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Notably, every episode has its funny moments and hilarity. Here are some that run higher.

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    Episode 1 - 200 
  • Episode 1: The very first episode cements Kwang Soo's reputation as the Butt-Monkey. Highlights include:
    • When he introduced himself, all of a sudden the rain came pouring hard.
    • He was ignored by the rest of his teammates.
    • His constant tumble & failure on the Chicken Fight game.
    • Finally, he became the first ever person to be ousted in the entire Running Man series. Worse, since the first episode has no "jail" or some sort of place where the ousted ones will stay, he has to stay where he was eliminatednote .
  • Episode 2: Gary's expression in the Photo Zone game. That is all.
  • Episode 3: The One time Telepathy game. One member has to say out the question while the other has to say out the answer. The trick is that they have to wear earphones with the music in full blast, thus unable to hear their answers. Hilarity Ensues, especially when the participants shout the wrong answers. Special note to Jae-Suk who somehow seems to know what Kwang Soo was saying during the game. Notable mentions come from Team Blue:
    Jae Suk: What was Napoleon's famous line?
    Kwang Soo: Please lend me 4,000 Won!

    Jae Suk: Can you please recite one of the lines from Hamlet, a famous tragedy play by Shakespeare with strong emotions?
    Kwang Soo: I FOUND GINSENG!!
    Jae Suk: What does ginseng seekers say when they find ginseng?
    Kwang Soo: I'm still hungry.

    Jae Suk: In the anime 'Sailor Moon' what do they say when they transform?
    Jae Suk: (fed up and decide to ad-lib) Your name is...
    Kwang Soo: I FOUND GINSENG!!

    Kwang Soo: What would you say to your friend when you want to borrow some cash?
    Gary: Let go of my leg!

    Kwang Soo: What is the most famous congratulatory greeting for weddings?
    Gary: If you find it, one for 10 won!

    Kwang Soo: In the drama "The Trap of Youth", what did Sim Eun Ha says when she's taking revenge?
    Kwang Soo: What do you always want to say to people who talk a lot like Yoo Jae Suk?
    Gary: Lend me some money.

    Kwang Soo: What do policemen say when they've captured a criminal?
    Gary: I curse you!

