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WARNING: Untagged spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

    My True Identity 
  • This, from Roman:
    Logan: Hi.
  • Once it hits you, Patton's first Dad joke of the series is truly impressive.
  • The boys start talking fears. It's enough to get Thomas just a bit worked up.
    Logan: Biggest fear?
    Patton: Spiders?!
    Roman: Rejection?!
    Logan: What exactly is at the bottom of the ocean?
    Thomas: Nope! Nope, we are not talking about fears, I am well aware of those!
  • This moment of Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!:
    Patton: What positive impacts do you inevitably hope to bring to this world?
    Thomas: Wow, that was a... surprisingly deep and poignant ques-
    Patton: (to Logan) HEY! We have the same glasses!
    Logan: ...Yup.
  • Patton doesn't know where babies come from... despite being a father.

    Way Too Adult 
  • When Patton points out that Thomas says he doesn't know how to cook more often than he actually cooks or tries to, he claims that isn't true, there was that time four months ago... and realizes he's made Patton's point.
  • Thomas has a dramatic music cue set up to play whenever the word 'adult' is uttered.
  • This is where Patton begins his very fine tradition of referring to the process of becoming an adult as "adultery".
  • The whole awkward conversation between Thomas and his neglected stove.
  • This exchange:
    Patton: And when dealing with other people you know when to stand up for what's right and when to turn the other cheek.
    Thomas: I show them my butt!
    Patton: Not what I meant. And you really should stop showing people your... well, one problem at a time.
  • What does Thomas hope his parents learn from him?
    Thomas: How to turn on the computer so my mom can play solitaire.
    Patton: RIGHT!
  • Thomas tries to rekindle his friendship with the stove:
    Stove: That's a, a plastic plate.
    Thomas: Um...
    Stove: You know you can't put that on me, right?
    Thomas: Oh yeah, sure, uh huh, I knew.
    Stove: ...I'm scared.
    Thomas: Me too.

    Taking on Anxiety 
  • This moment, right out of the gate:
    Thomas: So I don't know what it is right now, maybe it's because it's this time of year, or maybe because I'm back home with friends, but strangely, at this moment, I am actually feeling quite relaxe-
    Virgil: Hey.
    Thomas: WHAT THE HECK?!
    Virgil: Oh, I'm sorry, was I not wanted at this exact second?
    Thomas: Oh, for crying out loud. Okay, everyone please welcome... my Anxiety.
    Virgil: 'Sup.
  • Thomas on the unpredictability of Anxiety:
    Thomas: But sometimes it just shows up—
    Virgil: (playing on his phone) Yo.
    Thomas: —out of nowhere and ruins whatever peace I have!
  • Thomas solicits help from his Creativity:
    Thomas: Hey, you represent my fanciful side, right?
    Roman: Right!
    Thomas: My hopes, my dreams, my creativity?
    Roman: All that good stuff!
    Thomas: Great, well right now, I hope and dream to get rid of my Anxiety.
    Roman: Your what now?
    Virgil: Hey there, Princey!
    Roman: Ooookay, can't stand that guy.
  • When Thomas and Lilly Singh bond over their experiences:
    Lilly: You know all those times where they ask "Does anyone have any questions"? And no one says anything? I actually had a question!
  • Virgil tries his best to make Lilly... well, anxious. She shuts him down. Every time. Effortlessly. Cue an evermore progressively frustrated Side.
  • Why does Lilly need her and Thomas's session to end?
    Lilly: Dan, Phil! Talk to mama.
  • Anxiety slinks out of view and Thomas breathes a sigh of relief. Too bad he forgot something.
    Thomas: I did it!
    Roman: Indeed!
    Thomas: WHAT THE?!
    Roman: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
    Thomas: I'm sorry, I forgot you were still here.

    A New Year of Lying to Myself... In Song!! 
  • The return of some Sanders Shorts.
  • Patton and Logan have different ideas about what Thomas should prioritize in the new year.
    Logan: He's cooked in the kitchen plenty of times since you've talked to him.
    Patton: Has he now? Well, I might need to see some proof of that. Should we dust the stove for prints?
    Roman: (popping up) Did someone say Prince?
    Logan: NO.
    Patton: (waving happily) Heeey!
  • Upon taking Logan's and Patton's concerns into account:
    Roman: I get what you two are saying, and I do care about that. But here's the thing: I don't really care about that.
  • Thomas's rebuttal of Anxiety's speech about why New Year's resolutions are meaningless: "Nuh uh!" The rebuttal to his rebuttal: "Yuh huh!"
  • Turns out the other Sides are almost as skeptical:
    Thomas: I'll cut out carbs to lose some weight.
    Logan: (eating chips) Lie.
    Thomas: I won't go to bed so late.
    Patton: (playing on a laptop) Lie.
    Thomas: I won't be so shy to date.
    Logan: (throwing his phone away) Lie.
    Thomas: I won't do so much riffing.
    Roman: (riffing) LIIII-iiiii-IIII-iiii-III-iiii-IIII-iie.
    Thomas: I'll go to the gym and get real strong.
    Patton: (tossing away gym shoes) Lie.
    Thomas: All my work I won't prolong.
    Logan: (holding up a sign that says "You wrote this song last night!") Heh, lie.
    Thomas: Stick to goals the whole year long.
    Patton: (holding up a white board that shows Thomas gave up on his previous New Year's goals last January) Another lie.
    Thomas: I won't sing so many Disney songs.
    Roman: You're kidding, right?
  • Logan pulls a Get Out! on the other Sides when Thomas is about to thank them for their help.

    The Dark Side of Disney! 
  • Some things you might not know about Thomas are:
  • Thomas wants to talk about Disney, and Princey thinks that is super... califragilisticexpialidocious. Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious.
    Virgil: Did someone say 'atrocious'?
    Roman: Are you kidding me?! We have expelled you from the last two videos. Do you know how rude it is to interrupt a vlog?
    Thomas: Wh-Okay.
  • The boys decide to get into it about the different kinds of messages Disney movies have.
    Roman: Practically perfect in every way.
  • Roman suggests the moral of Snow White is to not accept fruit from strangers. Thomas asks if it can be to just not eat fruit. Both Anxiety and Princey shut him down.
  • After Anxiety points out Cinderella's prince couldn't just recognize her face and Snow White's prince kissed a sleeping girl without consent:
    Roman: He thought she was dead, it was a farewell kiss! What's with all the prince hate?!
    Virgil: I wonder.
    • In the same vein, the moral of Frozen?
    Roman: A sister's love triumphs over all!
    Virgil: And don't trust random princes. I can get behind that.
    Roman: I swear...
  • In the middle of Princey and Anxiety's back and forth about Aladdin, Thomas is munching some popcorn.
  • Anxiety lists off the darker messages of a few Disney movies:
    Roman: Bambi.
    Virgil: Man is dangerous.
    Roman: Pocahontas.
    Virgil: White man is dangerous.
    Roman: Sleeping Beauty.
    Virgil: Well, now we're back to the lack of consent with sleeping women.
    Roman: It was to lift a curse!
    Thomas: The Little Mermaid?
    Virgil: Don't just sign a contract without having your mer-lawyer look over all the fine print and stipulations. That one's just common sense.
    Roman: Or learn to write, or use sign language. There's more than one way to tell the prince you're the girl that saved him.
    Thomas: Oh now wait, did I just detect a hint of sarcasm towards a Disney movie?
    Virgil: Whoa!
  • As the two sides start sinking out:
    Virgil: Great.
    Roman: Excellent.
    Virgil: Cool.
    Roman: Still don't like you.
    Virgil: (pops back up) What was that?
    Roman: Uhhh... Chim-chim-cheroo!
    Virgil: Ah, Mary Poppins. Okay.
    Thomas: Well, my personality is very weird, I'm sorry about that.
  • It should be noted that this is the video where 'Prinxiety' really took off.

    I'm in a Disney Show! 
  • Thomas wants to know why everyone's shown up this time. Patton says in his case it's because he just wants to support Thomas in everything he does... and also because there's leftover pizza in the fridge.
  • The boys try to give Thomas some advice on how to name the vid:
    Logan: Clickbait works, Thomas! You put 'Storytime' and then something like...
    Roman: I kept Disney Channel stars from starving?!
    Thomas: ...I gave someone on the set a sandwich.
    Logan: I almost died on a Disney Channel set?!
    Thomas: Completely untrue.
    Virgil: The Dark Side of Disney!
    Thomas: That was the title of a video from a couple weeks ago!
    Patton: *Dramatic muffled sounds*
    Thomas: Would everyone just STOP?!
    Patton: (enjoying leftover pizza) I'm sorry, I was saying this is really good pizza.
  • Princey's very enthusiastic squeeing.
  • After Thomas talks about being stressed out of his mind with so many things going on, Anxiety interjects: "I was working overtime."
  • Talking about experimenting with line delivery:
    Thomas: When I could make somebody off set laugh, that was the best feeling.
    Patton: Dad jokes, they work every time.
    Thomas: I didn't- I did not use any Dad jokes.
    Patton: Well, DAD ain't right.
    Logan: ...Can you like, stop, for once, in your life?
    Patton: Nah.
  • The Sides list the next "goals" on the bucket list as they sink down, with Anxiety being accidentally accurate:
    Roman: Next step: becoming a Disney prince!
    Thomas: Well...
    Patton: Making your kids Disney stars!
    Thomas: No, and I don't have kids.
    Logan: Majoring in Disney theory!
    Thomas: I don't think that exists.
    Thomas is about to say no, but stops when he realizes what Anxiety just said.
    Virgil: ...What? I know your limits, that's all I was saying. (sinks down awkwardly) Stop looking at me like that.

