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Funny / Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost

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”Hey, look, Scoob! I’ve been a baaaad boy!”
  • Sarah's reaction to Shaggy throwing water on her - in the hopes she'll melt
    Sarah: What was that?
    Shaggy: You’re not melting! Like, it worked in The Wizard of Oz!
    Sarah: Fool! I shall destroy thee!
  • Fred's big distraction to Sarah is to call her names and make fun of her.
    Sarah: Thou shall pay for thine impudence!
  • Shaggy and Scooby eating all the food at the diner. The owner asks them if they're even tasting the food. This causes them to pause for a moment to savor what they're eating (Shaggy remarks "It's the best food we've ever had") - before they begin shoveling again.
    • Velma's reaction to this is to jokingly ask if there is any food left in the kitchen. The diner owner then enters saying he has to run to the market to get more food.
    • At one point during their feast, Shaggy eats a bread bowl after emptying it, giving the illusion that he's eating a wooden bowl.
    • At the end of their lengthy feast, the two exit Jack's diner morbidly obese. Shaggy looks like he's as pregnant as an Octomom, while Scooby's belly only barely doesn't drag on the floor.
    • Oh, and Ben Ravencroft told the people at the restaurant to put Shaggy and Scooby's feast on his tab. Baaaaaad idea, Ben.
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  • Shaggy and Scooby subsequently meet the Hex Girls, and wanting to impress, push their bellies up to make them appear to be top-heavy and muscular. Then the Hex Girls creepily greet them, and not only do the two's jaws drop, but their giant stomachs fall back into place. And as soon as they run for it, they're back to their old thin selves.
  • In the performance at the end, the Giant Turkey Sarah created is seen dancing surrounded by fangirls. Why it didn't change back to normal is anyone's guess.
    • Somehow, the Giant Turkey arguably ended up as the big winner of the entire movie. Not only is the turkey not going to be destined to be someone's Thanksgiving dinner, but as the town attraction, it will be treated very very well for the rest of its life. It's already enjoying itself by the end of the movie.
  • Fred's Skewed Priorities when Thorn's dad is revealed as the ghost.
    Dusk: Your dad's the ghost?
    Fred: Your name is Sally?
  • The way Mystery Inc. pose as museum exhibits in the opening is rather hilarious; how long can they hold those poses, anyway?
    • In fact, the prehistoric exhibit Shaggy and Scooby pose as ends up spooking Dr. Dean, once when activating it, and again when warning him about the mummy monsters.
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  • How do Shaggy and Scooby defeat the Giant Turkey? By pretending to be pilgrims intending to cook it for dinner, freaking it out and sending it fleeing for its life.

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