  • Episode 8 and Suk Jin's old audition tape. "I swear..."
  • Episode 10: Jong Kook catches Suk-Jin on the elevator.
  • Episode 14: Kwang-soo's transformation into the 'PT Trainer From Hell' note 
  • Episode 18: Gary and Ji Hyo's Titanic Moment. That is until Jong Kook appears.
  • Episode 25: This episode was just full of this. Notable mentions are:
    • The cosplay section at the beginning.
    • The rat disguise during the chase.
    • Gary playing with Ji Hyo on the escalators during the chase.
  • Episode 47: Gary assume that the English word of 'Princess' is 'Oh my god!' and 'Queen'.
  • Episode 49: In the Elimination Tag Team game, their objective is to eliminate each other by spraying water on their nametag with a water gun. However, Jong Kook found an alternative way by pushing Kwang Soo into the pond, thus completely eliminating him. Gary's reaction says it all.
  • Episode 52: Running Man Hunting episode.
    • Before the actual mission starts, the Running Man Members need to head to the designated location. However, if they are eliminated, they will have to take their own transportation, which is crucial as the guest, Choi Min-soo needs to eliminate based on their eliminations. However one of the funny moments is when HaHa, Gary, Kwang Soo, and Ji Hyo are in the train, they decide to vote and give their reasons on why they voted them to see who goes first. Here are their reasons since it's too obvious on who voted for them.
    Ji Hyo: HaHa. Because it's HaHa.
    Gary: Ji Hyo. Because I want to make her worry.
    HaHa: Gary. Because he's ugly!
    • And then comes the last turn. However, Kwang Soo asks the PD to tell the reason first, which is pretty obvious it's his.
    Kwang Soo: Had a bad personality. (HaHa and Gary starts to crack up). Likes to torment people. (Ji Hyo knows who's that person is). I don't like how she looks at me. The name, Chun Sung Im (Ji Hyo's real name).
    • When the mission starts, Choi Min-soo was on a hunt to take out the Running Man members in his own fashion before they could find all 7 crowns in the amusement park. Some of the funny moments are...
      • When Min-soo calls out Jong Kook, the episode makes us assume that there's going to be a battle between him and Jong Kook. However, Jong Kook politely greets and bow at him and even gets eliminated without running away or fight back. Min-Soo is really scary.
      • Poor HaHa. He was caught by Min-Soo, TWICE. The first was just for kicks since Min-Soo happens to see him on a very slow train ride even though it wasn't his turn yet. But the second time he's caught, which was HaHa's turn, HaHa surrenders and even pulled off his nametag willingly. Hilarity Ensues when Min-soo paste HaHa's nametag back; disliking the free win. Eventually, Min-Soo forced him to sing an embarrassing song, which he left for the guards to take him away.
  • Episode 61 (China special, 1st half): Upon landing in China, the Running Man members assume that they would be greeted with lots of fans like in Thailand. Unfortunately... that did not happen to the point where Kwang Soo kneel down in disappointment. Fortunately, the China Running Man Fans got word of it and manages to greet them in one of their missions.
  • Episode 62 (China special, 2nd half): Near the end of the name-tag elimination race it's down to Jong Kook and guest Yeon Hee - or at least it seemed that way to Yeon Hee, as she didn't know Ji Hyo was even in the gamenote  or that Jong Kook, as Ji Hyo's accomplice, wasn't allowed to lie or rip name tags off; Yeon Hee thinks all the way until the end that Jong Kook is the thief. Jong Kook has to lure Yeon Hee somewhere and engage her in discussing how they should go after Ji Hyo so that her attention is on him and not on the Ji Hyo behind her...who proceeds to first jump out from around the corner for a moment to make a funny face for the camera before finding the right moment to stroll up behind Yeon Hee, get into a hands-on-hips pose, and scare Yeon Hee into a laughing collapse. Jong Kook's lead-up line, when he would have seen Ji Hyo coming up, is the icing on the cake:
    Kim Jong Kook: What will you do if she's here?
  • Episode 66: When the Running Man members wear a mascot outfit each and gather as many visitors as possible in Everland Amusement Park, Gary happens to notice the chicken mascot make a little girl cry and pets on its head to 'punish' her. Unfortunately, that person wearing it happens to be Ji Hyo as she smacks Gary twice. Whoops.
  • Episode 69: After catching Jae-Suk the first time, Choi Min-soo declares that for one minute ... he would tickle Jae-suk.
    • Later on, when Min-soo found out that the staff pulled a trick and placed one of Jae-suk's nametags on his personal cameraman, he said the next time he comes back on the show, he would hunt the cameramen and PD.
  • Episode 70: HaHa getting ambushed by Lee Min-ki and Jong Kook while "confessing" to Ye-Jin. His yells of indignation that Ye-Jin would be part of it continued even as the guard (who is clearly smiling) dragged him away.
  • Episode 71: Kwang-soo is playing a game where has to get a persimmon hanging from a string attached to his hat into his mouth within 30 seconds. Despite Kwang-soo's team succeeding... they manage to make the most hilarious open-mouth-gaping faces you've ever seen before.
    • Kwang-soo does it again in Episode 137 when he and Jae-suk are trying not to get chosen by Princess Fat-Gang. Ji-Hyo is left rolling on the floor in laughter. After they escape the clutches of Princess Fat-Gang, Kwang-soo gives a blank look of "I-can't-believe-I-just-did-that" disbelief.
  • Episode 74: The second Strongest Superpower Running Man Battle:
    • Before this happens, since this is recorded during Christmas, the Running Man cast have to pair up for the party at the designated location in Ilsan by wearing matching gloves from their partner. Problem is only one of the member ends up being left out alone. That person is Jae Suk.
      • What happened was that Jae Suk calls up HaHa so they can team up. The problem occurs when Jong Kook calls him before Jae Suk so he has a hard time choosing. When they meet up and take a cab, HaHa ask the Taxi driver to stop at a nearby gas station to take a leak. After HaHa returns, he makes a beeline towards Jong Kook's car, which HaHa manages to call him in time. Jae Suk tells him he still needs the matching gloves since both have the same pair but HaHa reveals that he shows him a fake glove to Jae Suk while revealing the real pair to Jae Suk.
    • The forever alone Jae Suk who's been left out of the party. That is all.
    • When the game starts, everyone targets Gary since he has the Duplicator ability note  while Gary lies his way that he can do ventriloquist.
    • One of the best moment is during the revival match; courtesy from HaHa's Time Controller ability note , that causes everyone to revive. After Jong Kook's elimination note , Kwang Soo manages to eliminate Ji Hyo but instead he gets eliminated due to Ji-Hyo's second hidden ability, which anyone who eliminates her gets eliminated instead. To make matters worse, he realizes that he's going to be stuck with Jong Kook and beg to let him stay leading to his theme music and the quote below:
      Sign: Fate is a cruel joke...
      • Moments later, we see Kim Jong Kook all alone (and the first time) in the elimination area while Kwang Soo is being brought by the black security guards. Knowing that Jong Kook is pissed, Kwang Soo tries many attempts to not get 'killed' by Jong Kook. This even makes it more hilarious due to the music being played.
    • Jae-Suk finally uses his ability at the remaining members including HaHa, who complains of being brought near Jae-Suk to be eliminated even after he have revived everyone.
  • Episode 76 : The Entire hide-and-seek-game:
    • Any performance that Chun Hee did. He even has a hard time trying to eliminate Suk Jin, one of the weakest member in Running Man, until to the point that Ji Hyo's, who happens to be a spy, help him.
    • Jong Kook and HaHa guessed that Kwang Soo is a spy They're right since he lasted way longer. So they decide to ask him to come in the room to eliminate him. Unfortunately Ji Jin-Hee happens to enter to eliminate Jong Kook while HaHa sneakily bails out of the room. When he tries to eliminate him, what Jong Kook does to save himself? He begs him to let him go while Jin-Hee laughs and manages to escaped once he let his guard down. Jin-Hee manages to tell this to the eliminated members about it as some of them wishes to have seen it.
    • Kwang Soo being a spy. Especially the moment that the Chaser decides to eliminate him as well after eliminating Jae-Suk.
    • When the Hunters and the eliminated members discuss on what's going on, they heard that Sung Soo gets eliminated, which causes everyone to crack up since he came at the right place at the right time.
  • Episode 79: The Sherlock Holmes Episode
    • Kwang Soo was the first person to enter the party but he forgot to bring the invitation ticket. Fortunately he wasn't alone as Gary too didn't bring his as well.
    • Everyone start pointing fingers among each other that they're the culprit such as Jong Kook blames Kwang Soo for stealing it while HaHa blames Suk Jin for a self-fabrication scenario. Turns out HaHa was right.
    • The guest Do-Hyun genuinely had no clue who the culprit was before getting eliminated and he's the only person who didn't get eliminated by the culprit Suk Jin. The rest of the eliminated players mercilessly teased him and told him to watch the broadcast when he went home. Poor dude.
  • Episode 82: The Spy Game Episode
    • The entire antics of Kwang Soo and Jong Kook before the final mission. This includes the 'Kangaroo'note  bathing the 'Tiger' and Kwang Soo purposely losing the song challenge.
    • The main mission is to find and eliminate the spy. What everyone doesn't know is that all the Running Man members, whom under false impression that they are the only spy in the game, are actually spies with the exception of today's guest, Lee Ga Hae.
      • The amazing acting performance by Lee Ga Hae. Some viewers may think she's annoying and weak but she manages to eliminate everyone. See Crowning Moment Of Awesome for more details. With her obtaining the spies' secret song by eavesdropping Jae Suk, who happens to sing it, she manage to lie to him and Gary that she's a spy and with her acting performances. Jae Suk (and later Gary) already suspected that she's a spy and calls her out on being a terrible one. Oh how wrong they are.
      • And once all the guys are eliminated, Jae Suk confess that he's a spy but the rest of the eliminated members decide to prank him like a 'hidden camera' show on him; pretending they didn't know. Until they sing the same secret song (Which Jae Suk still doesn't catches on) and show him evidence that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ARE SPIES!
        Jong Kook: We got scammed by the ladies (actually it's only Ga Hae)!! We all got cheated!
  • Episode 90: The reactions of the main cast who were expecting younger female idols (the flowery door and music didn't help) but got three older hyungs (Lee Deok-hwa, Park Jun-gyu, Park Sang-myun) instead.
  • Episode 91 : The Prison Break episode
    • The overly absurd Running Man Law that each member broke. They are :
      • Yoo Jae Suk: Disorderly conduct crime by wearing tight pants and obsession over perfection and the color green.
      • HaHa: Playboy crime by flirting with every female guest in the show.
      • Kim Jong Kook: Yoon Eun Hye crime (that Jong Kook will start overreacting when her name is mention) and abuse crime (based on a tip-off from Mr. Park Joon Gyu).
      • Kang Gary: Ugly guy crime.
      • Ji Suk Jin: Bad acting crime due to ruining Running Man plans.
      • Song Ji Hyo: Bare Face crime by not wearing any make up.
      • Kwang Soo: A lot. His crimes are 12 accounts of betraying members, 7 accounts of submitting to fear, 3 accounts of crime of misfortune, 20 others miscellaneous crime. To add fuel to the fire, while everyone gets 6 hours arrest, he gets 60 hours instead.
    • When Jae Suk realizes he's going to be the spy, he quickly declines. However as soon the PD announced that today's the first anniversary of the Water Gun episode and he'll be using a selection of water guns to eliminate his target, Jae Suk quickly changes his mind. The PD even make a slew remark when Jae Suk his signature green color water marker.
  • Episode 92: The Chinese delivery episode
    • Before the race starts, Suk Jin accidentally spill Ji Hyo's drink onto her chest and Hilarity Ensues when Kwang Soo tries to help her dry it.
    • When Jong Kook was putting his head inside the bowl of water while the other teammates find the matching pair in each hut, the rival teams try to trick him to come up. However when it was Kwang Soo's turn, he rudely says his full namenote  and after he says "Jong Kook, ah?!", he finally gets up and punished the rude Kwang Soo.
