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Funny / Sakura Wars (TV)

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  • In the 6th episode of the TV series, Kohran tells Sakura that she eats, sleeps and takes a bath with her koubu. Look at how Sakura imagines herself doing the same thing with her koubu.
  • In the 7th episode of the TV series, the curry scene. Sumire's reaction is pretty funny.
    Sumire: Kohran, what on EARTH is that red stuff?!
    Kohran: It's CHINESE CURRY!
    Sumire: GET IT OUT OF MY SIGHT! That is not how you make curry! (to Sakura) Sakura, is that DAIKON?!
    Sakura: Yes. It makes a delicious marinade.
    Sumire: You'll ruin the whole MEAL with that STUFF!
    Sakura: I thought it would be yummy. I guess not.

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