    The Mind vs. The Heart 
  • Thomas summons Patton, who appears drinking something and wearing a cat onesie. He then goes on to summon Logan... who is reading a book and wearing a unicorn onesie.
    Logan: I can explain.
    Thomas: No need, just change.
    Logan: Done.
  • While Patton and Logan bicker over whether or not Thomas has the time to help a friend move, Thomas is still on the phone with said friend going "Uhhhhhhh…" as said bickering continues.
    • Patton suggests adopting some dogs. Logan questions whether Thomas is home often enough to give an animal the love and attention it needs.
    Patton: What do you know about love!?
    • Thomas wants to clear out some clutter. Logan suggests throwing out some papers. Patton counters that those are his writings from when he was thirteen. Logan accuses Patton of wanting Thomas to be a hoarder. Cue argument overlap and extremely frustrated Thomas face.
  • Logan and Patton are back in their onesies, extolling their virtues.
    Patton: Always good for taking a little nap.
    Logan: Heh, don't you mean a little cat nap?
    Patton: (gasps) Did you just make a Dad joke?
    Logan: No, I did not mean to-
    Patton: (happy squealing)

    Alone on VALENTINE'S DAY! 
  • Thomas relays that he does not have a date for Valentine's Day and doesn't know where he's going to get one.
    Thomas: Meeting people is hard.
    Virgil: That's an understatement.
    Thomas: Oh, Anxiety... Perfect, that settles it; I'm not going to approach anyone this year.
  • Logan insists that pragmatism and optimism are not at odds in this instance. Patton insists he knows big words too. Like saxophone.
  • Patton says they need someone to practice on. Logan asks who. Patton suggests... each other. Thomas shuts that down right away.
  • Thomas summons his friend Valerie and asks how the Sides would go about procuring a date with her.
    Virgil: I've got an idea: don't. Don't even try.
    Patton: Now Anxiety, if you don't want to participate, you can just sit this one out.
    Virgil: (somewhat confused) That's... not exactly... how I work...
  • Logan employs his method for getting a date:
    Logan: Hello! Do you like food?
    Valerie: Yes.
    Logan: Do you like romantic outings?
    Valerie: Yes.
    Logan: I can provide both of those things. Therefor, you will be my date.
    Valerie: Yes.
    • And Anxiety points out just how that would go in real life:
    Logan: Hello! Do you like food?
    Valerie: Yeah...?
    Logan: Do you like romantic outings?
    Valerie: I mean... sometimes.
    Logan: I can provide both of those things. Therefor, you will be my date.
    Valerie: I'm gonna... I'm... go. (walks away)
  • Princey thinks he knows what Logan did wrong.
    Roman: Your problem is you didn't woo her with any gusto! You know what people like?
    Patton: Bagels!
    Roman: (caught off guard) What? No. Maybe.
  • After Princey and Logan offer examples of poetry to use, Patton claims it would be better to say what's in your heart than to use somebody else's words. When Anxiety points out Thomas could get confused or tongue-tied doing that, Patton suggests writing down what you want to say in a letter. This is what his letter says:
    Patton: (reading) Dear Valerie: Happy Valerie-netine's Day. Wow, that didn't come off quite as well as I would've liked it to. Maybe not one of my best jokes. Um, well, er...
    Roman: He... wrote this down.
    Patton: But I would like to ask... hm, how do I put this? I would like to speak from the heart, but hearts don't have mouths. Well, that was a little weird to say.
    Logan: This was... the whole problem he was trying to circumnavigate.
    Patton: Hum. Wow, is it hot in here? It's a little hot in here to me. I'm getting a little bit sweaty—
    Thomas: Okay, I think that was... That was a bit of a failed experiment.
  • The point Patton was trying to get at was to not talk about yourself so much and make the other person feel heard and special. Princey is confused by this concept.
  • When Princey suggests you find what is making the other person's life difficult and kill it, Anxiety gives out a worried "What?"
    Roman: You there, young maiden! What is burdening your life? Perhaps an evil step-mother, or a dragon witch?
    Logan: A dragon witch?
    Valerie: Yes, this dragon witch has been ruining my life!
    Dragon Witch: F*ck you, Valerie!
    Roman: (pulls out a sword) I shall save you!
    Thomas: Is that a samurai sword?
    Roman: AAAAHH! (sounds of a battle off-screen)
    Dragon Witch: Ow, my spleen!
    Roman: All saved.
    Valerie: You made me feel special... and you're awesome!!
    Roman: What can I say, I'm a mean, spleen stabbing machine.
    Logan: (to Thomas) In no reality would this be your situation.
    Thomas: *nods*
  • Princey suggests, after this, making a grand gesture.
    Patton: That wasn't a grand gesture?
    • He then proposes to Valerie and they exchange declarations of love... in Spanish. Thomas doesn't know Spanish.
    • This prompts Anxiety to declare weddings outdated, expensive pageantry, and to also comment on the lack of ethics in the diamond industry. Logan starts to explain blood diamonds, but Thomas asks him to stop because he's upsetting Patton, Thomas' Morality.
  • In order to practice self-love for Valentine's day, Thomas tells his Sides to say "I love you" to each other. The results are hilarious and adorable.
  • As Princey sinks out he informs Thomas of something he's got to go do: bury that Dragon Witch body.

    Losing My Motivation 
  • Logan wants to find out why Thomas has no motivation to make a Sanders Sides video.
    Logan: Then we must get to the bottom of it. What is the culprit? The game is on.
    Thomas: What are you Sherlock?
    Logan: (turns around and is wearing a Sherlock outfit.)
    Thomas: Yeees, apparently you are. Didn't take you for the dress-up type.
    Logan: This is strictly to get me in the mindset for deductive reasoning. All business.
    Patton: (pops up) I'll be Watson!
    Patton: (now in a similar Sherlock outfit) Look, I've got a scarf too!
    Logan: Is that...are you wearing the cardigan that is usually wrapped around your shoulders?
    Patton:...I've been waiting for this day to wear it.
    Thomas: Okay yeah, you're gonna let him play.
    Logan: (sigh) Fine.
    Patton: (clapping) Yay!
  • When Logan asks, Thomas says that what he usually feels before starting a video is nervousness. Logan and Patton both go "AHA"! Logan because he's got an idea, Patton because he found a dollar in the pocket of his cardigan.
  • Logan summons Anxiety. When he asks if he can help them, Patton asks if he has any quarters.
  • This episode has some easy to miss jokes in the annotations. When Anxiety shows up, they say [a wild Anxiety appears]. When Logan accuses Anxiety of being the reason Thomas hasn't made a video, said Side blinks at him while the annotations say [Anxiety is not impressed]. When Logan starts sinking out, thinking the case has been solved, he says "Elementary my dear daddy—no." and the annotations say [ship].
  • Thomas still doesn't have any motivation, so Logan tries to think of what could be going on. As he does, there's a shot of Thomas (presumably from Logan's point of view) with various descriptions. These include:
    • Blank stare.
    • Bad posture.
    • Vacant expression.
    • Hasn't done laundry.
    • Probably thinking about the ice cream in the freezer.
    • Doesn't know what a haircut is.
  • Anxiety wants to know if he can take a stab.
    • Thomas needs an idea. Anxiety says they're looking for his fanciful side.
    Roman: You called?
    Virgil: I did not.
    • Princey wants to know what's going on.
    Patton: Logic and I are playing dress-up, Anxiety's making us question our existence, and I found a dollar.
    Roman: That dollar you borrowed from me eight years ago?
    Patton: Oh yeah. (hands over the dollar)
    Roman: Thanks, you news-y hipster theater geek Mark from Rent.
  • Thomas still can't seem to muster up any motivation. It's like his heart isn't in it. Cue the light bulb going on over Logan's head:
    Logan: Oh no.
    Patton: What?
    Logan: How could you do it? I trusted you!
    Patton: Way?
    Thomas: What's going on?
    Virgil: Something good.
    • While Patton is trying to figure out why he's as unmotivated as Thomas:
    Logan: Feelings. The bane of my existence.
    Roman: Is it because I have a dollar, and you don't?
  • The boys figure out they could've made a plan to avoid procrastination. And who should've done that? Logan.
    • Princey thinks it's a bigger ending twist than the Oscars, and Thomas asks that he not do that, as he'll be dating the video.
  • Logan has just a little bit of a Freak Out.
    Logan: I'm the cause of this. But I'm also the solution to a problem I have caused and will inevitably resolve. Am I in a paradoxical loop where I endlessly generate a problem and try to solve it like a snake devouring its own tail to satiate its HUNGER?!?!
    Thomas: Ok! Calm down time! It's a lot simpler than...whatever you're trying to say.
    Virgil: (horrified expression) That was dark, even for me...
  • As Thomas wraps up the moral of the episode:
    Thomas: And a proper plan to address a big project would definitely cut down a lot of the nervousness I feel when starting it.
    Virgil: But not completely.
    Thomas: Shush and make a face of agreement like everyone else.
    Virgil: (pulls a sarcastic grimace and gives a very insincere thumbs up)
  • The case is solved, and we get to learn something new about Logic:
    Logan: Another case closed! And it's all thanks to a brilliant deduction... from Watson.
    Patton: (back in his regular clothes) Who?
    Logan: Never mind.
    Patton: Alright, Logan. That's funny, I could've sworn I had a dollar on me...
  • And we get one more funny moment in the end card:
    Roman: Wow, I felt like a side character in today's video. That will not stand. (takes out phone)
    Virgil: Who are you calling?
    Roman: My agent, but I've forgotten my password, so it's barred.
    Virgil: You mean locked?
    Roman: Sure, locked.
    Logan: (pops up) SHERLOOOOOOOOCK!
    Patton: (also pops up) AND WATSOOOOOOOON!
    Virgil: Oh for crying out louuuuuud!
    Roman: Make it STOOOOOOP!