  • Episode 94: The Wedding Race. Namely the first game, the Wedding Dowry Quiz.
    • At one point while everyone argues on the other teammate knocking over them, Taek PD had enough and says this line to stop them from fighting, which it works:
    Taek PD: Running Man members, if this continue... There will be no more female guests.
    • In "Say I love you in five different languages!", HaHa team seems to get it right until everyone suspects him getting wrong on the German line 'Ich Liebe Dich', which HaHa says 'Beri' instead of 'Liebe'. So HaHa tries it to say it again...
    • Every ridiculous answers in "In a traditional wedding, this wooden animal represents a couple's everlasting harmony. What is that animal?":
    Suk Jin: Parrot!
    HaHa: Nutcracker!
    Jae Suk & Seung-yeon: DUCK!
    Taek PD: Just 'duck'? (Buzz them wrong)
    Gary: DJ D.O.C.?
    • This doesn't help even when Taek PD has already given them the 'bird' hint.
    Gyu-ri: Tortoise?
    • In the question "In a traditional wedding, what does the bride wear on their head?", Suk Jin wrongly says 'Iron' as it also causes Ji Hyo to crack up on how ridiculous it is.
  • Episode 101: How to create "The Worst Spy Operation in Running Man History". Yes, these spies manage to do an operation and tactic way worse than the Easy Brothers.
    • What actually happened was Yoon Jong-shin, Kim Bum-soo, Yoon Do-hyun are spies teaming up with Ji-Hyo to find the real stolen gold's location. However, they set up a trap by making Kim Bum-Soo 'capturing' Yoon Do-Hyun and revealing to HaHa, and Gary who happens to be hiding without the spies knowledge, that they are spies. They make their plan so complicated that HaHa tells them that they shouldn't tell him in the first place while Gary's laughing to himself in the corner knowing that there's even worse spies than he does. Eventually they intend to eliminate HaHa but Gary manages to save him and eliminated Do-hyun quoting the title about.
  • Episode 104: The 2012 Running Man Olympics.
    • Ladies and Gentleman, the live piano performance of Kwang Soo's "St. Agnes and the Burning Train" by the MC, Jung Jae-hyung, who wants to give some payback from being eliminated by Kwang Soo during his first appearance.
    • After the first mission, Ji Hyo went completely furious to Myeok PD after he reveals her weight from the previous episode & she got teased about it while she is doing the missionnote .
    • During the elimination tag race, poor Lee Joon probably lost a few years off his life when he was trying to escape from Gary, only for Jong Kook (who was hiding by the stairs) to jump out to grab him and tear off his name tag.
  • Episode 108: The Dating couple of Hyo Jin and Kwang Soo. Actually any scene involving Kwang Soo in it is hilarious.
    • One of the examples is the second game where each members have to make Hyo Jin increase her heartbeat. Highest wins. Kwang Soo tries to take off his pink shirt revealing a badly drawn chicken shirt to rise her heartbeat. However the moment he wears back his pink shirt, his hair got stuck onto the large Velcro nametag that sticks onto his pink shirt. Everyone laughs themselves silly as this is one time they did not see this coming even if this is on purpose.
      Sign: The God of Variety is not taking Kwang Soo's seriousness.
  • Episode 113: The Absolute Ddak-ji episode:
    • Jong Kook completely obliterating Jae Suk during a wrestling match, flipping him upside down. Jae Suk even manages to do the Titanic pose.
    • The final mission, also count as a Moment of Awesome, where the team has to flip the unbeatable Ddak-Ji, a Ddak-Ji that is so powerful, that even the staffs can't flip it after 158 times. Jong Kook flips the Ddak-Ji over in his first try, making the entire staff and players broke down in disbelief. The second time he did it breaks everyone into a giant laughter.
  • Episode 116 : The one who sees the future episode:
    • 8 x 6 = 42. That is all. note 
    • After the guest, Chang Ui uses the future ddakji (a thick square paper used in a Korean Traditional game) after Kim Jong Kook eliminates him, both of their tags got swap as Kwang Soo intends to eliminate him but was quickly stopped by him. Unfortunately, the moment someone else uses the future Ddak-Ji and everyone has been separated (due to the effect), the first thing that Kwang Soo do is to find Chang to eliminate Jong Kook. Kwang Soo succeed as Jong Kook arrive a few seconds too late. The funny part is when Kwang Soo, once again, arrogantly pleased of himself, Chang quickly ripped off his nametag. Karma is a bitch.
    • After the above, Jong Kook scold Kwang Soo for doing that and tells the rest of the cast who were eliminated that he has the disease called 'Eliminate Jong Kook Syndrome' saying it pleases him everytime he eliminate him. HaHa has the similar case when he agrees on what Kwang Soo's doing.
  • Episode 118: Kwang Soo is used as Choi Min-Soo's mouthpiece but started acting out on his own, such as slapping Jong Kook in the face. Cue Min-Soo immediately saying it wasn't on their order and Jong Kook returning the slap.
  • Episode 121: The eel challenge. The mission is: inside an aquarium full of eels, they have to find a key to open the locked car outside the restaurant. If you get it wrong, you need to get another key over & over until you find the right key & the car unlocks. The funny part came from the members when they tried the mission.
    • First, Jae Suk & Jong Kook playing around continuously by saying they got the correct key while in reality they haven't. Basically, what they do here can be summed up like this: Get a key, run to the car, say "I open the door!" even if it fails, repeat. It happens over & over until Jae Suk got the correct key.
    • Then, when Ji Hyo tried to do that mission, Jae Suk & Jong Kook (whom are still there eating their lunch) watches her like they're watching Ji Hyo acting in a drama; with Jong Kook even creating a square as if that square is a TV. They even seem to be immersed seeing it!
  • Episode 124: 2012 Running's Choice: The King Wars. Every cast member including two guest Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo must race for first place by passing 4 rounds, which has two separate missions each, in order to be King in the final mission. The last member standing will be the winner of this episode.
    • In the second round of the first mission, 'Hanjeosik' note , members need to finish a dish and among the dishes contain spicy Cheongyang chilies seasoning. If they can't withstand the spicy food, they're eliminated.
      • Gary was the first person to taste the spicy green porridge. Unfortunately, he manage to endure for so long even lies that there's nothing wrong with the food... until he drop the act once the PD gives him a pass. In between, curious Kwang Soo decides to give it a try on his porridge and you could expect his reaction despite the fact that Ji Hyo and Jong Kook knew there's spices in Gary's porridge by scent.
      • After Jong Kook fails to endure the spicy food, he tries to eats the inedible ornament to cool it off. That is all.
    • In the second round of the second mission, 'Baekban' note , members need to perform 10 commands in quick succession with the amount of dishes on the table. It's not easy as it sounds as the command can be more ridiculous and some even fail on the first command. HaHa cemented this line upon failing twice:
  • Episode 125: The 5 Santas Episode. One of the funniest Running Man Christmas Special Episode.
    • The Running Man casts are waiting for the guests and happily assumed that it would be pretty female or handsome male guests. However it turns out to be 5 fat male guests dressed in Santa Suits who are Jung Hyung-don, Juvie Train, Ryu Dam, Park Sang-myun and Shin-dong. The Running Man casts are not too pleased about it. When greeting them, HaHa tries to toss Hyung-don down but fails and Jung Hyung-don retaliates by kicking him in the stomach.
    • The entire first game. Each team has to select two members to play the part of Santa and Rudolph. After sliding down a snowy mountain, the person who plays Santa must take off their socks and wear a special pair of socks below and cross the finish line. Lets just say that there's a lot of Too Dumb to Live and What an Idiot! moments when both team members tries to grab the special socks until the teams decides to let the other team member win to end the game.
    • The second game is called "Summer Christmas" where all members must stand on the balancing beam inside the pool and they must past each other within one minus. However it's not as simple as it is especially Jong Kook's team. Pay attention to them when Ryu-Dam and Juvie are trying to pass each other.
      • When it was the blue team, they were about to finish however, Kwang Soo accidentally toss Suk Jin down into the pool, not realizing there's no space left beside him. Everyone cracks up while Jae Suk comments happily on this:
    Jae Suk: (happily) This is why I can't stop doing variety! This is the taste of variety!
    • The third game is called "Christmas Banquet" where 31 small plates of food, after choosing a mystery plate number, are being served to everyone. Each member can only eat up to 5 plates and whoever ate the last plate will be eliminated. Hilarity Ensures when you realized that there are 5 fat guests even at one point eliminating their own teammates without counting first. Poor Jae Suk realizes this during the first round when he's sitting between two fat guests, quoting this line:
    Jae Suk: What kind of devil game did you make us play?!
    • Anything that Ryu-Dam does. Just pay attention on him on the first three rounds.
    • In the first round, once it's Jae Suk's turn, there's only 7 plates left and regardless even Jae Suk ate one plate, his fellow teammates, Ji Hyo will be eliminated since the remaining plate will be eaten by Ryu-Dam. So Hyung-don suggests to him to eat all five plates and Jae Suk agrees. Upon Ryu-Dam's turn, after eating the first plate, he nearly eats the second plate (which could eliminate himself) before HaHa snaps him out of it. This causes Jae Suk and Ji Hyo tries to tempt him to eat it. Until Jong Kook tells him to shout done, which he does. When knowing she's eliminated, he has the galls to ask if it's ok to eat it, causing Ji Hyo to slap his hand.
    • In the second round, he tries to ''steal' one of the food which luckily Ji Hyo catches him in the act.
    • In the third round, he's the main reason why Jong Kook was eliminated.
    • One of the mystery plate they've selected contains a card which they have to play a minigame. Cue the return of Kwang Soo, the 'PT Trainer From Hell' note 
  • Episode 132 : Actors Team vs Singers Team. In this episode Hwang Jung-min and Jong Kook are given Gary and Ji Hyo as their spies for the other team members.
    • During the final mission, teams have to find all 7 briefcases to pass the mission. To add the stakes, there is no automatic win even after all the opposing team members are eliminated. The funny part is that they didn't tell both Jae Suk and Kwang Soo, wrongly assume that one of them is a spy or what they should be doing now; dubbing them new Dumb and Dumber.
    • The entire performance by Kwang Soo after he's the only sole Actor Team member. See Moment of Awesome of this page.
      • Plus after he wins, Suk Jin is still pissed that he got tricked by him and unwilling to do the usual trademark "Feel-Touch-Cross" while Kwang Soo still didn't know that Gary was their spy for their team.
  • Episode 135 : The Jackie Chan Treasure Hunt Episode. Keep an eye on the Traitor Team lead by Suk Jin, HaHa & Kwang Soo. Even Jackie himself laughs on their antics.
    • The first mission where teams need to place their bottle cap closest to the line on the table to advance. Kwang Soo overshoot his bottle cap while the red team mock him by singing his song. Fine. HaHa accidentally pushes Jackie's cap to the line while his other team members are shocked. Awesome.
    • The entire second game where team members have to do jump rope onto a shiatsu mat. Notably Jackie's thin-like socks and some Epic Fail moments from each team members.
    • Before The next game starts, the cast ask Jackie how old is Kwang Soo. His reply is 45 years old. Jackie then corrects them by saying 50 years old. Ouch.
    • The Time Bomb phone game. The first team member has to set an alarm timer between 20 seconds and 2 minutes on the handphone. Whoever has the phone must ask another member a question and pass the phone to that member. That member has to answer his questions before he pass the phone to another person and the process repeats. If the phone alarm rings, that team member is out.
  • Episode 136: Funny things happen to the first four people to take hold of the broken Golden Sword.
