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  • Bond falling onto an armchair after falling from collapsing buildings. Especially the look on his face as it occurs, which just screams that he's thinking "what the hell just happened?" And the way he flings away the wall sconce he was hanging onto.
  • Franz Obenhauser dramatically proclaims himself to be Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Bond doesn't even blink as he snarks "Catchy name."
  • Out of all the possible ways he could have phrased his question, M chose to ask Bond why he was "pottering" around in Mexico.
  • Q gives many Adorkable moments, much more so than in Skyfall: cracking up at his own joke about Bond bringing the Aston Martin back "in one piece instead of bringing back one piece," reminding 007 that it's better he's not fired as he's got "a mortgage and two cats to feed" (with Bond replying Q'd better help him "for the sake of the cats"), saying "Oh, shit!" once he sees a champagne bottle instead of the Cool Car du jour, and replying to an angry M regarding 007's whereabouts (tracking device shows Austria, Q says "He's currently in Chelsea...").
    • There's also this conversation between Q and Bond:
      Q: (preparing to inject Bond) You may feel a little...(pushes the needle in)
      Bond: Christ!
      Q: ...prick.
    • And when Q shows Bond his previous Cool Car mid-repairs:
      Q: There wasn't much left to work with, hardly more than a steering wheel. I believe I said "bring it back in one piece," not "bring back one piece."
    • For long-time fans of the franchise, it's funny how Q's body language when Bond comes across the Aston Martin is highly similar to Desmond Llewelyn's version of the character.
  • Similarly, Bond being Wrong Genre Savvy about getting cool new toys from Q. Double Subverted when it turns out HE'S RIGHT.
    Q: (after telling 007 that the new Aston Martin DB10 had been reassigned from him to 009) But you can have this [watch]!
    Bond: Does it... DO anything?
    Q: It tells the time. Might help you with your punctuality issues. (And it also explodes, but that's not important right now)
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  • A somewhat dark example at Sciarra's funeral when Bond taunts the assassins stalking Lucia by cheerfully waving at them.
  • How Bond introduces himself to the guard outside the SPECTRE meeting? "Io sono Topolino." Later, after Blofeld outs Bond, the same guard comes to remove Bond, and addresses him by the English translation of the name he gave when he entered the meeting.
    "Ciao, Mickey Mouse!"
  • The additional extras of the prototype Aston Martin DB10 are announced with Dymo tape function labels instead of integrated into the upholstery. And only two of them work as they're described, which is somewhat frustrating in the middle of a chase.
    • During the chase, Bond finds himself behind a slow driving Fiat 500. His eventual solution is just accelerate until the small car is out of the way (to the shock/annoyance of the Innocent Bystander). It amazingly doesn't crash, but the impact is enough to release the airbag!
    • The "atmosphere" button reveals that 009 is apparently a big fan of "New York, New York" to which Bond roars "NO!"
    • In the midst of the chase, Bond takes the time to express some jealousy/disapproval of the fact that Moneypenny has a gentleman caller:
      (having just heard a man's voice in the background)
      Bond: Who was that?
      Moneypenny: No one.
      Bond: No, it wasn't.
      Moneypenny: It's just a friend.
      Bond: At this time of night?
      Moneypenny: It's called a life. You should try it sometime.
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    • And given the car ends up dropped into a river, Bond and Q have a priceless exchange: "I delivered the car into the Tiber." "Oh, it was nothing. Just a 3 million pound prototype...".
  • When being interviewed as a potential patient by Dr. Swann, Bond is giving Deadpan Snarker blunt answers to each question. A standout:
    Madeleine: "How much alcohol do you drink?"
    Bond: "Too much."
  • Bond telling the barman at the clinic that he can "cut out the middleman" and put a green health drink straight down the toilet.
    • Before that, he sits down at the bar and orders his classic, vodka martini shaken not stirred. The barman tells him that as he's in a health clinic, they don't serve alcohol. The look of confusion and disdain on Bond's face is classic.
      "I'm really starting to love this place."
      • Even funnier when you consider this is the first time we've heard Daniel Craig's Bond order his classic martini onscreen.
  • Bond telling the guard at the clinic to stay put after effortlessly beating him and his colleague in a second, with the guard obeying.
    • Even better is he states it like the command one might give to an unruly pet. "No! Stay."
  • Q analyzing the ring on his computer while on a gondola car with a bunch of goons clearly watching him. And using the distraction of a bunch of snowboarders piling into the cabin at the other end to make his escape.
  • A bored and drunken Bond idly attempts to interrogate an adorable little mouse at gunpoint.
  • Trying to teach a Doesn't Like Guns Dr. Swann how to shoot a gun in order to protect herself, there's a Call-Back to Skyfall
  • Hinx uttering his only word in the film as he's about to be pulled off a moving train. His only word? "Shit".
    • Halfway through the train fight scene, Bond finds out that he really cannot defeat Mr. Hinx. His genuinely terrified face is a joy to behold.
    • There's also a moment where he randomly throws a bowl at him, clearly desperate and out of ideas. It misses by a mile.
    • After Hinx gets yanked off the train, Dr. Swann asks Bond, "What do we do now?" Cut to both of them having Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex.
  • After being led into the meteorite observatory in SPECTRE's Morocco facility, Bond and Swann stare at it for a moment before Oberhauser shows up. After a pause, Bond quips "I think we're supposed to be impressed."
  • "And now we know what 'C' stands for." Said by M to Denbigh (i.e. C) when Denbigh claims M stands for 'Moron' as C holds M at gunpoint, his gun utterly out of bullets in a nod to Casino Royale.note 



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