    My Personality Q&A 
  • Logan offers to make up for the last video. Thomas declines:
    Thomas: You're good, you made an honest mistake last week. And I'm feeling pretty good this week.
    Logan: Dang.
    Thomas: (looks at him)
  • Patton's excited because he's never been asked questions by Thomas's followers before. All of the other Sides say "Don't screw it up" at the same time.
  • When asked what his favorite book is, Logan almost spoils the ending before Thomas stops him.
  • Anxiety's very confused by the fact that someone has a question for him. Also that Thomas wants him to stick around for the rest of the Q&A.
  • Princey very much wants to be asked a question, so when the next question goes to Patton...
    Roman: MOTHER-
    Patton: Father! (to Logan) Now you!
    Logan: Brother! I love word association games.
  • Logan's ever increasing aggravation with Patton's favorite Dad jokes.
  • When asked for fashion tips, Princey has this to say:
    Roman: All of my fashion advice comes from the best designer I know, Fairy Godmother. Ah, from rags to riches she's the baddest of- *airhorn sound* Sorry, that was my phone. And she sings the whole time, it's a magical experience.
  • The viewers want to know how the Sides are feeling... but they have to answer in the form of a song title:
    Logan: What?
    Roman: (confused) It was how do you feel.
    Patton: I am the walrus.
  • So, if the Sides had their own individual Youtube channels, what would they be?
    Logan: Videos analyzing the themes and pointing out inconsistencies in TV shows, movies and comic books.
    Roman: Epic fail compilations! Of all the horrible deaths my enemies incur after I impale them.
    Virgil: I would make a bunch of videos about conspiracies and cryptids.
    Thomas: Oh good! You'll be keeping me up even later.
    Virgil: It's the one thing I'm good at.
    Patton: My channel would have videos of me playing with goo and mixing paint!
    Logan: Oh! Autonomous sensory meridian response videos?
    Patton: Eh, I'm pretty sure it's just me playing with goo and paint.
    Thomas: That definitely would entertain some people.
    Logan: Yep.
  • The boys are asked which element they would have:
    Roman: Fire!
    Patton: Because of your fiery passion.
    Logan: Earth.
    Patton: Because you're so grounded.
    Virgil: Hmm... water.
    Patton: Because you're so deep and mysterious!
    Roman: And you're a wet blanket.
    Patton: And I would bend air!
    Logan: Because you're an air-head.
    Patton: Now, I know you intended to hurt my feelings... but I am just so darn proud of you that you made a DAD JOKE!!
    Logan: Oh shhhhh-
  • Anxiety still maintains his Myspace page because, he says, it'll bounce back.
  • A viewer uses "Adulthood"! It's not very effective:
    Questioner: Morality, repeat after me: adulthood.
    Patton: Adulthood.
    Questioner: A. Dult. Hood.
    Patton: A. Dult. Hood.
    Thomas: Awesome!
    Logan: Name the process of becoming an adult.
    Patton: Adultery.
    Thomas: N-no...
    Logan: "Adult"? More like "a dolt".
    Patton: That stings a little bit, but you're on fire today!!
  • What do the Sides do to relax after a rough day?
    Roman: Dramatically serenade myself in the mirror.
    Logan: Puzzles.
    Patton: Eat a cookie, and if I'm feeling dangerous... (whispers) eat a second cookie.
    Virgil: (proving that he is a cat in human form) I usually go and sit on a surface that isn't meant to be sat on, because when tomorrow comes I will be faced with even more challenges, and I am too overwhelmed to be worrying about what "is" and "is not" a chair.
    Thomas: Anxiety, I was feeling good today, man.
  • Three of the Sides refuse to reveal Thomas's most embarrassing moment... only for Patton to blurt it out.
  • The boys are asked to name their favorite bands. Patton says he just listens to the Campfire Song Song from Spongebob on repeat.
  • Anxiety is asked to name one nice thing about Princey, Logan, Patton and Thomas. It goes about as well as you'd expect:
    Virgil: Oh brother... ok. Dad, you make Logic furious, and that is fun to watch. Even though you're a clueless moron the rest of the time.
    Patton: Aw, okay.
    Virgil: Logic, you understand reality better than the other two, and that is very comforting. But, you are still a clueless moron most of the time.
    Logan: How dare you.
    Virgil: Princey, I gotta say, you do impress me. By being a clueless moron all of the time.
    Roman: Well, that wasn't remotely nice.
    Virgil: And Thomas-
    Thomas: Spare me the compliment.
    Virgil: Cool.
  • A viewer wants to know what are all the Sides' real names, like how Logic also has the given name Logan. It's pretty anti-climactic.
    Patton: Aw, well shucks! you could've asked me sooner! My real name is--[truck sound]
    Logan: I'm sorry, that is my text tone.
    Patton: But everyone just calls me Dad!
    Roman: And my name is--[truck sound]
    Logan: I am gonna just put this on silent.
    Thomas: Well, that was thoroughly and utterly disappointing.
    • A bit of fridge logic to go with the funny: the boys are anthropomorphic representations of aspects of Thomas's personality. So who is calling them? We've only recently gotten a hint as to who it could be, and that only makes this bit funnier in retrospect.
  • Everyone's asked to name their favorite Disney movie and to sing something from it:
    Roman: I can't choose amongst any of my darling babies! So I'm just going to go ahead and say that they are all my favorites, and I am going to start sing the entire anthology, starting with "Someday My Prince Will Come". "Some..."
    Thomas: (joining in) The world was gonna roll me
    • From that point as well, Logan trying to sing but sounding like a robot instead.
  • Princey and Logan sink out, but Anxiety is still willing to answer questions:
    Thomas: Well, we are starting to lose our interviewees.
    Virgil: I dunno, I'm actually kind of getting into this. Bring it on.
    Thomas: Alright! (reading) "If you had to kiss one of the others, who would you choose?"
  • The last question for Patton:
    Thomas: (reading) "Do you know how cute you are?"
    Patton: (sinking out) Don't patronize me.
    Patton: (pops back up) Just kidding! AHHHH! That's so sweet!
    Thomas: Oh! Well you... really got me there.