    • The first owner of the sword is HaHa. His ability is to restrain a person by saying 'STOP!'. This proves useful as he manage to eliminated Kwang Soo and Jong Kook (under Kwang Soo's request).
      • After Jong Kook's elimination, one of the PD decides to sell Kwang Soo out by telling Jong Kook that Kwang Soo's the one who requested HaHa to eliminate him. Of course Jong Kook punish him for that.
      • After HaHa's eliminated, he also gets the serving of punishment from both men.
    • The second owner is Suk Jin. He can out a person by using a white gloves and just tap on the tag to eliminated him. Sounds powerful? Well...
      • His ego was so strong that he rides a passing buffalo and quickly gets eliminated in 3 minutes by the guest Dong Wook.
      • Truth to be told, Jong Kook demonstrated that there is a possible way to out himself.
    • The third owner was Dong Wook and would consider the funniest. His powers is to select the name of that person (He select Gary) and once he does EVERYONE has the same name tag. Of course everyone soon realize that even though they get themselves eliminated, Gary will take the fall.
      • "I'M THE REAL GARY!!"
    • Of course after Jae Suk was the next owner, he is able to bring an eliminated spirit back to life for 20 minutes if he says "Summon the Spirit". Guess who's the first spirit who Jae Suk revives note 
      • Lets just say that the 'spirit' had enough of Jae Suk and purposely let him get eliminated for bossing him around.
  • Episode 141: The final mission's over! Lee Kwang Soo wins! The big prize is a golden crown! The buildup to the coronation is about to start...and then Yoo Jae Suk detaches the centerpiece.
  • In Episode 143, the entire infamous egg incident.
    • What happen is one of the mission is that everyone had to choose an egg out of thirty eggs, which one of them is raw, and cracks it on their heads. Unfortunately the unlucky one happens to be Kwang Soo. Lampshaded by the cast before he picks his egg, who says that these things always happen to him and it's about time the egg got chosen. So when the second round starts, they repeat the same round only with 20 eggs. Kwang Soo goes first while the cast lampshade that if Kwang Soo gets the raw egg again it would be amazing. To everyone's surprise... Kwang Soo DID, causing everyone to laugh or in shock to see this rare moment. Cue to his theme music and clips of his misfortune in previous episode. Poor dude despite some of them comforts him by commenting that he has good luck blessed by the God of Entertainment.
  • Episode 144 has a couple during the final Ddak-Ji mission.
    • Guest Cha In Pyo looks primed and ready to slam his Ddak-Ji; he even has a badass pose set up for it! He proceeds to throw...and completely misses the opponent's Ddak-Ji altogether. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Ji Suk Jin takes off his jacket and reveals a striped shirt. Gary, HaHa, and Kwang Soo proceed to joke about the shirt, stating that it doesn't make him look threatening, but cute. Suk Jin laments not getting a cooler shirt by his stylist.
    HaHa: You look like a honeybee!
    Kwang Soo: This honey is mine!
    *Both imitate a bee buzzing*
    Suk Jin: Why didn't my stylist make me wear something more fierce-looking, like a shirt with lightning bolts?
  • Episode 162 begins with each Running Man member coming out with their respective Idol partners and doing one of their dances. The biggest moment of funny came from Kim Jong Kook, who tried to act a bit TOO sexy while doing the dance with his partners (Girl Group SISTARnote ), much to the male members' chagrin. The girls found it hilarious.
    • Jae suk's sexy dance with Girl's Day deserves a mention too.
  • Episode 165 has a combination of Funny, Awesome & Heartwarming as this is dedicated to one fangirl by the name Hye-mi who lives in Deokso-ri, two stations away from Kwang Soo's hometown in Namyangju. Notable mentions are:
    • The first mission is to sit hidden behind a sticker booth as random passersby choose one member for an autograph and each member must give them 30 autographs. Sounds easy? Problem is that the sticker booth has all the members showing and if they select the member that they are not in, they have to give them an 'Out of Stock'. Bored of waiting, some of the members draw doodles of their fellow members in their own booth.
      • Luckily they decide to cut it to just 5 autographs since the area isn't quite popular with the sticker booth area.
      • After Jae Suk finishes his mission, he notice Suk Jin's booth and pranks him by giving back his autograph to him when he selects his picture. Of course that autograph didn't count.
    • After completing the mission above, each Running Man members are lead to a furniture factory and shop waiting for their next mission. What they didn't know is that the place happens to be the working place of Kwang Soo's dad. When Kwang Soo arrives, he's confused and relaxed even asking Jae Suk and Ji Hyo if they knew the place; Kwang Soo even ask the PD crew if this is a hidden camera show when he hears their laughter. After Kwang Soo reveals to them, the first thing Ji Hyo did is slap his head, telling him to be serious. But once Jae Suk assume that Kwang Soo's dad is the one giving the mission, he search around the place for him while Kwang Soo, Ji Hyo, Gary and Suk Jin tries to find Kwang Soo's dad as well. Without a moment to lose, Kwang Soo manages to call his dad, telling him to lock the door but unfortunately Jae Suk manages to find him first just before his dad was about to lock it. Kwang Soo arrives a minute late while Jae Suk pretends to close the door at him.
      • As some of the cast enters in, Jae Suk and Suk Jin comment that Kwang Soo's dad is handsome, even jokes that he look like his brother than his father. Not only his dad shows him a baby photo of Kwang Soo, Jae Suk jokes to him that Kwang Soo recently moves out from his house for a reason, which cue to his embarrassed, telling them that he's not an actor.
      • After Suk Jin shamelessly tries to ask Kwang Soo's dad for a discount, Jong Kook comes in as Kwang Soo and Jae Suk takes advantage by pointing Kwang Soo's dad that he bullies him even off-cam during the show.
      • Lets not forget the time when they receive the actual mission. Jae Suk tells everyone that Kwang Soo is not going to win despite being in his hometown by coincidence until HaHa reminds Jae Suk that Kwang Soo's dad, who happens to come and see, is here. This prompt Jae Suk gives a 180 degrees turn that Kwang Soo's the star of the show.
    • The library mission where Jae-suk and Suk Jin had to read a storybook that's been marked and have to study it with a limited time. The funny part is where they ask questions that's related not just the story but the pictures itself. Once again the funny moment happen when both of them comes up the wrong answer.
      • Both even commented at the end of the show to Hye-mi that they even have to answer those 'ridiculous' questions as if they're trying to screw around with them.
    • When Kwang Soo, Jong Kook, and HaHa face off a "stapler master” challenge, Kwang Soo tries to cheat by emptying his stapler and switches it with the "stapler master's" while she is not looking. What does she do when she realizes it is empty? She use Jong Kook's while he complains that she shouldn't use his thus disqualifying Kwang Soo even though he and HaHa finish at the same time.
    • Not only that, it is hinted that Kwang Soo did win the next round but Jong Kook doesn't want him to leave and tries to stop him.
    • During the climbing challenge, Kwang Soo tries to spit onto Jong Kook but fails. Unfortunately his balloon drops and once the balloon lands, Jong Kook quickly snatches it and ditch him. However this also becomes ANOTHER karma towards Jong Kook when he assume the clue is at Seoul, miles away from Hye-Mi's home. Fortunately he arrives during the final mission.
      • Another moment in the climbing challenge is Suk Jin decides to climb down instead of holding the rope; afraid of heights he is.
    • Gary's way of not letting Kwang Soo and Jae Suk in Hye-mi's home.
  • Episode 169: The Helmut Race
    • Before the game starts, a butterfly seems to land on top of Jong Kook's helmet and Kwang Soo tries to hit it. Of course Jong Kook wasn't too happy about it. Soon it flies around some of the members and all the sudden it lands onto Kwang Soo's nose. Jong Kook returns the favor by hitting his face; everyone jokingly agrees that the God of Entertainment is helping him since he always get to make them laugh.
  • Episode 172 had quite a few of these come from guest Ryu Hyun Jin.
    • During the MT Cooking mission, Hyun Jin gives a bag of fish cakes that he bought to the other guest Suzy (from Miss A) as a gift. Would've been a Heartwarming Moment...if Yoo Jae Suk didn't walk in front of them as he was handing it to her. After Ha Ha suggests a redo of the handoff due to this blunder, they decide to redo it again in a dramatized fashion:
    Hyun Jin: Suzy, I bought you these fish cakes *hands over bag*
    Suzy: *Receives bag and looks to camera* Oh, my!
    • During Hyun Jin's secret mission to eliminate the members with a water gun without getting caught, he successfully eliminates Ji Suk Jin. However, he over sprays, and some of the colored water droplets end up trickling down onto Suk Jin's jacket. How does he cover it up? By wrapping his arm around Suk Jin and using his own body to wipe off the water and effectively conceal it by skipping around like he's happy.
  • Episode 175: The Escape from Prison episode
    • Once again the Running Man members and two guests are jailed with a different kind of crimes (except for one person) :
      • Jae Suk - Crime of excessive dancing (Crime of dancing whenever the music plays.)
      • Suk Jin - Crime of being needy (Crime of being too high maintenance)
      • Jong Kook - Crime of addiction to coaching. (Needing to coach everyone on everything)
      • Gary - Nine degrees of love crime (Wanting to love despite his looks.)
      • HaHa - Crime of being a smart ass (Causing chaos with his smart ass mouth)
      • Ji Hyo - Crime of beauty.
      • Park Hee Soon - Crime of being too charismatic.
      • Gong Yoo - Crime of arson (For setting the hearts of women ages 10 to 50 on fire)
      • Kwang Soo - Crime of excessive overreaction to any and all situation and under false disguise of being Prince of Asia. This also adds in his previous crimes from the Prison Break episode (Episode 91).
  • Episode 177: Jae Suk and Suk Jin rap like cicadas while hugging the legs of a table.
  • Episode 178: Jihyo falls asleep on top of the Jenga tower while the other members and the production team are bickering about the rewards of the bonus mission.
    • The Production team win in the end... but they are the ones getting soaked due to a technical glitch.
  • Episode 181: "Jong Sookie" introduces "herself" to the opposing team.
    Jong Kook: It's my dream to grow up to be a good wife and a mother. And I'm a great cook. Guys, you think I can only cook chicken well, right? I can cook you guys as well.
    [cue Psycho music]
  • Episode 188: The entire Pool Prank in the Australia episode.
    • Before the episode ends, all the Running Man members (minus Ji Hyo who's currently on her way to Australia) and two guests, Woo Bin and Rain are relaxing in a luxurious house while barbecuing some Australian steak in the house they are staying. However HaHa decides to prank Suk Jin by tossing him into the indoor pool he recently found with the help of Kwang Soo and Woo Bin. Once they succeed, Jong Kook came along to see the commotion and laughs about it until Kwang Soo pushes him into the pool. This pisses him off as he has no spare pajamas and with the help of Suk Jin, they dunk Kwang Soo and HaHa into the pool. Woo Bin was next as he runs off causing them to dunk Jae Suk in who has nothing to do with it. After dunking HaHa and Kwang Soo a few times, they manage to lure Woo Bin out with the steak and dunk him. Rain happens to notice this and go into hiding as all men decide to dunk everyone. Gary was next even though he has just finish taking a shower. The men soon realize that Rain is hiding and finds him easily as he gets caught and dunks him after he takes off his favorite pajamas shirt.
  • Episode 195 (2014 Idol Athletic Competition): As part of the relay race, members of each team must pass on a video cassette (the baton) to their next team member at each station. Gary is so eager to run off as soon as his teammates successfully answer MC Yoo's question that he dashes off at the speed of light in diving flippers looking absolutely ridiculous without grabbing the cassette first. Cue Gary tearing down the street expending all his energy while Jongkook and CL frantically run after him screaming "GARY-AH!!!!", waving the cassette that's still in their hands. (They all have to head back to the station for a re-do).


