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  • This exchange at the end:
  • This exchange:
    Sidney: Can you see me right now?
    Ghostface: Uh-huh.
    Sidney: Ohhh. *starts picking her nose* What am I doing? Huh? HUH? What am I doiiiing? Helloooo....?
    • And when Ghostface tells Sidney he's calling from her front porch, he says it in such a way that he's hoping it'll be like his Wham Line to Casey. There's a beat, before Sidney just asks "why would you be calling from my front porch?"
    • In that conversation about scary movies, Sidney complains that the girl is always running upstairs when she should be going out the front door. When Ghostface attacks, Sidney has put the safety chain on the front door, so she has to run upstairs.
  • Randy's rules for survival in the first movie, especially Stu's response. See the Quotes page for more.
    • Slightly later on, Randy is watching Halloween (1978), giving advice to Jamie Lee Curtis' character to just look behind her... totally oblivious to the fact that Ghostface is literally right behind him. Oh, and it gets better: Jamie Kennedy is playing Randy, so he's basically telling himself to look behind him.
  • "I'll send you a copy. BAM! Bitch went down. I'll send you a copy. BAM! Sid! Superbitch! You are so cool..."
  • Tatum's attempt to escape through the cat-flap in the garage door. Sure, blonde girls in horror movies can be dumb. And people try and escape in silly ways. But this is just so stupid that you can do nothing but stare in utter disbelief for several seconds before you start laughing. It must be the dumbest attempt to escape in a horror movie ever made.
    • Made Hilarious in Hindsight with the knowledge that Rose McGowan actually could fit through the cat-flap (so in a funny way, maybe Tatum wasn't so dumb for trying?) And they had to staple her top to the side of the flap to stop her from falling out while the door was raised.
  • The scene with the killer and Tatum prior to that when she sees him and assumes it's just a prank/joke, and tries to play along by saying, "No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface. I wanna be in the sequel! Cut it, Casper, that's a wrap!" This is amusing before the scene becomes real and the Mood Whiplash sets in.
  • Stu's rather Skewed Priorities upon learning the police have been told everything. "My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!"
    • Not to mention his "motivation".
    Stu: Peer pressure. I'm far too sensitive.
  • As Randy chats with Stu in the video store about possible killers Randy starts to get worked up. Before he yells (very loudly) "There's a formula to it! A VERY SIMPLE FORMULA! EVERYBODY'S A SUSPECT!" you can see Stu attempting to desperately quiet him down.
    • After Randy yells everyone in the video store shoots him a look.
  • One from the original script that didn't make it into the final movie:
    Sidney: And this, Billy Stud-Bucket, is for having an incredibly small weenie.
  • Every single time Ghostface falls over, which happens through the entire franchise.


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