    Am I Original? 
  • Thomas is going to tell us his life story. But, he's going to do it through illustrations, and he's calling it... "Sketch My Autobiography". Anxiety's quick to point out that's already a thing.
    Thomas: Okay, well, I'll just call it a Draw My Life.
    Virgil: Boring.
    Thomas: What do you mean boring? It's my life!
    Virgil: I know what I said.
    Thomas: [noise of strong disapproval]
    Thomas: Why are you being like this? You were so chill the last couple of videos.
    Virgil: Sometimes I just gotta be me... nuh. (mean)
    Thomas: Uggghhhh, I wanna be mad but... you're right, the idea is not original.
    Virgil: No.
    Thomas: [makes noise of frustration] What am I gonna do now?
    Virgil: One option, and I'm just throwing this out there, is to hide under the covers until the sun goes away.
    Roman: Not so fast, my chemically imbalanced romance!
    Thomas: Princey!
    Virgil: Oh good, Prince underarm stink.
    Thomas: That is an uncharacteristically schoolyard insult, Anxiety.
    Roman: Yeah, that was hardly inventive.
    Virgil: Creativity is not my department.
  • At this point in the video there's already gold to be found in the annotations. When Princey declares he and Anxiety are "dun-zo" we get this: [Thomas looks at Princey oddly].
  • Unsurprisingly, while Princey is making his case, we get a Disney reference:
    Roman: Do you trust me?
    Thomas: What?
    Roman: Do you trust me?
    Thomas: ...I don't know.
  • Princey summons Logan and Patton to help with Daydream Mode. Patton could've used a little more warning.
    Patton: Well, I'm just glad that when you called me I had my pants on. (looks down) Wait, no I don't.
    Thomas: Uh oh.
    Roman: Oh, I'm so sorry.
    Patton: I'll be right back. (sinks out)
    Roman: Alright, LET US-
    Patton: (popping back up) Got my pants!
    Roman: BEGIN!
  • Princey asks what's hot with the kids these days. Patton's response?
    Patton: Knives!
    (Roman looks at him concerned)
    Thomas: (confused) ...What?
  • When Princey posits that maybe they don't need to know what's popular with the kids these days, the annotations chime in with a [yes you do].
  • The subject of 'yogurting' is brought up. Princey says he's actually tried that. Anxiety wants to know if that's why Princey spat yogurt at him the day before.
  • Logan is asked if he's serious. He begins his own tradition of proclaiming that he is always serious because, clearly, he wears a necktie. And as Patton reminds us, serious people wear neckties.
  • Anxiety begs Thomas not to encourage Princey. Princey exclaims that yes, Thomas should encourage him, that he's in charge, and that right now he wears the pants in this household.
    Patton: Oh, I didn't know that. (starts to take his pants off again)
    Thomas: It's an expression.
  • Princey suggests doing cutaways. It's pointed out that this is like what's done on The Office, Parks and Rec, the British version of the Office and Modern Family and thus not completely original. Princey does a cutaway ragging on the other Sides anyway.
  • Next up: rap battles. Logan proves surprisingly proficient at this, to the shock of everyone. After which he says he was going to point out that the idea was just like Epic Rap Battles of History… but he didn't want to pass up the opportunity to make one himself.
  • After many attempts at coming up with an original concept fail, Anxiety makes a suggestion:
    Virgil: You tried, you failed, let's go to sleep.
    Thomas: It's like 2pm.
  • Princey almost suggests doing a Vine. Everybody else's response? Too soon.
  • The best Princey can come up with for a nickname while he's so busy brainstorming is Jerky McJerkface… which come to think of it may or may not be a reference to Boaty McBoatface.
  • The boys voice their encouragment:
    Logan: (as he sinks out) You got this buddy.
    Patton: (enthusiastically as he sinks out) Yeah!
    Logan: (as he's still sinking out) Or you don't, it could go one of two ways.
    Patton: (as he's still sinking out) Yeah!
  • The end card, where Roman says to Logan and Patton, “You can’t get any more unique than all of us.” And while it seems Patton cheerfully agrees with him, we then get another cutaway.
    Patton: I didn’t want to admit I was a bit confused by that. He’s such a big Disney fan, I would’ve thought he’d see how similar we are to the concept of Inside Out
    Roman: (offscreen) WHAT?! OH. MY...
    Patton: You think he heard me?
    Roman: MY LIFE IS A LIE!

    My Negative Thinking 
  • Thomas summons Logan, who appears to be learning a Spanish phrase from his phone. When Thomas asks if he's trying to learn the language, Logan replies that he's trying to learn a particular phrase in a multitude of languages. The phrase? El principe es estupido.
  • Anxiety pops up to explain that Thomas did a bad job at a recent audition.
    Logan: Where, specifically did he do a 'bad job'?
    Virgil: Try the beginning. He choked.
    Logan: Ugh, Thomas how many times do I have to tell you, chew your food.
    Thomas and Virgil: No, that's too literal.
    Virgil: He forgot the lyrics.
    Thomas: I forgot the song, Logan. I tripped right out of the gates!
    Logan: Well you should watch where you're stepping.
    Virgil: (sigh)
    Thomas: Just focus on the 'forgetting the song' part.
    Virgil: Way more work than it should be.
  • When Logan brings up an example of an instant where not knowing a line was actually kept for a scene in a film, Anxiety has this to say:
    Virgil: That... is an extremely specific and random fact to call upon for the sake of feeling secure.
    Thomas: Whatever works!
    Virgil: And that's a movie, where you have the benefit of picking and choosing the best out of several takes. This is theater, where you only have one shot. And he threw it away.
    Thomas: Ooh you're using Lin Manuel Miranda's words against me! Logan, say something!
  • Logan suggests that Thomas summon Princey. He tries. It doesn't take. When Logan expresses confusion, Thomas explains that after the performance he gave, his ego is a bit... bruised.
    Roman: Everything hurts!!
    • Patton is similarly unavailable because he's taking care of Thomas's creativity.
    Patton: Alright, Roman. Soup time!
    Roman: Cream of broccoli!? I told you I hate—Mm, never mind, this is delicious.
  • Logan realizes Anxiety might be having too big of an influence over Thomas's thinking.
    Logan: If you allow your thinking to be influenced too much by negative emotions, then it will lead to cognitive distortions.
    Thomas: Cong-nitis dis-portion.
    Logan: No, cognitive distortions.
    Thomas: Häagen-Dazs dispersions.
    Logan: Getting further away. Cognitive distortions.
    Thomas: (whispering) I don't know what you're saying.
    Logan: It's when you think things are different than how they actually are.
    Thomas: (doing the Spongebob 'Imagination' gesture) Oh, like imaginary!
    Logan: Kind of, but bad imaginary.
    Thomas: (whimpering) Noo!
  • Anxiety accuses Logan of taking Princey's side.
    Logan: I'm not taking his side. Did I say I was taking his side?
    Thomas: No.
    Logan: Frankly I find both you and Princey to be a little too... extra.
    Thomas: Vocab word!
    Logan: (holds up flashcards) Yes, I've been studying.
    Logan: I cannot make you feel better with positive or comforting words, but I can work to bring a clearer vision of the entire situation that this corner of the room is obscuring.
    Virgil: I would write an angsty sonnet illustrating my contempt for you, if I actually cared enough about what you were saying right now.
  • Logan sets the stage for a debate where Thomas plays moderator:
    Thomas: Good afternoon from the Sanders Mind Palace Center. I am Thomas Sanders; your supplier of semi-humorous Tumblr posts at three in the morning. And I welcome you to the first and hopefully only 2017 Emotionally Compromised Debate between Secretary of Logical Defense Logan, and Supreme Dark Overlord of Negative Commerce... I'm afraid I'm gonna need your name.
    Virgil: (sighs and leans forward) No.
    Thomas: Ah, worth a shot... Anxiety! This debate is sponsored by the National Essential Reasoning Department, or NERD
    Logan: Uh, or-or we do not have to abbreviate it.
    Thomas: And the Public Humiliation Foundation.
    Virgil: I'm a monthly donor.
    Thomas: The format has been determined by Logan-
    Virgil: Rigged.
    Thomas: Four one-minute segments centering around recent personal events that trouble me greatly, please help me. [Thomas's scream of agony]
    Logan: Keep calm, carry on.
    Thomas: You're right, I'm an adult. Me me big boy, nope— (puts head in hands)
  • And so Thomas gets the boys started:
    Thomas: Are we all clear on the rules?
    Logan: Yes.
    Virgil: This is stupid.
    Thomas: Let the debate begin! Anxiety, the first question goes to you.
    Virgil: Too much pressure, no.
    Thomas: Yesterday I was texting someone I liked very much. They made me feel itty-bitty butterflies in my tummy, and sunshine in my heart.
    Thomas: At one point in the conversation they suddenly stopped replying to me. My question to you is this: do they hate me?
    Virgil: Definitely.
    • Logan disagrees:
    Logan: There could be a multitude of reasons why they didn't reply, especially when you're unaware of how they were feeling, what was going on while they were texting, their battery life—
    Virgil: —How much they hate you.
    Logan: I waited for my turn to speak, please do not disrespect the sanctity of the rules that we just made up just now.
    Logan: Does this person dislike you? That's TBD.
    Virgil: Totally Believable Dude.
    Logan: To Be Determined.
  • The boys start talking over each other, and then Thomas tries to get things back on track. In describing this the annotations say: [Thomas joins the conversation, making it even more impossible to understand what they're saying.]
  • Anxiety has some objections.
    Virgil: This is unfair, you're rooting against me and you're the moderator.
    Logan: What's the matter, Anxiety? Are you worried that your silver tongue will land you in second place?
    Virgil: *hisssss*
    Logan: (non-plussed) I'm sorry, did he just hiss at me?
    Virgil: I do that when I start reaching my limit with stupid questions.
  • In the set up for the next debate question, Thomas recounts how he went to go get a coffee and the barista was very charming.
    Virgil: Ugh. Charming.
    Thomas: Things were going really well, there was some witty banter, and then at the inevitable "Enjoy your coffee" I replied with "You too". Did I-?
    Virgil: You blew it, and you're a moron.
    Thomas: Yeah, that's what I thought. Moving on—
    Logan: Wait, do I not get a turn?
    Thomas: I don't think it's really necessary, his argument was pretty airtight.
    Virgil: Boom.
  • As Logan argues for his counterpoint, Anxiety has this to say:
    Virgil: He just wants us to ignore the important facts, the ones that matter.
    Logan: Falsehood! That is what you are doing.
    Virgil: Oh so you admit they're important.
    Logan: Alright you know what?
    Virgil: What are you doing?
    Logan: (writing on a flash card) I'm writing you a prescription for a figurative 'chill pill'.
    Thomas: Oh, ohhhhh! Okay let's move on.
    Virgil: (unimpressed and mocking) Ohhhh.
  • Thomas wants to know if his latest video not doing as well as others he'd previously posted signals the beginning of the end for him.
    Virgil: Well now you can't argue with numbers, it could very well be. Time to panic and/or cry.
    Logan: Preposterous.
    Virgil: Your mom is preposterous.
    Logan: I'm ignoring you. What you are doing there Thomas is overgeneralizing. You're letting one less than ideal event speak for any and all future events, and that is a pointless venture.
    Virgil: Your mom is pointless.
    Thomas: Let's leave the mothers out of this, especially since neither of you have a mother.
    Virgil: If she did exist she'd be preposterous and pointless.
    Logan: FALSEHOOD!
  • Anxiety is still dismissing the whole exercise as stupid.
    Logan: Savage.
    Thomas: Wait, why are you complimenting him?
    Logan: I'm saying that he's acting like an aggressive, brainless savage... oh no, is that another contemporary slang term I have to learn?
    Thomas: (whispering) It is.
    Logan: (starts writing another flashcard) Okay, I cannot keep up with these.
  • While Logan and Anxiety are having a surprisingly nice moment, Thomas remarks that "This is so pure".
  • Logan says that with himself and Anxiety at a bit of a standstill he feels a real sense of peace in the household. Then Princey returns.
    Roman: I'm back, did you miss me?
    Logan: Your mom misses you.
    Roman: (beat)
    Logan: I'm sorry, while that was savage, it was a little extra.
    Roman: (looks over at Anxiety) What did you do to him?
    Virgil: (smirks and chuckles)
    Patton: (popping up) Logic! Now where did you learn such childish humor? (tuts)

