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  • "Truth, Justice, and Scooby Snacks":
    • Superman's sheer nonchalance while fighting Brainiac, Grax, Terra-Man, and Mongul during his first appearance. While he's still dealing with it seriously, he seems less concerned about whether he'll be able to defeat four supervillains at once than about Jimmy's unexplained distress signal.
    • Fred asks Perry White if he's summoned Caesar again since the first time the "ghost" appeared. Perry retorts that he hasn't; as a newspaper editor, he's got more important things to do.
  • In the Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn crossover, the gang panics and races to escape when they realize it was two of Gotham's most infamous supervillainesses who called them to a secret rooftop meeting. Harley casually quips that people have lost the ability to have civil conversations and blames texting.
  • The Jonny Quest crossover has this moment of meta commentary between Bandit and Scooby:
    Bandit: <Do your humans ever leave when they should?>
    Scooby: <Not really. Do yours?>
    Bandit: <Nope.>
  • During the Aquaman crossover, Fred keeps trying to remove the masks of his assailants... while underwater.
  • Scooby-Doo as the ghost of the Spectre.
  • While looking for Gorilla Grodd in Gorilla City, Daphne confesses to King Solovar that all the gorillas look alike to her. She then apologizes for sounding racist. King Solovar brushes it off, though, and admits that all humans look alike to him, too. He also mistakes Daphne for Fred. When they eventually meet Grodd, Shaggy is worried Grodd will get even with them for what happened the last time they met. Grodd then admits he didn't recognize the gang and also believes all humans look alike.
  • Zorak and Moltar apparently hypnotized Space Ghost into thinking he was a talk show host. Fortunately, he snapped out of it after eight seasons.
  • The Green Lantern and Green Arrow crossover is rife with hilarity:
    • The monsters in this issue are the ghostly parents of the citizens of a hippie commune who...guilt trip everybody they meet. They're so good at it, they even manage to bring down both superheroes!
    • Green Arrow talking like his incarnation from the CW show.
    • When Green Arrow and Green Lantern start to fight, the gang tries to figure out which of their villains could be responsible. Fred lists off the Green Lantern villains he can remember off the top of his head, but then Velma asks if anyone knows one of Arrow's villains. Everybody draws a blank, much to Arrow's frustration.
  • The running gag of Fred's obsession with pulling off masks.
  • Penelope Pitstop thinking Sing Sing is a choral group instead of a prison.
  • The General for whom Dick Dastardly and his men work is General Tso's 24-hour Chinese food delivery service, and they try to "stop that pigeon" because the pigeon delivers pizzas from their biggest competitor.