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Foal of the Forest:

  • In the very first chapter, Apple Bloom orders a swarm of bees to chase Diamond Tiara, prompting Caramel to say:
    Caramel: That's one way to get an obnoxious pony to buzz off.
    Fluttershy and Apple Bloom: (Stare)
    Caramel: Sorry.
  • Fluttershy getting scared of an illustration of the Eyes of Nightmare.
  • When Rarity first meets Dawn she says:
    Rarity: Your eyes... they... they are... they are simply magnificent!

The Promise of a New Day:

Storm on the Horizon:

  • Red flirting with Applejack.
    Applejack: What say we head back to the farm?
    Red River: After you oh most beautiful blossom.
  • Twilight telling Rarity that Arkenstone is one of the Knights of the Celestial Order.
    Rarity: WHAT!!!

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