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Halloween Spooktacular

  • "Recount!"
  • When Count Max realizes that it's the twenty-first century.
    Great! Now my watch has stopped as well!
    • Look carefully: said wristwatch is a sundial.
  • Ruby's and Scary Godmother's exchange when Orson first meets Hannah.
    Ruby: *Whispers* It's his first real human.
    Scary Godmother: Cute.
  • The entire scene where the monsters scare Jimmy and the other kids for teasing Hannah is one big CMOF (as well as a CMOA), but special mention goes to Harry's over-the-top performances.
    • "Oh, yes. Howl. Growl. Aren't I frightful? Rend, tear, fold, mutilate." (Notices the candy) CANDY! (Starts barking and snarling for real trying to get at said candy).
    • "I die, then I flail....and then I die!"
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    • The beginning of said scare has the kids meet Orson, and Jimmy thinks he's not a real vampire.
      Orson: I'm gonna tell my dad you said I'm not a real vampire!
      Jimmy: Tell him. Tell your mom too.
      Orson: MOM! DAD!
      (Max and Ruby burst into the room)
      Max: Darling, stop me if you've heard this one. Four naughty kids walk into a spook house...
      Ruby: And?
      Max: What "and?" And we EAT THEM, OF COURSE!
      Ruby: Oh now you tell the funny joke!
    • Skully's performance is also quite humorous.
      Skully: (Pretending to be a lamp with a lampshade on his head) Click. Click. Click. (Begins singing and dancing to the tune of Everything's Coming Up Roses) You'll be grilled! You'll be ate! Gonna serve you four kids on a plaaaaate!
      • In fact, his performance was so good that he had to remind the kids to be scared — after the applause was over.
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    • Later, when Hannah shines her flashlight at Skully:
      Skully: Goodness, what a harsh light! Gak, I expire. *promptly falls apart*
    • When the monsters are congratulating each other on successfully scaring the kids, Skully chimes in with "You know, if I don't get a Broadway contract after this one...."
    • When Scary Godmother announces that her "minions" should capture the kids before they reach the safety of the basement, Jimmy and the others scream "BASEMENT?!" And the monsters just stop to point where said basement is.
    • After Hannah shines her flashlight into the basement, you can see that Katie's doing a Bridal Carry with Darryl in her arms.
  • Skully trying to get Harry to roll over for a treat. Harry's too fat to even roll halfway.
  • Harry being punished for almost ruining the party with Scary Godmother running off a list of chores he’ll have to do and having all the pizza taken from him.
    Scary Godmother: You'll probably have tonight paid off by Halloween next year. Enjoy your pizza!
    Harry: (sadly looks down at the one remaining pizza box) It's turned to ashes in my mouth.
    Scully: Oh! That's mine, then. I ordered half ashes, half green peppers. (snatches box away)
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  • "My soul is worth more than twelve pizzas."
  • "So other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the show?"
  • While Hannah and Orson are looking for food in the fridge, Hannah asks if Orson sees anything he wants to eat. He hisses and bares his fangs at her and she retaliates by sticking two carrots onto his teeth.
  • Katie offering to trade one of her candies in exchange for kisses from Bert and Bert initially not realizing that Katie didn't mean sweets.

The Revenge of Jimmy

  • After the Fright Side is almost destroyed again, Skully mentions that his whole life flashed in front of him.
    Bugaboo: How was it?
    Skully: Fabulous!
  • After Scary Godmother's house disappears and she's left stranded on her broom with Bug-A-Boo, Harry, and Skully hanging on as the Fright Side starts disappearing:
    Scary Godmother: My house!
    Bug-A-Boo: My home!
    Harry: My comic books!
    Skully (stuck looking at Harry's rear end as he hangs on to his tail): My eyesight! Good thing I don't have any eyeballs...
  • Harry's shirt disappearing and Bug-A-Boo shrinking to the size of a small cat and perching onto Harry's shoulder.
    • Bonus points for Harry's tan line being pixelated.
  • When all the trees in the Halloween realm suddenly lose their leaves as a result of Jimmy's sabotage.
    Bug-a-Boo: Winter's come early this year? I gotta start making my Christmas cards.
    • Scary Godmother's reaction to the sudden change: "Something is wrong! Really wrong! Black socks with sandals wrong!"
  • When Scary Godmother suddenly turns black and white she mentions she's "Lost her color." It then cuts to Max and his family, who are now humans.
    Max: You have lost your color? Look at us! We're PINK! What is this beating in my chest? My heart?! No! No! I am alive! ALIVE!
    Orson: Can we panic NOW?
    Scary Godmother: Sure why not?
    (Everyone starts screaming)
  • When Hannah takes Katie, Darryl, and Bert to the Fright Side for the Halloween party, Darryl tells Max and Ruby that they're cool after the scare they gave the kids last year. Max milks it for all it's worth.
    Max: Did you hear that, Orson? This young lad thinks I am "cool."
    Ruby (to Darryl): You have just made his century.
    • Bonus points for Max striking a surfer pose as he says "cool" and Orson being visibly embarrassed by it.
    • Hannah then relies on this to get Orson out of wearing the ridiculously formal clothing his parents made for him as "Prince of the Night." She points out to Max that Halloween is supposed to be a night for dressing up as something you're not, while Orson, who's a Prince of the Night, is dressing up as... Prince of the Night. Max backtracks fast in an attempt to save face.
      Max: I am hip! I am with it! I am cool! That young Darryl human said so.
  • The heartwarming speech that Scary Godmother gives Hannah about how she's saved Halloween is interrupted by Pettibone.
    Pettibone: (holding out ball of caramel corn) Corn ball?