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Funny Moments section for Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

  • The very first one would be immediately after Takeru handed out the ShodoPhones to his vassals; The Kuroko suddenly surround them in the white curtain and start attempting to change their clothes. Though all four are undoubtedly astonished, Chiaki's reaction was especially funny.
  • In the same Act, Ryunosuke and Kotoha trying to figure out who their lord is.
    Mako: I said you're wrong!
  • Try not to crack up when the ending shows Jii and the Kuroko.
  • The team's very first "Samurai Gattai", where Ryunosuke successfully established himself as the Chew Toy of the team.
    • To explain: instead of actually combining, the Origami simply stack on top of each other in emblem mode. Kotoha remarks they look like an oden skewer.
  • Ryunsuke's "apology" for not being good enough for his lord in Act 2: They leave him there. Maybe they already know if they didn't...he'd ask for something worse.
  • Any time Mako's cooking is brought up; expect at least a small scene of the boys panicking over their impending doom upon learning that she's making food.
    Takeru: (preparing to eat) "My soul is ready."
    • Jii got the hang of it in Act 25, and had stretchers and medicines ready beforehand.
  • In Act 6, when the Shinkengers face Zuboshimeshi the second time, Ryuunosuke boasts confidently that the Ayakashi's attacks won't affect him anymore. Zuboshimeshi hits him with the insult "Mother Complex" which sends him into the curtain, probably taking out a few Kuroko in the process (he was hit with "Father Complex" in the previous encounter). Takeru reacts with a facepalm.
  • In Act 10, the first thing that comes to Chiaki's mind when seeing all the victims of the latest Ayakashi loudly angsting...
    Chiaki: Everyone turned into Ryunosuke!
    Ryunosuke: What?!
    • And being a kindergarten teacher, Mako wanting to hug the angst out of them...
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    • It's played more low key than the others, but watch Takeru push Jii in the right direction to help Chiaki...all the while keeping his Origami occupied like a playful cat.
  • The roll call in Act 14, with Richard Brown as a "guest". Score for the music which just distorts and stops when his face suddenly appeared. Double points for Brown successfully stealing Takeru's lines. Triple points for the Shikengers awkwardly saying their thematic "go forward!" final lines. Quadruple points for the Ayakashi's reaction; lying down, yawning and staring at them like a big comedy sketch.
    • Earlier in the episode there's a Funny Background Event with Shitari serving Dokuko feeding it to him like the jug is a baby bottle.
  • How about in Act 15, when the Monster of the Week transforms into their mecha, and Ryunosuke and Kotoha freak out trying to figure out which mecha is the real one...while inside of said real mecha.
  • Genta's "formal introduction" in Act 18: Appearing in the Shiba household with an entrance drum, traditional Japanese attire and a matching accent. He was serious; what spoiled the impression is because he asked "Are you listening?" afterwards.
    • Takeru then leaves the room. Everyone thinks it's becaused he's shocked at the way Genta dressed. He is, mind you, but we see a few seconds later that he actually left so he could laugh out loud.
  • Takeru acting as Kotoha's butler in Act 22 and being berated by Genta and the head maid for acting too lord-like.
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  • Act 23. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment. When Genta is serving Juzo, who he thinks is a restaurant critic, he must leave due to the attack at Tengen Temple. When left alone, Juzo decides to go too, not before grabbing one of the two sushi pieces Genta left for him, putting it in his mouth... only to freeze for a second and then turn around to grab the other piece. Who wouldn't at least chuckle at the sight of the usually stoic Blood Knight stopping his way to a fight just to grab a second piece of sushi?
  • Act 27: Lucky Cat Statue Takeru. That is all.
    • Have you forgotten what Ryunosuke was swapped with? A peeing-cherub statuette!
      • There's also Genta being turned to sushi and about to be eaten by a stray cat: he starts screaming when the animal draws near, and gets back into his body in the nick of time...still bellowing at his "impending doom" It takes ten freaking seconds.
  • Act 28: When Genta becomes afraid of Sushi everyone tries to cheer him up by confronting their own fears. The results are hilarious.