    Growing Up 
It's Thomas's birthday! And... apparently every side except Patton is a little apprehensive about it.
Virgil: Another year older, and yeah, you're here, but is here where you need to be?
Logan: Well, I don't think that's the dilemma, this is indeed his apartment.
Virgil: I mean— (sound of frustration) Like, is he satisfied with where he is at this point in his life?
  • Princey and Anxiety are in a rare agreement.
Roman: I don't like it, but I too have to agree with Surly Temple here.
Virgil: How many of those you got?
Roman: Thomas, there is so much you have dreamed of doing. Are we there yet? Nay.
Patton: Moo! (to Logan) Animal noises, go!
Logan: Baa—wait! This is not the time for word association games!
  • Continuing from where we left off in earlier videos...
    Patton: Aw, well, look who needs another lesson in adultery.
    Thomas: Okay, for the last time, that is not right.
    Patton: I'm sorry, look whom needs another lesson in adultery.
    Thomas: Somehow worse.
  • Princey's restless for adventures yet to come.
    Roman: When comparing yourself to your friends and what they've accomplished, how do you stack up?
    Patton: Like pancakes, a grand slam!
    Virgil: Like pancakes, you fall flat.
    Thomas: Don't you dare turn breakfast food into a negative metaphor.
  • Patton extols the great things about getting older and being an adult.
    Patton: You no longer have any school teachers to tell you what to do...
    Logan: (is standing in a classroom in front of white board while holding a ruler) Was this really a necessary visual?
    Patton: Which means you get to choose what you want to read and what to learn.
    Patton: (Thomas yelling in the background) You and your friends can be as loud as you want without getting in trouble.
    Thomas: (talking with a friend) So yeah, that's probably what I would sound like if I was giving birth.
    Patton: You always have the perfect group for group projects.
    Thomas: We've finally done it... (is apparently hooked to a bunch of other people via his and their shirts) Voltron shirt, away! (waves hand and accidentally smacks Joan in the back of the head) Oh I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.
    Joan: Drop it, it's fine.
    Thomas: Okay, let's go! (tries to walk forward, incurs ripping sounds)
    Patton: You're lucky enough to be able to work whenever you wanna work. And when you don't feel like working, you can stay up until 3 am re-watching Parks and Recreation.
    Thomas: (Watching Parks and Recreation very late into the night.)
  • The other Sides are getting a bit concerned now.
    Roman: What were those scenarios?
    Thomas: Those were all real events in my life. Except for the 3 am one. I usually stay up much later.
    Patton: Well, yeah...
    Logan: He cannot stay up until 3 am or however late-
    Thomas: Like 5 am.
    Logan Oh my.
    Roman: (gasps) Great Odin's eye patch!
    Virgil: 5 am. The witching hour.
    Logan: I could be wrong, but I believe that's midnight.
    Virgil: 5 am. The devil's hour.
    Logan: Now I'm pretty sure that's 3 am.
    Virgil: Well, then it's just 5 am and you need to go to bed.
  • Logan says Thomas can't keep living like this. When Patton asks why, Logan responds that it's because Thomas will never get anything done.
    Virgil: Unless you want me to keep coming around and reminding you of all the things you fail to do. In which case, keep it up.
    Thomas: [whimpers]
  • Patton ushers us into another Imagine Spot. First it shows Thomas making an unholy concoction of what appears to be Raman noodles, mini-marshmallows, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, m&ms and two pop tarts to eat for what is presumably breakfast. Then Thomas wearing a Batman costume. Then Thomas soliciting Joan to hit him with a car for a video, which Joan has apparently been dreaming of. Then Thomas not washing his shirt.
    Roman: Did you ever wash that shirt, you're wearing it now.
    Thomas: I did not.
    Roman: Ewwwwwww!
    Virgil: Dude.
  • When Logan dubs Morality the problem, Patton thinks he's teasing. Logan says he's serious right now. And always has been. And forever will be. Necktie!
    Roman: You are holding Thomas back!
    Virgil: His heart's just not in the right place.
    Logan: Again, that is not the issue. Anatomically, Thomas is fine.
    Virgil: Why do you only take whatever I say literally?
  • The Sides try to help Thomas figure out how he needs to act to be a proper adult.
    Roman: You need to eat healthy in order to maintain beauty! And to, you know, be healthy. That's important too. No sweets or guilty pleasures. Only broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots-
    Roman: Yes, carrots. And beef, pork, chicken, mmm!
    Virgil: No Mulan lyrics right now, man. Come on.
    Virgil: Into the Woods is not better.
  • Logan tries to give an example of a reckless action that should be avoided via another moment with Thomas and Joan:
    Logan: While a decision can be fun, it can also be... stupid, and should thus be avoided.
    Imaginary!Joan: Hey, Darude Sanderstorm! There's a bouncy castle out back! You wanna come, it's pretty lit!
    Imaginary!Thomas: No, I would not like to bounce in a bouncy castle. I could trip or injure myself.
    Imaginary!Joan: Hm, a fair point. Your logical decision-making truly is a positive influence on your companions.
    Imaginary!Thomas: Let us instead start a book club.
    Imaginary!Joan: Yes!
    Virgil: Wow. Who's the fanciful one here?
    Virgil: Okay, Pocket Protector.
  • After Logan says Thomas doesn't need to ever call his parents:
    Virgil: They never understood you anyway.
  • And as for Thomas' clothing...
    Logan: Of course, can't just wear anything you want.
    Thomas: This smelly shirt's not cutting it?
    Roman: No.
    Virgil: You need all dark clothing-
    Logan: No... You're a serious adult, and you need to dress like one. You'll wear a belt, tuck your shirt in, and you'll wear... a necktie.
    Patton: *gasps* Not the necktie!
  • Thomas wants to know what the Sides think of his new style of dress.
    Virgil: You look like the man.
    Thomas: Oh, well, that's kind of you Anxiety-
    Virgil: No you look like the man. I fight the man. I wanna fight you now.
    Thomas: Whoa, whoa...
    Logan: This... this is just my look. You stole my look.
    Thomas: What are you-!? You told me to dress this way!
    Logan: Well, I didn't think we would look so similar. Plus, I wear it so much better than you, objectively.
    Thomas: What are you talking about? We have the same face!
    Logan: Ah, but you aren't peering through a styling (dabs for some reason) pair of Warby Parkers.
    Virgil: (looks weirded out)
    Patton: Thomas, you... don't look like yourself.
    Thomas: It's "Mr. Sanders", and this is who I am now.
    Virgil: (jerking his thumb in Logan's direction) Is no one going to acknowledge that he just dabbed?
  • The guys have decided they've made a mistake and maybe Patton knows what they should do. He offers this advice:
    Patton: Goals are great but life is short. Might as well make it short and fantastic! Like Danny Devito.
    Thomas: I really do need a more consistent schedule in order to stay healthy and productive. But I will always make time for the things that I enjoy. And any time I'm feeling overwhelmed, or I need a break...I know who to turn to.
    Patton: Danny Devito.
    Thomas: Well, you're not wrong about that but I meant you.
    Patton: (gasps) AWWWWW!
  • While Thomas does away with his necktie, Logan urges him to be careful with it.
  • Princey and Patton work together to create a new space for Thomas and the other Sides. It starts off as an empty white room that Logan dubs a tad... basic.
    Virgil: (with his hands over his face) My eyes!
  • Roman tries again and actually manages to construct a neat little space. Each of the boys has their own little nook. Anxiety describes his as "small, dark and empty, like the cavity where my heart would be... if I had one".
  • Before everyone sinks out, Thomas wants to make sure Patton knows how much he's appreciated.
    Patton: Awwww, you're going to make me all emotional! I'm glad we could come to a adults! How about a good old game of Patton-cake to celebrate?
    Thomas: You mean patty cake?
    Patton: Well it's like patty-cake, but this version is named after me.
    Thomas: Oh my gosh! Your name is Patton-cake!
    Patton: Y-No, it's just Patton.
    Thomas: Yeah, that makes more sense. Wow!
    Patton: Tell you what, you let that sink in and I will sink out... to get the tuna fish. It's required for Patton-cake.
    Patton: Okay, I've got the tuna fish. Logan, you have the two tennis rackets?
    Logan: Yes, for some reason...?
    Patton: And Roman, you've dipped all your fingers in candle wax?
    Roman: (holding up his hands) Yes, it was very hot.
    Patton: And Anxiety, you—
    Virgil: No, I didn't. Whatever you asked me to do, I didn't do it.
    Patton: Are standing there sulking in a corner, yes! Look at what a good job he's doing, everyone! Alright, we're all set. Now, get ready, because on this ride, (puts on goggles) you will get wet.
    Logan: What!?
    Roman: WHAT ARE WE DOING!?