     Episode 201 - 300 
  • Episode 204: In everyone's mad dash to find the computers, they left behind all except one of their cameramen when they got onto the elevator.
  • Episode 210:
    • During the pool game, Jong Kook calls guest Moon Hee Joon a fatty. He rips Jong Kook a new one for calling him such, much to the hilarity of everyone else present. Jong Kook meant it as a term of endearment, but Hee Joon didn't want to be called such, especially since he said his mother was going to watch the episode later.
  • Episode 213:
    • A LITERAL crowning moment of funny happens during another mission in which the members have to act out an improvised scene. For his part, Kim Jong Kook modifies his cap to look like a Feudal-era hat. Cue Song Ji Hyo off to the side literally cracking up moments after he puts the hat on.
  • Episode 216: The Running Superheroes
  • Episode 220: The various exchanges of encouragement between the men and "women".
    Jong Kook: "Honey, if you don't do it right, then you're dead!"
    Jae Suk: (in response to Suk Jin) "Honey, my butt. Mister, you better do it right!"
    Kang Nam: "No matter how ugly you are, I still love you!"
    Kwang Soo: "Honey, you're not weird! You're just a little different!"
  • Episode 237: GFRIEND's Yerin managed to knee herself in the face while dancing.
  • Episode 240: Winner! Big-nose scored 100! Aka: Help Suk Jin win part 2.
    • The water bomb question game. 5 of Suk Jin's team has to answer their question correctly, while the other 5 has to answer their multiple choice question wrongly. Two moments, in particular, stand out:
      • When Ha Neul of Suk Jin's team has to answer the question: "What material is used to make billiard balls? Hint: Universities are called "this" tower. What is "this"? Answer: Ivory. Ha Neul's answer? Plaster. Even Jae Suk admit that it was hilarious.
      • Kwang Soo needs to answer his next question wrongly for Suk Jin's team to get another shot at winning. So before his question is finished, he immediately picks the first choice of his multiple choice question. He got it right by accident.
    • At the end, with the help of his teammates, Suk Jin won the episode and is given a choice: distribute his 10 gold coin rewards to all of his teammates that helped him so far, or keep it all to himself. Of course he runs like hell with his gold.
  • Episode 242. The ENTIRE episode of "Mission World Wide" where the missions are based on the running man fans' suggestions. The teams form up into two groups of 3 (Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo & Jung Il Woo) and 7 (The rest of the Running Man cast including, Jung Yong-Hwa & Lee Hong-ki).
    • The "What time is it, Mr.Wolf!" mission where Kim Jong Kook becomes the wolf:
      • The second round where Jae Suk and Gary are so near towards Jong Kook but fails to rip his tag while Suk Jin (who got eliminated in the last round) tries to shut Kwang Soo up.
      • The third round where Jong Kook chases HaHa, the lost lamb during 'Meal Time' chase. Funnier where Jae Suk acts as a documentary commentator.
    • The Third game, The Zombie Game. The entire scenes where Il Woo couldn't get a single person (but luckily gets four) and even 'bite' Kwang Soo despite him helping Woo out.
    • The Water Gun All Kill. The objective is each member has to run to get a water gun and a shield. If they didn't shield them, they score a point but if they manage to shield in time, the defender scores a point.
      • Jong Kook pulling some of the teammates off cam when they're not happy with the result after Jong Kook team score 3:0.
      • Suk Jin (and some of the fellow teammates) tampered with their starting line to get a head start while Jong Kook's team were distracted. Even despite them winning 2 points (by cheat) Jong Kook didn't notice it until Kwang Soo catches it.
    • The last game is 3 vs 7 bell hide and seek. While Team 7 is too not happy about it, Team 3, on the other hand, is very happy especially for Il Woo who feels relieved that he can't be eliminated.
      Jong Kook: You truly are blessed. Not having such pressure on you will get you an extra year of life! Seriously!
      Kwang Soo: You get two years if you're on the same team as Jong Kook.
      Jong Kook: You came to the right team!
      • With the exception of him eliminating Hong-ki at the last minute, Kwang Soo does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING since Il Woo manages to eliminate most of Team 7. He even gets scared by his own teammate.
  • Episode 246. There are two What an Idiot! moments in this episode:
    • When Kwang Soo keeps questioning the guest, Seo Joon, trying to see if he's a fake detective, Jae Suk decides to prank him by moving his car to another location... when Kwang Soo didn't close the door and leaves his car keys inside. Of course after Jae Suk's 'mission' is complete and Kwang Soo tells the viewers of his detective message, he turns around to find his car is missing while most of them leave even without knowing where to go. How does Kwang Soo escape? Steal Suk Jin's car.
      HaHa: He can't be a detective. He can't even protect his own car.
    • HaHa recently gained the info that the clue is hidden in the shoes of the secret spy. However if he checks a non-spy shoe (regardless which shoe is checked), they will get eliminated. Cue HaHa ousted himself by checking his own shoenote  only moments after gaining the info. Even though he was told he was eliminated by such actions, he disagrees and complains about it. Poor dude.
  • Episode 247. The Desirable Lee Kwang Soo a.k.a Hidden Camera for Lee Kwang Soo episode. Knowing from Kwang Soo's fame in the show, you'll be laughing silly on this:
    • Kwang Soo is the main story of the episode but not the way as he wanted. The real mission is to deceive Kwang Soo that he wins solo. If they do the rest of the six cast will get 1 million Won each after the show ends but if they don't Kwang Soo will get the hint of the hidden camera and wins 6 million Won for himself.
    • In the preliminary mission, the casts are supposed to find certain items in Kwang Soo's room. This item comes with finding a strain of long hair that is 20 cm long and a food item that has already expired.
      • The funny moment is Suk Jin trying to find a type of bird name in Kwang Soo's laptop only to find his private files despite finding it. After the mission is completed, he tells Kwang Soo to delete the files in the recycle bin as he found some 'files'.
      • Of course Kwang Soo's reaction of the Running Man cast searching the house while he's still brushing his teeth is hilarious. Even the time he explodes, raging about the matter.
    • The second game 'As Kwang Soo says'. Kwang Soo is the caller while the rest of the Running Man cast sits on the chair. Between the chairs are ropes with a number each. Kwang Soo has to let at least one member survives as one of the numbers will make them drop into the pool. Although the cast knew which number makes them drop.
    • Of course even after the show ends and all the cast leaves, cue to Kwang Soo's house with Kwang Soo, Suk Jin and Jae Suk interviewing him on his reactions after watching the episode, live. At least Suk Jin and Jae Suk DID tell him rather than the Tru-Gary Episode Hinting that both members knew the hidden camera but acted as they didn't know they were tricked.
  • Episode 248. The Polar Opposites Penalty Race has a funny moment involving Jong Kook and his question for the first mission where everyone has to prepare a question their teammates can answer note . It was meant for his teammate, Kangnam who is Japanese. Both Jae Suk and Suk Jin answer with "economy-yaki".note 
    • At the same episode, once the first mission ends, those who lost decided to have a mock lottery to see who got the punishment (bungee jump without ropes) in case if it just the three of them. Guess who ends up chosen by the mock lottery?
  • Episode 250. On the sponge basketball game, Lee Kwang Soo stripped Kim Jong Kook naked. I repeat, Kwang Soo stripped Jong Kook to the point where he's completely naked.
    • As a more insult to the injury, Jong Kook's underwear is then hanged on the mic boom!
    • On that same game, Taeyang is also stripped off his clothing. Fortunately for him, he only has his pants stripped.
  • Episode 254 - The Video Game Episode
    • The Running Gag where Jae Suk's orange underwear is revealed during the First Stage in the mud challenge. Even Jae Suk complains regarding this matter; worrying that people would think he has no other underwear to wear.
    • The Second Stage where teams have to grab a set of Tetris blocks to form a perfect square. But the best moment is the second round where the Green Team turns it into a dancing challenge since they have to toss them the set of blocks.
    • In the final stage the gatekeepers, Choi Min Ho (Shinee) and Choi Hong Man (strongest man in Korea who also wearing a Wreck-It Ralph cosplay outfit) appears for the first time to eliminate the Running Man cast and special guests Girls Generation group ( With the exception of Yoona for being the Game Master). Despite Min Soo's amazing performance for eliminating most of the cast with his athletic speed, anyone who's caught by Hong Man, Hilarity Ensues.
      • Poor Kwang Soo has to go between those two gatekeepers and despite Min Soo already eliminated him, Hong Man keeps smacking him in the back even trying to rip off his shirt. Even after Min Soo tells him he has already eliminated him, Hong Man pulls Kwang Soo's shirt and smacks a few more times out of frustration while Min Soo tries to blow Kwang Soo's 'wounds' after he left.
      Kwang Soo: This is the strongest back smash in my entire life!
      • Another moment is Min Soo manages to catch Kim Jong Kook. Min Soo decides to call Hong Man to eliminate him as he comes and tears his name tag even intending to rip his shirt off. He even gives a self-appraise of his achievement with the thumbs up to the camera after eliminating Jong Kook.
  • Episode 255 - Every single male Running Man member is paired up with a beautiful female guest, especially Suk Jin who gets Ji Hyo. What does Kwang Soo get? He pairs up with the fat Lee Gook Joo. Cue Kwang Soo cheering happily, running out to the crew and showing his happiness by beating the PD up.
  • Episode 257 - The Battle of Heroes Race. Namely the Elimination Tag Race.
    • The entire moment where the Running Man members and their heroes battle against an expert to unlock their hero's powers.
      • Jae Suk and his hero Kim Yeon Koung battle against Cho Hoon Hyun, the Go master in a game of Jackstones. Jae Suk went on a Lampshade Hanging about this situation.
      Jae Suk: I never thought that we have to battle against a Go Master in a game of Jackstones.
      • Let's not forget the Go Master's scream when he fails.
      • The badly bad drawing of Kwang Soo and Hong Jin Ho during their expert battle against webtoon artist, Cho Suk.
      • Jong Kook and his hero Shin Soo Ji has to battle again Korean Folk singer, Song So Hee into a One verse Karaoke note  So Hee picks Little Calf song while Jong Kook picks Icicle song, while Soo Ji doesn't know what song to pick. Unfortunately, Jong Kook sings in his own version and fails at the first round.
      • HaHa and Hyun Joo Yup receives a mission by the sound expert, Bae Myung Jin that they must find a person who can replicate 90% of the actual voice. Cue to Joo Yup upon reading what the mission is:
      Joo Yup: (To HaHa) You must have a bad relationship with the producers.
      • , Sure enough, he was quite pissed after struggling to find the correct voice.
      • The best moment is Gary and Suk Jin, Gary's hero, to battle against criminal Profiler, Pyo Chang Won in a game of 'Catch the Thief' card game note  You may think that Pyo would win them easily due to his experience but... he lost in one round.
      • What happened was that Gary have the thief card first and the moment Pyo makes a comment that he reads him easily, he picks the thief card when Gary doesn't know how to lie. Throughout the entire game, he STILL have the thief card in his hand and they beat him easy; laughing the fact that they beat an expert.
    • Kwang-Soo and Jin Ho manage to get all three golden tabs for their attacking keyboard note . Problem is they encounter Kim Jong Kook and his hero, Shin Soo Ji when they were searching for the computer room. Jong Kook manage to find it and will lead them if they don't eliminate them. Knowing of Kwang Soo's fame, Jong Kook decides to threaten Jin Ho to not eliminate him when Kwang Soo suggest to boss around Jong Kook inside the computer room.
      • Hilarity Ensues the moment they intend to type HaHa or Gary's names. In both case both were eliminated even without writing their full name yet.
