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  • The first episode's "You Said You'd Join? I Lied!" gives us a perfect demonstration of Momoka's true nature - after some girls bully her for an entire segment, by doing things like sticking thumbtacks in her shoes, moving her desk, and throwing her bag out of the window, Miou tells the bullies off and they apologize. It would be heartwarming if it ended there... but Momoka wants payback, and she really gives it to the bullies, by filling their shoes with tacks until they're overflowing, smashing their desks into pieces, throwing their bags into the school incinerator, and mutilating their uniforms for good measure.
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  • Episode 3's "She's Coming, Too! The Challenge of Hell's Children!!" sees Sonokawa trying to free Platy from a crow's clutches without harming either of them. Due to an unfortunate sneeze, she misses her mark. However, the shot sets off a convinent chain reaction of animals freaking out and things falling that eventually gets Platy freed anyway.
  • In Episode 4's "Boy Meets Girl of Destiny (lol)", Momoka squares off against Lemon Fried Chicken in a light gun game. LFC is beating her, and he starts dual-wielding light guns to further his lead. In response, Momoka pulls out her airsoft gun, and the clubmates accompanying her wonder what she'll do with it, as it obviously doesn't work with the game. They get their answer when she smashes him in the head with it, and takes the victory from there.
  • Episode 5's "The Unkillable Twin Tail":
    • Urara is stuck on a ledge after climbing out of a bathroom window and is too scared to move. Momoka walks by, and after a moment of staring laughs at her plight. The rest of the club shows up soon after, and Miou and Maya laugh as well, while Kayo takes pictures with her phone.
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    • Miou later calls in a helicopter squad to rescue Urara, complete with "Ride of the Valkyries" playing in the background.
  • In Episode 9's "MAD Grannies X", Momoka is in a truck being driven by Lemon Fried Chicken. They exit a tunnel when a helicopter descends upon them and starts shooting at them. Momoka convinces LFC to drive off a cliff at the helicopter... and then tells him the rest is up to him, and leaps off the truck as it collides with the copter, taking both down in a fiery explosion.
  • The conclusion of the treasure hunt in episode 10 "Treasure Hunter" has Momoka finding an old, sappy poem written by her when she was younger. While the others laugh, Kayo shares an embarrassing poem that she wrote, having sympathized with Momoka's situation... and upon reading it Momoka laughs and mocks it. Kayo responds by gunning Momoka down.
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  • The conversation Momoka has with a sweets decorator in Episode 11's "Gaudy Decoration". The decorator thinks Momoka wants Miou's gun decorated, while Momoka is actually thinking about getting her phone decorated, which leads the decorator to believe Momoka is some gangster's daughter. In the end, Momoka realizes her mistake and thinks Miou is going to be really mad... but it turns out that Miou loves the improvements the decorations made, and subsequently has everyone's equipment decorated in a similar manner.
  • Episode 11's "Total Cinderella" has an old man that's looking for the wearer of a certain pair of high heels. In the end, it's revealed that Lemon Fried Chicken was the owner of those heels.


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