter.
  • Gale, in a Ghostface mask, acting like a high schooler while attending Stab-a-thon.
  • The final confrontation (almost) ends on rather funny note.
    Jill: Any last words?
    Gale: Just one.
    Jill: Please?
    Gale: No. Clear.
    Jill: Clear?
    Sidney: Clear. (Zaps Jill with defibrilator paddles. IN THE HEAD.)
  • Kirby's wonderful lines when she meets Sidney for the first time at the police station.
    "It was the killer's voice, from Stab. Or I mean, y'know, from your life."
    • And the follow-up.
    Hicks: The killer didn't call you?
    Kirby: No. Is that a bad thing? Does that mean I'm not going to live as long as these two?
    Dewey: No. Maybe. Of course not! Just uh, be careful.
    Kirby: (to the girls) Oh my God, did you hear that? I'm gonna be next.
  • Trevor sums things up quite nicely.
    "Why is Sidney Prescott staying in your house? That's like being on Top Chef with Jeffrey Dahmer."


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