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Funny / Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

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  • The Burgermeister falling down the stairs because of a toy duck. The choppiness of the animation is the best part of the gag: each of his limbs goes limp one after the other with a significant delay, all the while he has this slack-jawed, bug-eyed look of agony on his face.
    • His other injuries are just as humorous. First, he accidentally sits on a toy soldier's sword, then he accidentally slams his cane on his broken foot in a fit of anger.
  • The That Reminds Me of a Song that Jessica sings which is completely irrelevant to the plot, but is still funny because of the 1960's acid colors.
    • And the delightfully cheesy "animation" trick they used to let her look at her reflection in the water; the animators stuck a photograph of her at the bottom of the fountain. Which remains completely stationary even as she sings.
  • The Running Gag with people criticizing Kris' clothes. When it's brought up a second time, he responds with this:
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  • The sheer amount of Narm Charm in the film.
  • The "No More Toymakers to the King" reprise is pretty funny—the Burgermeister gets so damn worked up over the toys.
      • Also, "NO I DON'T WANT TO DEBATE IT!"
    • During the song, the Burgermeister throws the book down, and it bounces. When it comes down, he dropkicks it with his broken foot, and then holds it in pain.
  • "Uh, Winter, please."
  • "One Foot In Front Of The Other" is this. The best part is when Kris defies gravity and kicks his feet in mid-air as he flies through the sky while he says "Come on, there's a good tailwind blowin'!".
    • Kris also sings this line:
    Kris: If your time of life is at hand... Well DON'T BE THE RULE, be the exception.
  • "Ah, a perfect day. Everybody is glum. Ah, see all the little children out playing with their toys...PLAYING WITH THEIR TOYS?!!"
    Kris: (Pulling out a yo-yo) For you.
    Grimsley: Excuse me, Sir, but you're breaking your own law.
    Burgermeister: Huh? What was that? I... [realizes what he's done] Oooh, I have been bamboozled! ARREST HIM! ARREST HIM!
    • Meanwhile, the kids are watching the toy in question go up and down with blank expressions.
    • When the Burgermeister commands the guards to arrest Kris, he comments on Kris' actions as Kris climbs a tree (which the Burgermeister calls it "climbing like a squirrel"), leaps off the roof (called by the Burgermeister as "leaping like a deer") and then sliding down to make a getaway (in which the Burgermeister calls it "slippery as a seal").
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  • "[The South Pole] is on the other end of the Earth — you're just about as lost as you can get."
  • This exchange:
    Grimsley: Herr Burgermeister! Herr Burgermeister! Look what was discovered on your front stoop!
    Burgermeister: What? What, Grimsley? The milk? The daily paper?
    Grimsley: No, sir. A baby.
    Burgermeister: Oh, is that all. (realizes what Grimsley just said, and immediately gasps and chokes) A BABY?!
    • What really sells it are the gasping and choking noises the Burgermeister makes along with the Spit Take when he hears the news.
  • Kris' response to the kids worrying about the Burgermeister seeing the toys.
    Kid: What about the Burgermeister?

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