    • Gary and Suk Jin had a funny part when they meet with Song Ji Hyo and her hero Soo Jong Gook. After Jong Gook place a red tag on his sock, he tells Ji Hyo to eliminate him happily, thinking that Suk Jin can revive him. However, he soon has an Oh, Crap! reaction when he realize that 1) His hero Suk Jin is not here, which Gary thinks he runs away 2) Ji Hyo and her hero tells him that if his hero place a red tag on his sock, his hero will be temporarily out for 15 minutes, leaving him powerless. Of course by request, Ji Hyo eliminates him with some Fartillery quote jokes.
    • After hearing both HaHa and Gary out, Kwang Soo and Jong Kook intend to eliminate Jae Suk UNTIL they show up and threaten them to eliminate Kwang Soo regardless whether they run or not. So Jin Ho suggest to eliminate Ji Hyo since the three teams are here and intend to eliminate her. Kwang Soo hints him to eliminate Jong Kook but he type too fast and make too many typos until he revert back to Song Ji Hyo, nearly costing Kwang Soo's elimination.
    • The moment they find all three golden tabs for the second time, Kwang Soo and Jin Ho lock the room making sure they don't enter. Unfortunately, Kwang Soo has to go to toilet and intend to go outside to pee. Despite Jin Ho ask him to pee in the bottle, Jin Ho opens the door but was shocked to see Jong Kook outside waiting for him while pushing the door (with Jae Suk's team).
  • Episode 261: The 5th Running Man anniversary a.k.a "Please, Find Me!" episode. A fair warning that the second half of this episode contains a lot of Jump Scare moments. Viewers discretion is advised.
    • After the Million Seller Race, the Running Man cast are given a treat by setting up a night market for their 5th anniversary night festival for free. However it's actually a ruse as their true mission is "The horrifying loyalty test with the staff". Behind the night market is an abandoned girls' school, which the PD and the crew rented for the day. Their mission is each Running Man member is paired up with their V Js note , who has been with them for 5 years, as a team and enters the haunted school to find both of their name tags. Once they find it, they could leave the school and go home even if their partner couldn't find it. To make it more interesting, if the V Js has the highest heartbeat, that person has to go first along with the Running Man member. They even can select one more Running Man member so the last person has to go without one of his fellow cast. Suk Jin is the last person.
    • Before the mission starts, some of the cast tries to scares each other. This includes Jong Kook's ankle grab on Suk Jin, and Ji Hyo screaming "Toshio!" to the rest.
    • Hell. Let's just say you'll be expecting a lot of Jump scares reactions from the cast upon seeing the ghosts and duds.
    • The first team to go is Jae Suk, Ryu Kwon Ryeol (VJ), HaHa and Yoon Sung Yong (VJ). Jae Suk isn't surprised of being picked first, knowing that his VJ's heartbeat has increased from 80 to 130. The funny part is that during their time in the abandoned school, the other (waiting) members could hear Jae Suk and his VJ's screaming.
      • Upon entering, Jae Suk enters to find a ballerina room where he got scared from the scary ballerina dancer. But that's not the funny part. The funny part is upon exiting, a stroller Ghost who happens to run pass Kwon Ryeol comes out of nowhere where it scares both of them. Jae Suk trips and falls down but Kwon Ryeol trips onto Jae Suk's ankle and he too falls down; quoting this line:
      "Is this a slapstick comedy?"
      • If HaHa gets so scared, he's the Master of Censor. After passing the mission with his VJ, he tells the crew not to post it since he and his VJ swears a lot. The best part is when he did find his nametag, a ghost was inside to scare him once he comes out. HaHa casually didn't bother and take his nametag, telling the ghost he needs it. But he gets scared when ANOTHER ghost pops out of nowhere.
    • The next person is Kwang Soo, Choi Yoon Sang (VJ), Kim Jong Kook and Kim Ki Jin (VJ). This time it's Kwang Soo's turn to Screams Like a Little Girl, which everyone can hear it.
    • After the Monday Couple's turn, it was Suk Jin's turn has to enter the place with his VJ, Kim Yoo Suk. Boy was he scared of every ghost he encounters.
  • Episode 263 : The Beautiful Youth Race:
    • The first Undercover mission, where each member has to serve customers and fool them 5 times while pretending to the cashier (A group of people is consider one point). However, there's some funny moments especially these three people:
      • Jong Kook was up first and he manages to fool two customers. However the third customer is a foreigner and he relaxes, thinking he doesn't recognize him. However he soon realize he gets caught because 1) The foreigner can speak and understand Korean fluently 2) Kook adjusted his hat multiple times 3) After paying his stuffs he ask for a selfie 4) The PD tells him he fails, which he argues that the customer need to say his name... while the foreigner is still inside the shop. Cue to the foreigner coming back in correcting it while everyone cracks up even the actual cashier.
      • Suk Jin was up next and he feels bored and sigh that no one knows him. However he DID get caught after getting 4 points with a smile on his face.
      • Jae Suk. He should have listen to his teammates, as he gets caught immediately... IN THIRTY SECONDS. Fridge Logic that since they are in Gangnam, you probably realize that Jae Suk's famous in a certain song due to his glasses.
    • In the second undercover mission, despite Gary's Paper-Thin Disguise, no one seems to recognize him. Even the actual workers questioned about who he is.
    • The original final mission ends up being cancelled because Kook's team literally bent the pole they supposed to turn aroundnote .
  • Episode 277: The Zombie Virus Race. The premise is that the Running Man members has to rescue civilians inside a zombie-infested building. If one of the members got bitten, they will have to drink a cure before the time expires and they become a zombie. Normally this will be a terrifying episode, but since this is Running Man, it is filled with many gut-busting hilarity.
    • Suk Jin is of course the first man out. The hilarity starts after he becomes a zombie. He decides to rally his fellow zombies to become his underling, while trying so hard to not laugh and completely failing. It is so awkward that Kwang Soo actually go right in front of his face, photograph what he looks like as a zombie, and show Suk Jin the picture. The crew momentarily laugh their ass off at how ridiculous the situation is, even Suk Jin can't help but tell them how embarrassing it is for him too.
      • Once Suk Jin decides to get serious, he decides to bite Kwang Soo. Which prompt Kwang Soo to take out his cure that he hid from everyone else, which irritates Suk Jin since he could use it to help him before. JUST as he was about to drink it, HaHa spilled the cure. Which led to Kwang Soo turning into a zombie.
      • Later on, zombie Kwang Soo wanted to take revenge on HaHa. HaHa manages to run from him and enter another room, only for zombie Jae Suk to come for him anyway. Poor Kwang Soo can't even get his revenge.
    • When Jong Kook was chased by a zombie, he holds the door that he entered into. Unfortunately for the zombie, he can't open the door at all since he's too weak, which prompt Jong Kook to just grab him and rip out his name tag.
  • Episode 288 - The Food Race. The Running Man members return back to Kwang Soo's place so Jae Suk could order his favorite dish, since he doesn't know the location, only the name. Cue to a lot of Running Man members entering his home toilet, much to Kwang Soo's dismay, since Jae Suk notes to everyone that Kwang Soo's toilet is really comfortable.
  • Episode 291. The Running Man Q & A:
    • The entire "Is Suk Jin gullible?" segment. In order to test this question, the crew decides to trick Suk Jin into signing a fake deal just like a hidden camera show with the help of HaHa and Jong Kook. HaHa even lampshades that Suk Jin get fooled easily when he notices the '30 million' in the fake deal. Sure enough, Suk Jin is so gullible that he quickly comes up with his Arabic name and his own version of the song based on the deal, causing everyone (both watching and in the video) to start laughing themselves silly. In the end, it turns out that Suk Jin agreed to many ridiculous conditions that the PD set up.
    • After the above comes the 'comparing the face' questions. Notable mentions are Gary with a picture of a squid beside his face in the video, and comparing Gary and Haha's picture. Jae Suk requested that the squid face be put between the two, and it did.
  • Episode 292. The First Unlucky Hand Festival. The entire episode of course. Especially Lee Kwang Soo and his team.
    • In order to determine the three leaders for today's episode, Kwang Soo, Jae Suk, Haha and Suk Jin, whom are considered to be the unluckiest among the Running Man cast, have to select three floors out of ten floors inside an elevator. Whoever gets more punishment than the others will be nominated as the leader for the team. Guess who scores all three punishments. It's Kwang Soo.
    • After the above, the other four members have to stand behind the leader to form the team. Guess who's the unlucky one who doesn't have a single team member. It's Jae Suk, since the cast realizes that Kwang Soo and Suk Jin have worse luck than him.
    • After forming a team of five (by finding another unlucky guest) everyone has to play a series of mini-games where the losers (or the lucky ones) will be eliminated.
      • In round two, the second mini-game involves each member pulling out a sword. Whoever pulls out a dud sword will advance. Lizzy pulls out a toy snake while Kwang Soo gets an octopus arm. But the funniest is Cho Hye-Ri or WAX's dud sword. She actually pulls out the sword so hard that the leek that's inside the dud sword flies into Lee Wan's head.
    • The winner is Ji Suk Jin. Kwang Soo fails one game shortly after winning a lot of unlucky mini-games.
  • Episode 298. The No Man Episode.
    • Before the main mission starts, all of the Running Man members are to identify who today's guest is by asking the mysterious guest a yes or no question. However if the mysterious guest answers 'no', the one who asked the question will get dunked into the icy pool of water and if they guess the guest incorrectly, all of them will be dunked into the water. Notable mentions are:
      • Suk Jin decides to drench himself with a bit of water on his chest as suggested by the cast. However, Jae Suk decides to kick him into the pool instead while he's wetting himself.
      • The first guest decides to give the Running Man casts some payback for dunking him into the pool by asking the next mysterious guest a question, which definitely leads to a 'no' answer.
      • When the final mysterious guest appears, all of the Running Man member already knew it was Go Ara. However, after dunking Jae Suk, who unintentionally says a question, into the pool, Jae Suk purposely says the guest name wrongly, which leads to all of the cast members being dunk into the pool. Hilarity Ensues when Kwang Soo and Suk Jin try to chase after Jae Suk for doing it.
    • After Jong Kook wins the No Man episode while everyone gets dunked by a shower of mud for guessing the No Man wrong, out of nowhere Kwang Soo decides to take a bucket of mud and dunk it onto Jong Kook. The episode ends without seeing Kwang Soo getting punished for his random actions.
  • Episode 299. The Lead Center Episode.
    • Before the mission starts, the Running Man members are to sit in different kinds of chairs. However some of the members begin to suspect the center royalty chair and change to a different chair. Once everyone takes a seat, the PD announces today's mission and the one who's sitting at the center chair will be acting like a host until he loses the mission. That person is Suk Jin.
      • Seriously, the Running Man members aren't too happy about Suk Jin being the host, especially Jae Suk, who sometimes steals Suk Jin's spotlight and heckles upon Suk Jin's hosting skills. One of the best quotes from Jae Suk is after the first guest walks along the flower carpet, a gust of wind happens to blow the carpet away:
      Jae Suk: This must be a sign. This must be!
      [scene changes to a thunderstorm with a picture of Suk Jin's face]
    • Remember the time where Kwang Soo was humiliated for being the last person and has to eat a small portion of food? Well this time Kwang Soo, who wins first place, happens to have a luxurious meal with his guest. However, everyone who gets the worse food portion decides to take his food as if it was a buffet. Kwang Soo is still not amused.