    Making Some Changes 
  • Thomas is hanging out in the Mind Palace, which has a loud and conspicuous echo. When Thomas complains about this, someone off screen (the annotations say Possibly Creativity) tells him not to blame the Sides because his mind is so empty.
  • Princey wants it known who is primarily responsible for the Mind Palace's creation.
    Roman: I was just making sure that it was known that I was the Side that did the most work and deserve the most credit.
    Patton: Boy! What an to your personality, am I right?
    Roman: I didn't know you told jokes like that.
    Patton: What joke did I make?
  • Thomas seems a little off but insists that he's cool. But when he asks what's cooler than being cool...
    Patton and Roman: ICE COLD!!
    Thomas: Alright alright alright, I should've rephrased that.
  • Thomas takes the Sides back down to his apartment where he can listen to that "Sweet sweet non-echo".
    Patton: Well, this place sure looks familiar.
    Thomas: Sorry, guys. The sudden change kind of freaked me out.
    Roman: Why!?
    Patton: I mean it, why does this place look so familiar?
  • Logan posits that with sudden change, the heart (Patton) tends to be... confused.
    Patton: Well, I'm always confused.
    Thomas: Ain't that the truth.
    Logan: Maybe I should clarify: more confused than on average.
    Patton: That sounds about right! (getting progressively more emotional) You are so smart, you could solve any thing. Why don't we talk more!?
    Logan: Uh oh. Feelings.
    Thomas: Yup. I've become... sentimental.
    Roman: You're always sentimental.
    Thomas: More sentimental-
    Thomas, Princey and Logan: Than on average.
    Patton: On avalanche.
  • As Thomas details his sentimentality and reminiscence, Logan has this to say:
    Logan: Well Thomas, everyone gets homesick from time to time.
    Patton: (still emotional) Do you, Logan?
    Logan: Patton, we are all fractions of Thomas' personality—that is impossible.
    Patton: (reaching out to him) With you I'm always home!
    Logan: You need to chill out.
    Thomas: I do need to chill out.
  • Thomas rallies his Sides to help him meet his life changes head-on.
    Thomas: I don't know why these changes are causing this sudden surge of emotion, but we can deal with them, and we can keep moving forward. You with me?
    Patton: Yeah!
    Thomas: Awesome!
    Roman: Epic!
    Logan: Additional affirmation.
    Virgil: Wait.
    Thomas: Awwwww.
    Logan: Disappointment.
    Roman: So close.
  • Initially Anxiety is... not very helpful.
    Virgil: When you're in these new settings and situations, you know something's off.
    Logan: What is?
    Virgil: Something.
    Logan: You can't even give an example?
    Virgil: Something is off.
    Thomas: I hate it when you're just vague!
    Patton: (worried noises) Ahhhh! Anxiety, what do we do!?
    Logan: Um, no. You were listening to me before. (through gritted teeth) Remember how smart I was?
  • Anxiety is, if nothing else, self aware.
    Virgil: We all know that I'm a bit—
    Roman: Dismal.
    Logan: Monochromatic.
    Patton: Spicy!
    Virgil: Whatever!
  • The conclusion Thomas draws from what Anxiety has to say has a bit of an adverse affect on Logic and Princey.
    Thomas: Awww, okay fine. You and Morality have a point.
    Logan: No.
    Roman: No!
  • The boys concoct a scheme in which the Sides will shape shift into Thomas' friends.
    Logan: If this will help, I am more than willing to participate. Which friend shall I be?
    Thomas: Uhhh... easy! You're inquisitive, rational, and clever. You're gonna be Joan.
    Logan as Joan: Huh, interesting.
    Roman: Nice.
    Logan as Joan: My face is immediately scratchier.
    Patton: (excited) Oh my goodness, that's so cute!!
    Thomas: Patton, you're a goofball with a heart of gold, so you're gonna be Terrence.
    Patton as Terrence: Oof! Terrific!
    Logan as Joan: Different face, same terrible humor.
    Patton as Terrence: Wish that was less mean, but happy to have you aboard the pun train!
    Logan as Joan: That wasn't on purpose.
    Thomas: And Roman-
    Roman: If you don't mind, Thomas, I am way ahead of you.
    Thomas: Oh! Okay...
    Roman as Valerie: (spins around to reveal the new look)
    Thomas: Valerie!
    Logan as Joan: A valorous choice.
    Patton as Terrence: Hello! Did I do that like Terrance?
    Thomas: Pretty accurate. Why Valerie?
    Roman as Valerie: She's a dreamer, a fellow lover of Disney... but mostly I just finally get to sing some princess songs!! I wonder... I wonder...
    Patton as Terrence: Awww.
  • Anxiety is, predictably, not on board.
    Thomas: Anxiety.
    Virgil: No, I am not playing this game.
    Patton as Terrence: Awww, c'mon Anxiety, it's fun. I'm a fun guy who's fun sized. Like Danny Devito!!
    Logan as Joan: It would behoove this exercise if all aspects took part.
    Virgil: I'm comfortable just the way I am. And besides—Thomas, this isn't gonna do any-
    Thomas: Talyn!
    Virgil as Talyn: W-wh-why!?
    Thomas: I dunno, just similar style-
    Virgil as Talyn: Change me back. Now!
    Logan as Joan: I think we can all agree that you're undeniably adorable.
    Virgil as Talyn: Noooooo.
    Roman as Valerie: I'm trying hard not to like you right now. But you are just too darn cute.
    Virgil as Talyn: *hissss*
    Patton as Terrence: Awwww! He's like a little kitten now.
    Roman as Valerie: Oh!
    Logan as Joan: That is a pleasant comparison.
  • Patton takes the opportunity to wander into Thomas' spot since Thomas isn't playing them both. Anxiety tells him to stop Breaking the Fourth Wall, and Logan says it's less a wall and more a column in the middle of all of them. The Sides then give the theoretical column described weird and distrustful looks. Then Thomas tells Patton to go back to his spot after stating that he doesn't want to think about that.
  • Logan wants to know if Thomas' problems are solved.
    Logan as Joan: Are you content now, Thomas? Can we close the book on your back-to-back dilemmas?
    Roman as Valerie: I don't know how the series would continue if we stopped having dilemmas.
    Virgil as Talyn: Easy, Meta Knight. We're recording the episode, not the DVD commentary.
    Logan as Joan: Ah. See you called him out for it, but then immediately took it more meta. Let's get back on track.
    Thomas: (looks at the camera) Yeahhh....
  • Anxiety has his doubts, but Patton seems cool with the whole exercise.
    Patton as Terrence: I think this could work. Might take some getting used to, but you both deserve a "Patton" the back for this one!
    Logan as Joan: (sigh) Did you just use a self-referential pun?
    Patton as Terrence: Oh yeah! I've been waiting to do it ever since I revealed my name. Up until that point I was... "Patton" pending.
    Logan as Joan: Time out! You don't see me or anyone else making puns about our names.
    Patton as Terrence: You're right, high-five.
    Logan as Joan: W-we're across-
    Patton as Terrence: Down low-
    Logan as Joan: (stuttering)
    Patton as Terrence: (popping up briefly on Logan's side of the room) -gan!
    Logan as Joan: -gan. Lo...gan. I might scream.
    Patton as Terrence: But you can't! Because your volume's too low-
    Logan as Joan: Don't you dare.
    Patton as Terrence: -gan!
    Logan as Joan: You're dead to me.
    Thomas: This is incredibly amusing... But.
    Roman as Valerie: But?
    Virgil as Talyn: Yes, but?
    Patton as Terrence: Heh heh, butt.
  • Thomas thinks something is off. Logan suggests they're not in the right alignment. Thomas wants to know what he means.
    Logan as Joan: It means maybe this combination of friends isn't quite, uh... (checks flashcards) Liiit. Is that the correct usage?
    Thomas: Aw, almost.
    Virgil as Talyn: You've gotta be joking.
    Logan as Joan: You know I'm not. (points to necktie).
  • The Sides begin switching around. So we wind up with two Valeries.
    Patton as Valerie: Roman, look at me.
    Roman as Valerie: No! Now one of us has to change.
    Patton as Valerie: Wow, I'm seeing double here. Shouldn't have drunk that "Roman" coke.
    Roman as Terrence: You are incorrigible!
    Patton as Valerie: Don't know what that means.
