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  • In chapter 37, one of the Army of the Dead nods politely to Thorin when he steps aside to let it pass. The sheer randomness of the moment makes it hilarious.
  • Imrahil's reaction to Pippin calling Aragorn "Strider".
    Imrahil: Strider? Is this how we speak to our Kings?
    Éomer: You should have been there at our first greeting.
  • Gimli breaks the news about hearing Thorin and co.
    Gimli: [to Aragorn] I hear the voices of the Dead.
    Thorin: He is Glóin's son: his axe is subtler than he is, true enough. Blunt and honest, that's his way.
    Dáin: Blunt! Thorin, I'm blunt, and I still manage a feint or two. Gimli is a verbal battering ram!
  • Dáin calling Sauron "His Monocular Nibs".
    Dáin: No doubt His Monocular Nibs is busy rubbing his eye in disbelief.
    Óin: Singularly shocked at the sight, I'll wager.
    Dáin: Aye, he probably can't believe his eye.
    Óin: Blinking in amazement... or possibly winking.
    Dáin: Aye, aye.
    Óin: No, there's just the one.
  • Radagast asks Thranduil to send food to Dale and Erebor.
    Radagast: They're going to need something to eat after all those bloody Orcs have been at their crops. Calling them locusts would be an insult to locusts everywhere.
    Laindawar: You cannot be serious.
    Radagast: I'm perfectly serious. I've known some splendid locusts.
  • Gimrís, Thranduil and Laindawar discussing Gimli. After general complaining about his love for Legolas, Gimrís starts complaining about his hair.
    Gimrís: I despair of his hair, I truly do, it's so aggravating!
    All three nodded in sympathy. Then in unison they all sobered and straightened, their eyes darting at each other as though daring someone to comment.
  • When Durin VII is born, "[t]he THUD! of Dáin and Bombur both fainting clean away was surely audible even in the living world."
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  • Thranduil asks Gimizh to tell them about Gimli and quickly regrets it.


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