     Episode 301 - 400 
  • Episode 302. The Dangerous Food Episode.
    • Before the mission starts, all of the Running Man members are treated to a luxurious breakfast buffet. What they didn't know is that the casts are assigned by teams based on their plates and they have to collect foods based on the food they've taken in the buffet. Most of them are surprised about this but the best reaction is Kwang Soo who happens to team up with Jae Suk, Gary, and Suk Jin. They aren't too happy about it especially when Kwang Soo happens to dip honey onto his strawberries, knowing that Jae Suk's team has to visit the bee farm. Once Kwang Soo knows about this he lampshades it:
    Kwang Soo: Why am I getting punished this early?
  • Episode 303: The 7 Million Wonnote  Hunt
    • With the Running Man cast being chased all over Seoul, Kwang Soo, Suk Jin, and Jae Suk are approaching Seoul University to try to get a hint to unlock the safe with their prize inside not knowing that their pursers are already at the building waiting for them when suddenly Kwang Soo gets a phone call. They've been on the run for several hours already and have spent them on edge with the graphics suggesting their pursuers might be trying to play mind games, so Kwang Soo nervously answers the phone... to a telemarketer trying to sell black garlic. Kwang Soo ends up awkwardly telling her he's kinda busy at the moment.
  • Episode 310: The Representative Player Contest Race.
    • Before the Running Man cast meets with their leaders, who are today's guests, they are given a series of fitness tests for the leaders to select them. However what they didn't know that 3 out of 4 tests are actually courage test. The Running Man members are not amused.
      • In the second test, teams are supposed to hold the armbar as long as they can, unknown to them that the teams are being tested on their courage as well. When Jae Suk, Kwang Soo, and Gary start off first, Kwang Soo decides to play cheat by using his legs to drag the other two members down. Of course, the crew disallowed it and gets slapped by Jae Suk for Kwang Soo's actions.
      • In the final test, Song Ji-Hyo was so scared into finding sweet potatoes inside the Zombie Mansion that she rushes out back to the entrance in fear.
    • In the first game, Ha Jae Sook manages to dominate the entire Palm wrestling game all by herself. However, Myeok PD jokes that Jae Sook is just a girl. This causes everyone to drags him into playing against Jae Sook. He did not last long.
    • In the next game, both teams are to head to 5 different locations in the amusement park. One of the rides is a rollercoaster ride called 'The Boomerang'. After losing in a Rock-Paper-Scissors, Jae Suk and Kwang Soo rides it and was shocked when they learn of the name of the ride after the roller-coaster moves back. No guesses on what happens to them as after the ride this nice sign shows up and Jae Suk comments about the ride:
      Jae Suk: I think I just saw paradise a moment ago...
  • Episode 313: The Running Woman Episode.
    • Before the game starts, each Running Man guys are to select the song that the girls have selected. Whoever selected the song will be their partner for the race and those who did not select the song will walk back upstairs. Sure that the guest Ha Jae Sook choose HaHa, in which he insisted that she choose another partner but the funniest is Ahn Mun Sook who walks back upstairs even though both Suk Jin and Ahn Mun Sook selected the same song. The reason? She already partners with him five years ago when she first appeared on Running Man, knowing Suk Jin's unlucky outcome.
    • Due to the random draw, Kim Jong Kook was paired up with Noh Sa Yeon, Gary with Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo with Mi Joo. The problem is Jong Kook paid more attention to Mi Joo than his partner, which pissed her off.
    • There are so many funny moments during the 'Finding the Running Ball' mission. Each team has to visit 5 different locations in which each location has its own minigame.
      • In the Mouth Billiards mini-game, note , there so much cheating going on in the match between Jae Suk and Kwang Soo's team especially Jae Suk using his hand to block and Kwang Soo's 'throw-in' ball as if they're playing soccer. Of course in both of their actions, they get a penalty.
      • The Colorful Limbo minigame note  has only one funny moment. Jong Kook, the strongest Running Man cast couldn't carry his partner Noh Sa Yeon even going as far as to drop her to the floor.
      • The Running Man Theater where each team has to try to impress the guests in order to get the Running Man ball. However, the best moment goes to Jae Suk's team since he fails due to unable to break the gourd. Jae Suk complains it couldn't be done and only accept it if the gourd could break. Sure enough, it does break when the guest breaks it by whacking on his head.
    • The Link Tag Elimination Battle. Unlike the normal Running Man Tag Elimination Battle, both teams are separated into male and female in which the female side starts off ten minutes earlier before the men. If one member of the team gets eliminated, the team s/he's in are eliminated.
      • Sa Yeon's attempt to eliminate Mun Sook and Ha Jae Sook after creating an alliance with Ji Hyo; which leads her to be the first person to be eliminated due to her actions, even Kwang Soo comments this before the episode end that she's the one who started the betrayal chain. Due to that this causes Sa Yeon's partner, Jong Kook to be eliminated BEFORE the game has started, much to the guys' happiness.
      • This doesn't stop as Kwang Soo and Jae Suk are eliminated note  along with Ha Jae Sook note . Everyone is not pleased about their sudden eliminated who does absolutely nothing.
  • Episode 316: The Train to Prison Episode. Myeok PD sure loves to troll the Running Man cast. Before they start, Myeok asks the cast to write down what destination they would wish to head by train. Unfortunately, the moment they pick up their pens, a couple of guys came rushing behind them and force them to write 'prison'. When Myeok makes a sly remark that all of them wish to go to prison, due to most of the Running Man cast goes towards him to beat him up for his actions.
  • Episode 320: The Hangeul Consonants Race. note 
    • The day's three teams were initially decided based on the order of arrival (first four, second four, last three); Suk Jin is quite happy to be in a team consisting of three women (Song Ji Hyo, Jo Yoon Hee, Lim Ji Yeon). His happiness was short-lived, though: that group won the first game which allowed them to switch members, which the ladies immediately gathered and decided to swap him for Jong Kook.
    • The special Consonants Elimination Tag Race. All of it. note 
      • Jae Suk answers a question correctly by eating one of two similar-looking snack foods, and Kwang Soo decides to try the remaining morsel out of curiosity. He spits it out quickly upon realizing it contains wasabi. Of course, Song Ji Hyo does the same thing later when her fellow team members answer another question correctly.
      • Poor HaHa gets eliminated in just five minutes for having only one consonant in his name.
      • Due to the long and confusing rules, Yoo Hae Jin did not understand them at all and spent half the game very clueless.
      • When Kwang Soo gets a bag, he targets Kim Jong Kook's name tag but ends up getting captured and restrained by him instead, which the PD crew didn't stop him even though it's illegal. Even with Yoo Hae Jin's help, both he and Kwang Soo have difficulty trying to take Jong Kook's name tag while Jong Kook uses a triangle choke on Kwang Soo to restrain him. Pissed, Kwang Soo manages to rip Jong Kook's name tag by hitting Jong Kook's nuts.
      • Late in the game Gary (the last member of his team still alive) is pleased to hear that Jo Yoon Hee did not choose to delete his last consonant. However, the moment he walks a couple of steps, another announcement comes that his consonant (and Kwang Soo's) had been removed by Lim Ji Yeon. Cue to both men wailing in agony. Lim Ji Yeon could hear Gary's wail and giggle to herself.
  • Episode 321. Poor Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin. They manage to win the game... When there's no prize involved.
  • Episode 324. Despite the episode being a TearJerker and Heartwarming moment... there are some funny moments during Gary's last episode.
    • In Balance the Distance mission note , there's one particular mission where the members have to withstand the pain from a sports massage therapist for 10 seconds. The funny part is that not only they have to play it again, by they have to play it three times; all of it happens to be at the 77,000 km board. Everyone was not to happy upon hearing it, to the point where Kwang Soo 'massage' the PD for trolling them.
    Gary: (angrily) Can't you just let me go in peace?!
    HaHa: (After selecting the 5th category) It'd better not be a massage therapist the VJ picks again. That means they wanted to start a war.
    • The Running Man members minus Gary are given a secret mission to steal an item from Gary's studio, bring it to the room a floor below the studio and will be penalized if they didn't. However, the item that they have to steal must be larger than the last stolen item. (Don't worry, all the stolen items are returned at the end of the episode.) While everyone manages to pass the secret mission, poor Suk Jin has to steal something which is larger than the pot of tall plant that Ji Hyo stole and happens to be the last person. When he decides to steal the bicycle (after a fail attempt to bring the couch downstairs) and bring it to the room, Gary manages to catch him but didn't stop him since he was doing a mission. Sure it fails but once Suk Jin gets back into the studio, everyone including Gary chew on him on why he steals the bicycle even trying to ask if he's a spy while trying to save Suk Jin from revealing the secret mission from Gary. He also gets selected to be penalized when it was supposed to be Kwang Soo's turn.
  • Episode 329: The United or Divided episode.
    • HaHa and Ji-Hyo guesses TWICE's "Cheer Up" song in the first game as 'Sha Sha Sha' and 'Shut up, Baby!' even though they heard the chorus lines from the singer. That is all.
    • In the second game, the Running Man cast are paired up into teams of two. Kwang Soo and Jong Kook are supposed to buy food without getting caught. Unfortunately due to the stipulation, Kwang Soo was immediately caught and recognized. Jong Kook, on the other hand, was about to pass the mission until Kwang Soo ask him to take their photo with his fans. This causes people to recognize Jong Kook, which leads to a furious Jong Kook beating Kwang Soo up while his beating was censored.
    • Suk Jin. Any moment where he plays the luck game when they're separated. He manages to get the worst luck.
  • Episode 335: During the "Third Running Man Member Week - Ji Suk Jin", Suk Jin has the power to send anyone that annoys him to solitary confinement cell for 5 minutes. Unfortunately, that said solitary confinement cell is actually a Luxury Prison Suite, which is filled with comic books, a leg massage, refreshments, and drinks. Upon finding out, all of the cast members (minus Suk Jin) tries to pissed Suk Jin off just to go to that relaxing solitary confinement. However, they actually reveal to Suk Jin about the solitary confinement cell during the prison break mission, much to Suk Jin's dismay.
  • The entire Running Man Global Project 2017 - Dangerous Tour (Episode 346 - Episode 354). Team members need to clear each mission in order not to get a sticker since the person who gets 3 or more stickers has to go one of the dangerous popular tourist locations that the cast has selected, which will be revealed in Episode 351.
  • Episode 346:
    • Before the reveal, Jeon So-min, and Yong Se-chan are being cast as the newest Running Man members. So-min enters the bunker first to see a luxurious room but has some doubts about the crew's actions since she knew of how the show runs. After Se-chan enters and shrugs off So-Min's doubts, it turns out that her doubts are right as the bunker their in was raised 15 meters up in the air. The only way they could go down is by escaping by any means note  or dunking each running member with an ice shower as it decreases by 3 meters. Se-chan commented this after hearing it:
      Se-chan: So-Min, you are right. They really are bullies.
      • , Of course, they decide to choose the latter. Unfortunately, the ones getting dunk (Suk Jin, HaHa, Kwang Soo and Jong Kook) are not too happy about it so they decide to dunk them with an ice shower after Se-chan and So-Min safely lands on the ground.
    • Upon revealed, none of the Running Man members were happy about going to one of the dangerous places. Se-chan seals this with his surprise comment:
    Se-chan: Are you planning to terminate the show?
    • The 'Nonsense Quiz' game. note  Each member needs to give a nonsensical answer to three rapid-fire questions to pass (ex: "What is in your refrigerator?" "I'm hungry."). Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds as sometimes even seemingly-ridiculous answers can end up being logical and valid, if not exactly plausible. As a result, some notable mentions from the first play:
      • Jae Suk's role model is a poop.
      • Se-chan nickname is 'Strawberry'.
      • Kwang Soo calls his girlfriend Australopithecus note  when he has one.
  • Episode 348. All of the answers in the 'Suk Jin game' a.k.a the 'Nonsense Quiz' game. See note for details above.

