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Funny / Scott Pilgrim Vs Snow Flower And The Secret Hall Pass

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Chapter One

  • The first three lines of the fanfic already indicate that this will be a hilarious fic. It's made even more hilarious when you realize that Shizuo, Austria, and Hungary are supposed to be a family.
    Shizuo: "I have to what?!"
    Austria: "You have to get married in a month-and-a-half because I said so and I want more women in my harem." (Hungary slaps Austria)
    Hungary: "Roderich, you already have me, Rangiku Matsutmoto, Kushina Uzumaki, and Oliver Mira Armstrong in your harem. You don't need another woman in your life."
    • The mere fact that Shizuo being the spawn of Austria and Hungary would actually explain a LOT about him.
  • "Have you ever considered having a bromance with somebody?"
    • Consider the fact that Sir Crocodile said that and it was while he was looking for a suitor for Aki.
  • Shizuo's description of Aki in chapter one is so over-the-top, everyone else calls him out on how hilarious it is.
Shizuo: "And, then, I bump into this beautiful girl with long, silky, and shiny black hair that smelled like exotic fruits. She was carrying this white parasol to represent her purity and femininity and wore a red, silk Chinese dress with gold trim. But, when I looked up, she was gone." (Shizuo's co-workers laugh)
America (While banging his fists on the table): "Dude! That has got to be the most over-the-top description of a girl I have ever heard!"
Firo: "I'd find dat in a romance novel!"
Shizuo: "Yes, I admit I went over-the-top for the girl's description, but, hey, we're in a parody of Asian romance novels, so we might as well milk it for all it's worth."
  • "Chicken fried steak? What the hell was your thought process when you chose that?"
Chapter Two
  • Mikado's rendition of Peter Griffin's rendition of Rock Lobster.
  • Excalibur's cameo. Thankfully, Shizuo throws a table at Excalibur to shut him up.
  • Anri makes Izaya and Shizuo get along, or else she will tie them to a chair and make them watch Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood on a loop until they get along. Shizuo and Izaya then get along... Over how much they thought that movie was messed-up!
  • When Shizuo revealed that Austria reads Playboy magazines.
    • "I was supposed to hide those in my piano and not under the bed!"
  • This quote from Austria:
Austria: "Yeah, you heard my head woman in my harem! Leave this house so we can pop in a Kama Sutra - I mean, Care Bears - DVD and practice our special mommy and daddy only poses - I mean, play with Elizabeta's old Strawberry Shortcake dolls!"
  • "Cheongsam! Cheongsam! Cheongsam!"
  • "Shut up, Firo."
  • The parkour hide-and-seek scene at the mall, especially what Firo says as he's falling from the thrid story of the mall to the second story.
Firo: "Brooklyn Rage!"
Chapter Three
  • Huey Laforet talks to Shinpachi and Tae in French about the party. Since Shinpachi and Tae don't understand French, Shinpachi speaks Japanese to Huey. Huey then tells Shinpachi, "Your mother plays card games in Hell", in French.
  • Shizuo and Izaya are running through the mall with no shirts on because Roy, America, and Gintoki were looking for them.
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  • When Maiza is driving Firo and Ennis home from Crocodile's dinner party, he gets pulled over and arrested for drunk driving.

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