  • Act 30: DaiGoyou's accidental "discovery" of a new Samurai Gattai, and everyone's reactions to it. Even DaiGoyou's lost on what just happened!
  • Act 35: The Monster of the Week is devouring things left and right, including Ryuunosuke's Shodophone! To figure out where it is inside of him, Chiaki gives it a call...and the monster thinks the call is for him!
    Mot W: *holds hand containing phone up to head* Sorry to keep you waiting! Hello? ...Hello?
  • Act 38 brings the funny as well as the awesome. With Jii on a leave and no one to manage the Kuroko...:
    • The Shinkenger's attempt to swap out the Crevice Sensor with a duplicate, interrupted by Jii.
    • "Genta's Constipated!" Nice save, Kotoha. Followed by some nice work by the Ham Sand— er, Genta and Ryu-san.
    • Genta's attempt to slip out when the others start taking care of the paperwork Jii usually does is a nice little thwarting of the "convenient absence of Sixth Ranger" shtick.
    • Their vain attempts to pass off battle injuries as training mishaps...and Genta's constipation.
    • With Jii gone, Kotoha tried her best to allocate the Kuroko what they needed. In the second major battle of the ep, the Kuroko brought the back curtain into battle...but for just one person. What follows is a regular roll call for the Shinkengers, but a really frantic moment, running left to right and covering whoever's shouting their line. The conflict between the position and roll call order didn't work in their favour either.
  • Act 46: Genta transforming while wrapped around in his shop props because of being dragged around by DaiGoyo. And the sequence ended with his sushi cart arriving in the background.
  • Act 47: Kaoru tries to hit Tanba again with her Paper Fan of Doom, but he dodges it this time and does a Victory Pose...that is until one of the Kurokonote  hands her a bigger Paper Fan of Doom. It drops him like a rock in a single hit.
  • Act 48: The whole idea of Kaoru adopting Takeru, which got a priceless reaction out of the entire cast. Tanba says it best...
    Tanba: Besides, your child is older than you!
    • Also, Tanba being rather protective of Kaoru when she asks to spend some time alone with Takeru.
    Kaoru: Tanba! (The sliding door slides open as Tanba, trying to listen in, falls over)
  • Final Act (49): Dokoku's been defeated, Kaoru has gone off to eventually start a family, and the other Shinkenger have all gone their separate ways. What does Hikoma do? Decides he's going to take up...the electric guitar. note 
    • Tanba suggests that Kaoru start looking for a husband and gets hit by her with her Paper Fan of Doom saying that it's too early for that. This after adopting Takeru and becoming his mother.
  • The summer movie The Fateful Battle manages to squeeze one in despite its short duration: our heroes infiltrate the enemy compound by dressing up as Nanashi, in makeshift disguises of cardboard and household materials, while bringing enough booze for everyone and going "Na!" repeatedly...and it works.
  • From Shinkenger Vs Go-Onger: We see a rare case of Mook teamwork between the Nanashi and the Uguts, as a spell causes the Uguts to transform into the scramblers we see the Nanashi riding in the trailers. This immediately leads into a CMoF as one Uguts fails to transform, and ends up piggybacking a Nanashi around.
    • It gets even better when Takeru ignores them at the end of the fight scene, the Nanashi realises they're outmatched and tells the Uguts to run for it.... and Takeru kills them anyway.
    • When Genta protects the revived Kegareshia, we're led to believe that she has become attracted to him...only for Kegareshia and her companions to skip on the bill and leave Genta to deal with the Uguts on his own.
      • Minutes before the attack, even, is the scene where the freshly-revived Ministers visit Genta's stand, he complains about "getting weird customers again."
  • Samurai Sentai Shinkenger Returns: The romantic-comedy illusion takes the cake. Kotoha is a girl who dresses herself up as a guy in order to be close with her crush, Shiraishi-kun. The problem is that the male half of the cast are actually Alpha Bitches in disguise who are also trying to get close to Shiraishi-kun. Yes, even Takeru.
  • Decade in the Shinkenger World.
  • Anytime Dai Goyou starts shooting people in the face with his disks.


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