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Funny / Saiunkoku Monogatari

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  • A manga side-story features a men-in-drag contest at a harvest festival, the prizes for which are a substantial amount of foodstuffs or vouchers for discounts with various merchants at the market. Shuurei convinces Seiran to enter; meanwhile, Ryuuki, trying to come up with a way to impress Shuurei, gets wind of the contest, enters himself and arranges things so that Seiran will be on duty during the contest. Between one thing and another, the contest ends up featuring Ryuuki, Shuuei, and Kouyuu - the Emperor and two of the most influential up-and-comers of the Imperial Court - in drag, while Grand Advisor Shou, acting as judge, nearly has a heart attack over their antics. And in the end, they're all completely upstaged by Kijin... who doesn't appear to have done much more than take off his mask.
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  • Shuuei's last resort solution to break Shusui's brainwashing with The Power of Love and everyone present's reaction to it.

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