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  • This exchange between Street and Hondo before the SWAT test:
    Street: So why'd you pick me?
    Hondo: To piss off the captain.
  • The team is in SWAT boot camp and climbing a staircase in the dark when Deeks trips and falls halfway back down.
    Street: Smooth, Deeks! (everybody starts laughing)
    Hondo: (shines a flashlight on them from upstairs) Hey, hey, hey. I guess if I was deaf I wouldn't hear you. But while you're laughing, there's a whole lot of folks out there hopin' for us to screw up. Get it right. (clicks off the flashlight; Street groans)
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  • Deeks commenting on the success of Street's "Key to the City":
    Deke: We need to sell that shit on eBay.
    Street: Naw, I only have one.
    Deke: We'll split the profits fifty-fifty, corner the market. Break 'em down like a shotgun - The Polish Penetrator!
  • Montel is arrested on Alex Trebek's star on the Walk of Fame; amusingly, they had to secure his permission to use it.
    • Even better, a news announcer is heard in a voice-over that starts as the star appears on screen- voiced by Alex Trebek (uncredited).
  • Street calls Gus, his 'gun cage' colleague, out for secretly consuming junk food while on duty despite the fact that he converted to Mormonism at home.


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