    Logan as Talyn: Guess I'm not the only one that needs vocabulary cards.
  • Anxiety insists that the reason Thomas is feeling weird is that the Sides looking like his friends doesn't actually make them his friends.
    Logan as Talyn: We look just like them. Would it help if we attempted to behave like them? Hello. My name is Talyn. I'm short and unthreatening.
    Thomas: Real cute. I wanna pinch your cheeks, but not quite Talyn.
    Logan as Talyn: Uh- Cats. Viking Metal. Vomit.
    Thomas: Well, now you're just naming things Talyn enjoys.
    Roman as Terrence: That raises so many more questions!
  • Thomas is in the middle of an impassioned speech to Anxiety about his friends and change when he's interrupted by Princey.
    Roman as Terrence: (singing) I will find my way! I can go the distance! Sorry, I just realized Terrance has a higher range than you, Thomas!!
    Thomas: ...Yup.
    Logan as Valerie: El principe es estupido.
    Roman as Terrence: What?
    Logan as Valerie: It is my understanding that you speak Spanish, so I really wanted to help you get it through your thick, self-aggrandizing skull in both languages. You are vapid and slow-witted.
    Roman as Terrence: Wow, that was a wounding remark. I thought we agreed to work as a team on this one. Besides, I learned Spanish first, so who's the stupid one now?
    Logan as Valerie: Still you.
    Patton as Talyn: Biblioteca! See, I know Spanish, too!
    Thomas: Nah, that's like Spanish One.
    Patton as Talyn: Did I make you proud, Logan? Are you proud of me?
    Logan as Valerie: You really need to chill.
  • Joan's turn as Princey is more than a little confused.
  • When Thomas laments that some change is unavoidable, Patton, as Joan, stops by his side of the room with... change.
    Patton as Joan: You just need to keep the change. (drops a bunch of pennies in Thomas' hands) Uh-oh! I just littered those pennies. Hope the coppers don't come after me.
  • Thomas decides to change everyone back. Princey needs a moment first.
    Roman as Valerie: Halt! One more princess song! I'm wishing...! Okay, I'm good.
    Thomas: Okay. There you go.
    Virgil: Oh, my precious bangs.
    Thomas: Well, it was a valiant effort.
    Patton: Well, at least it was fun.
    Roman: Some change can be fun. And entertaining.
  • Thomas apologizes to Anxiety, who says he'll let it go because he does legitimately feel better. Thomas asks if he feels good enough to tell them... his name.
    Virgil: Well... okay. My name...
    Virgil as Talyn: Talyn!
    Thomas: Okay.
    Logan: That is upsetting.
    Roman: Well.
    Patton: Wait, is it Talyn?
  • In the end card, with a single pun from Patton, ALL of them turn into Talyn.
    Morality: I guess you could say Thomas is a man of many—
    Logan: Don't—
    Morality as Talyn: Talyns!
    Virgil as Talyn: NOT AGAIN!!
    Becoming a CARTOON! 
  • Patton is just a touch...early.
    Patton: (popping up) I love cartoo- (looks around and sees nobody else is there yet) Oh! Am I early? I'm early aren't I? Whoopsie doodles, alright I'm just gonna sink back down, see you all in a bit, role title screen.
  • Thomas doesn't realize how obvious he's been.
    Thomas: I don't know if I've ever quite clearly conveyed this to you guys but I really enjoy cartoo-
    (a whole bunch of screens pop up with a whole bunch of people the annotations label 'Fanders'.)
    Fanders: We know.
    Thomas:...Okay, good to know.
  • As Thomas lists off the animated media that has influenced his own content, Roman bursts onto the scene.
    Roman: I can't believe you listed all of those and didn't mention a single Disney movie!
    Thomas: Well I'm pretty sure by now people know I like Disney, Roman.
    Roman: How would we kno-
    Fanders: We know.
    Roman:....Fair enough.
  • As Princey points out all the ways in which Thomas' videos mirror their influences, Logan has this to add:
    Logan: And you've populated your content with zany and goofy characters.
    Thomas: (looking skeptical) Like who?
    Patton: I love cartoons!
    Thomas: Wow, you are late to the vlog today, Morality.
    Patton: Well, I just didn't want to be too early again.
    Thomas: What?
    Patton: Nothing.
    Virgil: Even the faces you make. It's like you're trying to be a cartoon.
    Thomas: (making an insane amount of goofy faces) What? When have I ever done something like that?
    Virgil: See? Why would anyone need to move their face as much as you just did in that one sentence?
  • While Logan points out Thomas cannot become a cartoon, Thomas and Roman are less skeptical of the idea:
    Logan: I don't know if that is a question. Because you cannot be a cartoon.
    Thomas: Or can I? (looks dramatically upwards)
    Roman and Patton: (look dramatically upwards with Thomas)
    Logan: ...No.
    Virgil: You can't. And wha-what are you looking at?
    Patton: I don't know what they're looking at but I am eyeballing that fridge, because there is some leftover pasta-
  • Patton is nothing if not supportive...
    Patton: I have no idea where you're going with this, but I blindly support you. (takes off glasses) Where'd you go?
  • But Logan still has doubts.
    Logan: I would like a say in this.
  • Despite Logan's and Virgil's misgivings, Thomas has a plan that's already in motion.
    Thomas: (checking his phone) Okay, booked.
    Virgil: What?
    Logan: BOOK!?
    Virgil: What the fu-
  • Butch Hartman is not at all surprised by either Thomas' bursting into his office or his request.
    Thomas: I'm here because I kind of need your help.
    Butch Hartman: You need me to make you into a cartoon?
    Thomas: YES!
    Thomas: Wha-why?
    Butch Hartman: Do you know how many people bust in here every week asking me to make them a cartoon?
    Thomas: Uh...
    Butch Hartman: Thirty seven.
    Thomas: Really. Wow.
    Butch Hartman: Yeah, security around here kind of stinks.
    Thomas: But I....have a really good reason.
    Butch Hartman: And what would that be?
    Thomas: Because I wanna be a cartoon real bad!
    Butch Hartman: That's....not a good reason-
    Thomas: Plus I have Tara Strong on the phone.
    Tara Strong: (in Timmy Turner's voice) Butch, I wish you'd make Thomas a cartoon.
    Butch Hartman: Tara....why?
    Tara Strong:(in her normal voice) I mean the dude seems alright. Plus he paid me eighty bucks to say this.
  • After being turned into a cartoon, Thomas decides to figure out what a day in the life would be like for Cartoon!Thomas.
    Birds Circling His Bed: *tweet tweet*
    Cartoon!Thomas: SHUT UP!!!
    • Cartoon!Thomas, doing a Sonic impression, inadvertently plows right threw Cartoon!Patton, knocking him and his order of donuts to the ground.
    Cartoon!Patton: Well, I ''donut'' want to have that happen again, heh heh.....ow my leg.
    • Even if he is a cartoon, he's still got to make videos.
    Cartoon!Logan: Puppies?
    Cartoon!Thomas: Maybe.
    Cartoon!Logan: Singing?
    Cartoon!Thomas: Maybe.
    Cartoon!Logan: Singing puppies?
    Cartoon!Thomas: Yes!
    Cartoon!Thomas: Then I usually fight crime!
  • Back in Butch Hartman's office...
    Thomas:I wish for more time to be a cartoon.
    Thomas: (as he leaves) Okay, I did not think that would work. Alright! Thank you! Bye!
    Butch Hartman: Sophia?
    Sophia: (pokes her head in the office doorway) Yeah?
    Butch Hartman: Can we change the locks in the building again? Kind of tired of these weirdos getting in.
  • The boys are back home and Logan is urging Thomas to not overlook the wonders of the real world.
    Thomas: Yeah, you're right, I shouldn't take this world for granted, it can be just as fun.
    Logan: Eh. Fun, fascinating. Tomato, solanum lycopersicum.
    Roman: Well, I suppose it wouldn't be best to exclude logic completely. After all, the best kind of comedy in cartoons follows some kind of logic. Otherwise it would just be random, and that's-
    Patton: (holding a potato) Potato!
  • Logan's done for the day, but Patton tells Thomas to pay him no mind.
    Patton: Ha! He's still learning, Thomas. Sometimes you just gotta TOON him out! You know? Toon?
    Roman: Ugh.
    Thomas: Heh.
    Roman: Like a cartoo-
    Fanders: We know!!
    Patton: Alright, I don't know what that was about but it was nice meeting y'all.

