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  • Scotty's lower half is missing in "Beyond the Farthest Star". Cue the subtitle: "Pants to be Darkened."
    • His speculating on how embarrassing it was for Kirk to report on the destruction of a 300 million year old spaceship.
  • During the scene in "Yesteryear" where Young Spock has to choose between putting I Chaya down or letting him suffer, Chuck notes how standards were wary about animals being put down in cartoons. Noting the Scooby-Doo episode where they put Scoob down for being too old, or the My Little Pony episode where they shot Rainbow Dash for breaking her leg.
    Rainbow Dash: But I can still fly!
    (cut to black, sound of gunshot)
  • From "The Lorelei Signal":
    • Chuck's skit concerning Kirk piping the message about Bones' case of the sharts through the ship's speakers.
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    • Scotty singing his... very, very incoherent song during the coda.
  • In "The Survivor", Bones mentions that his daughter was saved by Carter Winston when the planet she was on suffered a food shortage, as he had used his fortune to personally get food to the colonists.
    Chuck!Carter: Thank you, but it wasn't complete altruism. I got a lot of completed punch cards from the pizza joint that delivered those pies to the planet. Let me tell you, I haven't had to pay for a breadstick since.
  • From "The Infinite Vulcan":
  • In "The Magicks of Megas-Tu", "You'll note that some of this is used in my standard TAS title sequence. Because wow, does this tap into the 70s drug culture. I mean, I can smell the haze as the episode goes on."
  • The ending of "Once Upon a Planet", when has Sulu having a picnic with Alice, the White Rabbit, and a two-headed dragon, Chuck realizes they don't have enough biscuits, and suggests they feed the Rabbit to the dragon and run.
  • From "The Ambergris Element":
    • Chuck speculating what the redshirt of the week is thinking when he went on an away mission with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.
    • Chuck lampshading the Fish People's excessive use of 'forbidden'.
      Chuck: You people have one tool in your toolkit, don't you.
    • When Spock finds a cure for their mutation because the container it's in has symbol similar to one used by doctors on Earth, Chuck calls out how stupid that is, saying it's like finding a first-aid kit with the colors inverted, and expecting to find Swiss army knives.
  • From "The Eye of the Beholder":
    • Chuck commenting on the humor of Bones drinking the water seconds after Spock told him not to drink it.
    • All of the jokes involving a planet called Canabis 3.
    • Chuck asks the characters to not say anything that could be misinterpreted as referring to milk production, bestiality, or smoking pot, only for Bones to say "This is real grass." Apparently, his little request was too much to ask.
    • Chuck makes a particularly humorous jab at... the certainly peculiar way... that a certain... lieutenant commander who goes by the name of Tom Markel... nicknames include Blowhard and Gasbag, speaks.
  • From "The Jihad":
    • Chuck saying that Sord, Master of the Eyrie, should not be confused with the Traveler, Master of the Creepy.
    • "Jerk each other off later, we have a mission to finish."
  • "The Pirates of Orion": Stock footage is breaking out almost everywhere on the Enterprise.
  • From "Albatross":
    • Chuck joking that the Green Lantern's ring won't work on the aliens since they're all yellow.
  • From "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth":
    • When the ship the Enterprise encounters shapeshifts into looking like a giant winged serpent.
      Chuck: Okay, I'm starting to think you're fucking with us.
    • After the Mayan god's name that should strike fear and awe in all who hear it is revealed to be...Kukulkan.
      Chuck: Now I know you're fucking with us.
  • From "The Counter Clock Incident":


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