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  • In "Rupert and Algy's Misadventure", Algy Pug is coerced by the episode's villain Sir Guy into reading a decree naming Sir Guy as the successor of Duke Algernon, who is the spitting image of Algy. Algy stalls for time by quoting various works by William Shakespeare, including Hamlet and Richard III.
  • "Rupert and the Temple Ruins"
    • In the beginning of the episode, Edward Trunk's dad is fixing a plumbing problem for the Bears and it is strongly implied that the reason there is a plumbing problem in the first place is because Mr. Bear tried to fix it himself. Mr. Trunk and Mr. Bear then argue about the benefits of hiring a professional and trying to solve a problem yourself. The routine is sold by Mr. Bear's shock at the bill for Mr. Trunk's services.
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    • Both times that the mandrill chief gets his butt set on fire.
  • "Rupert in Timeland"
    • The Running Gag of Father Time getting Rupert and Podgy's names wrong, as well as the elderly Podgy later returning the favor by calling Father Time things like "Father Crime" and "Father Slime".
    • In the first future that Rupert and Podgy end up in, they are now teenagers in a car. The two suddenly find a female pig and a female bear in the backseat. When they ask the girls who they are, they cheerfully answer that they are Podgy and Rupert's girlfriends.
    • When they flash forward to Rupert working an office job, Rupert gets food delivered to him by Podgy. True to the pig's gluttonous nature, Podgy has actually taken a bite out of one of Rupert's donuts!
    • Yet another future shows Podgy Pig becoming a father, but he has way more children than he can handle taking care of. The icing on the cake is when Rupert and Podgy are stuck bottle-feeding two baby pigs, but are so astounded by the number of children Podgy has that they just sit there while the babies on their laps cry.
  • "Rupert and the Tiger's Eye"
    • The henchman of the Chameleon who keeps getting his boss's name wrong, calling him the Comedian and even the Canadian.
    • The aforementioned henchman of the Chameleon keeps complaining about the other henchman always being the one who gets to pretend to be the boss. When he's finally allowed his turn, he immediately decides he doesn't want it anymore.
  • At the end of "Rupert and the BIGsmall Machine", the Professor's invention is used to make Podgy Pig gigantic, which enables him to stop the villains' getaway car by sitting on it and causes Rupert's parents to remark that Podgy should really be careful how much he eats.
  • "Rupert and the Fiddle"
    • After Humpty Dumpty gives the suggestion to find out where Mother Goose is by going into town and asking someone who knows, Podgy quips that Humpty Dumpty must have fallen from the wall one too many times.
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    • Podgy's hilariously bad excuse that he wasn't snoring, but had a medical condition that made it so he sounded like he was snoring whenever he was reading.
  • The titular Mulp Gulper from "Rupert and the Mulp Gulper" crying like a baby after Rupert, Bill, and Algy manage to hurt him, making the flimsy argument that hitting him wasn't an appropriate response to him attempting to eat them.
  • "Rupert and A.R.C.H.I.E."
    • Both times Mr. Bear argues with A.R.C.H.I.E. over how the robot should be doing its job.
    • The montage of Rupert having A.R.C.H.I.E. help everyone in Nutwood has some very hilarious moments. Highlights include Podgy having the food he intended to eat being replaced by a bowl of salad and Rupert bringing A.R.C.H.I.E. to a ball game with his friends only for the robot to cast everyone aside and play the game by itself. The moments are sold by Rupert's friends giving him dirty looks.
  • When the Bear family are trimming the tree in "Rupert's Christmas Adventure", Mr. Bear accidentally entangles himself with Christmas lights. Mrs. Bear jokes that they're decorating the wrong tree and puts an ornament on her husband's nose, after which Rupert and his parents all laugh.
  • "Rupert and the Little Bear"
    • When Podgy and Rupert are picking blackberries, Podgy complains about some of his berries disappearing. Rupert remarks that they're probably gone because Podgy ate them.
    Podgy: But I only ate one or two!
    Rupert: Thousand?
    • When Mr. Bear sees the personification of the Ursa Major constellation outside the house, he asks his wife if they have any relatives who are large and glowing. Mrs. Bear tells him he's only dreaming and instructs him to go back to sleep. Later, Mr. Bear sees the Wise Old Goat, and when he tries to tell Mrs. Bear about it, she tells him that there will be no more cookies for him before bed.
  • At the end of "Rupert and the Song Snatcher", when the toymaker restores everyone's singing voices and musical abilities, Bill Badger finds to his shock that his singing voice has been replaced with the sound of his baby brother Toby's xylophone.

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