    Crofters - The MUSICAL! 

    Selfishness vs. Selflessness 
  • The video starts with a sponsored ad... That is then prolongued by Virgil walking in and asking the audience several unnerving questions, before being scolded by Thomas like a dog.
    Thomas: Sorry, he's still bummed that I went back to brown hair. (To Virgil, walking off) I said I might dye it again soon!
  • Logan's uncharacteristic use of an idiom:
    Logan: If Thomas would rather go to the wedding, then I, the brilliant Logan, think we should hear it straight from the horse's mouth. Thomas, the floor is yours.
  • Thomas' attempt to test if Deceit is trustworthy.
    Thomas: Let's give him the old 'liar, liar', what color is my shirt?
    Deceit: ... Red- I mean blue!
    Thomas: ... Well, I guess there are different shades of... blue and yellow and red, so...
  • "Bad deceit. Oh, sorry, Deceit!"
  • Upon realizing they're back in the mind palace, Patton happily conjures a bowl of butterfingers that he then accidentally knocks over. Deceit gets it back for him.
    Deceit: Hopefully he is better at defending (reaching behind Patton's ear and retrieving a new bowl of butterfingers) than he is at... existing.
    Patton: I hope so too! (hits himself in the head, a leftover candy bar falls out from his ear.)
  • When Deceit wants to start the trial:
    Deceit: Does everyone understand their parts?
    Roman: Uhm, I broke my gavel.
  • Thomas is being accused of planning to betray his friends to whom he'd originally promised support, of pretending to be a better person than he really is, of prioritising his own wants, and of leaving his dirty underwear all over the floor "like a gosh darn animal".
    • The last accusation is the one that immediately sparks a heated argument between Patton, Thomas' lawyer and Roman, the judge.
  • When Thomas very hesitantly pleads not guilty:
    Deceit:: Oh, said with the confidence of a man with his hands stuck in a cookie jar... In a cookie factory. And his pants are down. And on fire.
  • Deceit's various snarky giggles and campy hand gestures.
  • Patton's opening statement:
    Patton: I would just like to say that (towards Deceit) I am rubber, you are glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you. That is all.
    Deceit: (grumbling) Curses!
  • When Deceit starts his questioning of the first witness, Logan:
    Deceit: So, you are Thomas'... stinky poopoo side, correct?
    Logan: (yelling) What?! No!
  • Roman allows various deceitful tactics in the court, such as tampering with evidence or misleading witnesses, simply for the sake of drama.
  • Deceit shamelessly sucks up to Roman throughout the whole process, but gets angry at Patton when he does the same thing.
  • Logan explains that, amongst other things, he's the director of activities for Thomas' right arm - the other one is controlled by Roman, who immediately puts his abilities to use by making Thomas flail around and flip the bird.
    • He also maintains a passion project: the development of a life system in order to form a more productive, punctual Thomas. It's not working out well.
  • "Wow, Thomas, it seems these days your moral compass is pointed South - towards Hell!"
  • During Virgil's questioning:
    Patton: Objection! He's weaseling the witness!
    Logan: (from the benches in the very back of the room) Uh, the correct term is badgering-
    Roman: (agressively hammering down his gavel and yelling) ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT!!! (beat) Go ahead, Patton.
  • When Roman is being asked to explain why the wedding is more important than the callback:
    Roman: We get to watch Mary Lee marry Lee merrily and their life becomes a dream!note 
  • Further into Roman's questioning:
    Deceit: Let's say, you've got a stereotypical relationship between a man and a woman.
    Roman, extremely gay: You lost me.
  • After Deceit delivers his big nihilistic "We Live In A Society"-monologue:
    Virgil: Okay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but... that was so edgy and over the top. We're talking about a wedding here!
  • Deceit turns out to be a big philosophical fan of Max Stirner. If you're into anarchist politics and philosophy, you know how nonsensical that guy, his ideas and his intellectual followers are.
  • Patton questioning himself and hurriedly running from one side of the court to the other.
  • Deceit points out that this isn't even a real court case, and Thomas is just sitting on his couch with his eyes closed. Cut to exactly that.
    Thomas: (sighs) That's fair, but why say it?
  • When Deceit pulls back his suit jacket to reveal the two-headed snake on his chest, all Patton can focus on is how cute it's little tongues are.

    Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts 
  • The Duke is darkly hilarious at times.
    Remus: Thank you for the alliterative regards, Logan! I love being given *voice drops into a growl* two D's at once!
  • The Duke's entire character is this, whenever he's not being Nightmare Fuel. As a split version of Creativity, his style reflects Roman's while also being even more extra. Meanwhile, his personality is a sliding scale of "three-year-old Reality Warper" and "teenager trying to be edgy". The result is a mess of randomness and potty humor wearing a fake mustache.
  • Everyone is acting moody, much to Roman's chagrin, leading him to summon Logan. Logan is dismissive of the "overreaction" of the others. Virgil points out Logan is not exactly the best judge of emotional states.
    Virgil: You're not a great judge of what is or is not an overreaction. Your most extreme reaction is an eyebrow raise.
    Logan: FALSEHOOD!
    Virgil: (snaps by his ear to test his hearing) I stand corrected.
  • Meta example: watch ANY reaction video to this episode, and I guarantee that when The Duke first appears, just about every reaction is the same; “WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?!”

    Putting Others First - Selfishness v. Selflessness Redux 
  • The episode begins with Thomas loudly exclaiming, "What the f**k, everybody?"
  • Roman notes that he prefers to call Dame Judi Dench "Queen Groovy Binch".
  • Roman interrupting Patton:
    Patton: "I haven't been making you feel very nice. I don't wanna make you think you're some -"
    Roman: [blurts] "stupid... dirty... rotten, filthy... silly, billy, no-good-for-no-nothin', uh... white, uh, rat scoundrel b*tch!"
    Patton: "... Yes, thank you, Roman!"
    Roman: "You're welcome."
  • What do you get for being a good fella?
    Patton: "Sometimes, just this..." (holds up his hand, making an O shape)
    Roman: "A bagel?!"
    Patton: "What, no! ... Maybe, no, nothing, it's nothing!"
    Roman: "Oh..."
  • While explaining a metaphorical dilemma, Patton uses Frogger as an example of an extended video game franchise with in-depth characters and thriving plotlines that Thomas would get up early in the morning to queue up at the local video game store. It costs, "I don't know, as much as a hotdog costs." It's clear he has no idea what he's talking about.
  • This iconic line from Deceit:
    "You're not stuck with an evil snake boy. (grins) You're just stuck with a snake boy."

     Blooper Reels 
  • All of them. Just all of them.
  • This bit from “The Bloop Awakens”:
    Remus: Where are your kids, Patton? WHERE ARE YOUR KIDS!?
    Joan: (offscreen) How are you a DAD if you don’t have any kids?!
    Patton: Sh**!
  • Thomas, still in-character as Deceit, sauntering away from the judge's bench saying, "Eat sh*t, losers."

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