    Question: What is your nickname?
    Ji Hyo: You.
    Question: What's in your fridge?
    Jae Suk: Paulownia tree.

    (Jae Suk again since the team decides to give him another chance)
    Question: What do you call your wife?
    Jae Suk: Oh Jung Tae! note 
    HaHa: (To the camera after everyone cracks up) Are you okay, Mrs. Yu?

    Question: What do you usually call your girlfriend?
    Kwang Soo: Sister-in-law!
    (Everyone cracks up upon hearing it as some started to joke upon Kwang Soo's answer.)
    Jae Suk: (grabbing him) Who's this sister-in-law?
    Se-chan: You ungrateful...
    Suk Jin: Is it my wife?!
    Jae Suk: Our wives were saying how weird you are.
    Kwang Soo: (To the PD) You're making me look like trash!

  • Remember the time when Kwang Soo's apartment was 'visited' by the cast members? In episode 349, this time it's Se-chan's turn and Hilarity Ensues when he was seen wearing only his shorts and watching lingerie channel.
  • Episode 351:
    • After the losers (Jae Suk, Suk Jin, Se-chan, So-min, Kwang Soo and HaHa) have been determined, they have to visit the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear in Japan note  based on Jae Suk's draw. After that, the PD crew decides to visit the place and to see how scary it is. They soon realize that outside the place they were selling underwear near the exit and the Running Man members realize some of the crew members were missing or looking pale.
    • During the Suk Jin game, both teams obviously failed as they couldn't come up with a decent wrong answer but the funniest comes from Jong Kook.
    Question: What do you have inside your refrigerator?
    Jong Kook: A person...!
    *Cracks up the moment he realizes it as so does everyone else*
    Ji Hyo: Arrest him!
    Jae Suk: He has to be arrested.
  • Episode 354:
    • The losers (minus HaHa who was exempted) are about to be punished by entering the Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear. However, only Kwang Soo has to go with his cameraman while the rest will be paired up with their respective cameraman. To spice things up, they have to find their name tags much like the "Please, Find Me!" episode. Expect a lot of Jump Scare and Kwang Soo's theme song in this episode.
    • Before Kwang Soo's turn, he wasn't able to laugh at the jokes since he's shaking in fear. He was even more upset when his VJ, Choi Yoon Sang, refuses to enter the place even left his camera (Of course he did come back) and even boldly ask, which the PD cracks up laughing, "I can come out if I find my name tag, right?".
    • When it's Jae Suk and So-Min's turn, they happen to find Se-chan's name tag. Unfortunately, she intended to place his nametag somewhere he couldn't find. Of course, Se-chan heard them and was not too happy about it.
    • Before Suk Jin and Se-chan enter, Jong Kook intended to show some encouragement for him. Unfortunately, it turns out that he's just taking selfies of himself with them inside. Pissed, Suk Jin asks if he wants to fight him. Jong Kook agrees but Suk Jin quickly goes insides as he comments that Jong Kook's scarier than the ghost.
      • Jong Kook does it again with Kwang Soo as some are not too happy with his obnoxious behavior.
    • Kim Yoo Suk, Suk Jin's VJ gets his revenge by taking his name tag and bailing out of the place through the front entrance, scaring Ji-Hyo and Kwang Soo. This even causes Kwang Soo to talk some sense into his VJ since Yoon Sang did ditch him back in the "Please, Find Me!" episode.
    • Kwang Soo. Poor Kwang Soo as he couldn't help but scream very loud. He even manages to cause Yoon Suk to trip onto him much like Jae Suk and Kwon Ryeol part in the "Please, Find Me!" episode.
      • Inside the haunted house, there was this particular wheelchair ghost who was waiting to scare the living hell out of the members in one of the rooms. However for Kwang Soo's case, since he gets so fed up with waiting, he decides to go to him instead. Even he did leave him alone... he comes back again from another area to scare him.
  • Episode 356: The Jae Suk game (Due to SBS trying to pressure the PD to change the Suk Jin game name):
    Question: What makes you the saddest?
    Se Chan: Song Ji Hyo!
    Ji Hyo: (jokingly angry) Did I make you sad?
    Suk Jin: *Everyone cracks up* I'm sorry but I'm married.

    Question: What would you like to say to Kwang Soo's father?
    So Min: Don't walk, run!
    Kwang Soo: How can she say that to my father?!

    Question: What do you want to have the most these days?
    Kwang Soo: Cucumber kimchi.
    PD: *cracks up along with everyone* That's a small wish.

  • Episode 358: The "Ssam Relay" game: the eight of them sit in a row with a tray of various ssamnote  ingredients, each of them having to recite all the ingredients the previous players added in the right order before adding another; the one who messes up is eliminated from the hint and has to eat the whole ssam. The first go-around resulted in a ssam that wasn't too weird - lettuce, pickled radish, grilled onion, pork belly, grilled garlic, sesame leafnote , red chili paste - but the second time around...nine slices of stir-fried pork, three whole chili peppers, two sesame leaves, three slices of raw onions, a clove of raw garlic, three napa cabbage leaves, and ssamjangnote , all before So Min (the one who started the madness by tacking on the first chili pepper) messed up and had to eat not so much a wrap as a freaking burger.

  • Episode 359: The Dud men episode
    • The Jae Suk game. Again.
    Question: How will you be in ten years?
    Ji Hyo: Six times five is fifteen.
    Question: What do you want to be in the afterlife?
    Ji Hyo: Six times three is eighteen.
    Question: What is your favorite math formula?
    Ji Hyo: ...(Beat, is buzzed out)
    Everyone cracks up upon realizing the PD changed the question by putting down the questions script on the fly to catch the flaw in Ji Hyo's strategy and give him props for his cleverness.

    Question: How will you name your third child?
    HaHa: 6 times 4 is 24. (*is buzzed out immediately, protests*) HEY! Why would I name my child '6 times 4 is 24'?

    Question: What do you call your girlfriend?
    Kwang Soo: Sumimasen.note 
    *Everyone cracks up knowing he just failed.*
    Kwang Soo: I can't call that to my girlfriend?! It's not even in Korean!

    • After the game ends, it's revealed that Kwang Soo and So Min have to ride the Manual Wooden Cable Car in Indonesia while HaHa and Se Chan have to go Giant Canyon Swing in America as punishment. As the PD tells them they need time to produce their visa first, the four members intend to bring the viewers who suggested the place even intends to get their IP address; they are not too pleased about the locations. Don't worry, the PD members are on the viewers' side.
  • Episode 360: Every single answer to reveal who is the cast friend/family members. Especially Haha's friend, Park Geun Sik. He even gets Haha to flip the bird at him for changing his answer from 'False' to 'True' when he asks if Haha is ugly or not. However, another moment that Haha realizes it's his friend is this:

    *Question: Have you heard your family members badmouthing the other Running Man members?*
    Se Chan: Can you give one example?
    Geun Sik: He says he's going to beat up Jong Kook one day! He even asks for my help!
    Haha: *Everyone suspects it's Haha* It's not me!
    Geun Sik: He even mentions that Kwang Soo always wanted to copy his fashion sense.
    *This causes Kwang Soo to nearly slap Haha's face*

  • Episode 361:
    • In "Money or Loyalty", the eight pairs have to organize into four teams of four, where every member on each team has to write down an amount of money up to 5000 won (about US$5) in secret. If they all write the same amount each member gets that amount; if they write different amounts whoever wrote the lowest amount gets ten times that amount while everyone else gets that low number. There's a Call-Back to a previous episode with a similar game between So Min, Kwang Soo, and Haha were the first two wrote 500 won when Haha wrote 3900 - in the present, So Min feels the effects as the other members leave her out in the cold at the start. The funniest effects, though, go to the group with Haha, Park Geun Sik, Kwang Soo, and Hang Ho - the PD set the stage by announcing their group's result would be done last, resulting in immediate backstabbing accusations on Kwang Soo. When it's their turn, Hang Ho wrote 5000 won, Geun Sik wrote 1900 won, and Kwang Soo wrote 490 won. Everyone assumes Kwang Soo wrote the lowest amount...until the PD reveals (through sputtering laughter) that Haha put down 150 Won. Kwang Soo is definitely not amused.
    • The Jae Suk Game. This has becoming Running Man's staple game:

    Question: Say something to the president!
    Se Chan: I love Na Eun!
    Question: Say something to your fans!
    Hang Ho: I don't have any fans!
    Question: Say something to Kwang Soo's dad!
    Hang Ho (again): Hamlet!
    Question: What was your childhood nickname?
    Hang Ho (again): Four seasons!

    Question: What role do you want to play?
    Hang Ho: "Souvenirs Entomologiques"
    Jae Suk: You want to play as an insect after a fish?

  • Episode 362: the first game was essentially a dance-off between the eight regulars plus two guests, with five staff members acting as judges with a set of cards reading scores from zero to five. Lee Kwang-Soo was desperate to win and so took his shot at it, earning a score...of negative three points, as one of the judges held his 1-point placard sideways as a negative sign next to his "5". And then to rub salt in the wound, guest Ha Neul earned 363 points as two of the judges stuck a "3", "5", and "0" cards next to each other to make 350 points.
    • However, Jong Kook manages to get the least points by 'negative 12'' due to his 'cuteness' dance act, which creeps everyone out.
  • Episode 365: The Half and Half Tour Project Part 1. A.k.a Psycho Tour by So Min note  However this episode happens to be Jae Suk's 45th Birthday, which turns out to be his worst birthday ever.
    • Jae Suk calls every single guess wrong in the "Guess Odd or Even" game. (Luckily the cast tells him to choose his second choice, which he manages to win)
    • After two bad guesses, Jong Kook tells him to go home which Haha reminds everyone today is Jae Suk's birthday.
    • He gets the shortest strain of noodles, which he couldn't compete to eat.
    • ''' LET'S GET IT!!''' catchphrase, which he ends up picking the lowest amount of money (when Haha propose to everyone to pick a random number from the board that has money amount behind it so Haha could pick two members with the lowest amount on the roulette board) and getting pick to go to the Nevis Swing as punishment on the roulette board. Poor dude.
  • Episode 367: The Public Enemy Race
    • There are two vehicles in which only 4 teams are allowed in each vehicle. One vehicle leads to the Korean table d'hôte restaurant and the other to the samgye-tang restaurant. Jong Kook, So Min, Haha and Suk Jin's team manage to get into the vehicle which leads to the Korean table d'hôte restaurant while the rest of the team members enter the other vehicle. However, Jae Suk (with the help of Kwang Soo) comes up with a plan to swap both vehicle's destination sign without the rest of the team knowing it. It works and when both vehicles were on the road, the ones who were supposed to head to the Korean table d'hôte restaurant were going to the samgye-tang restaurant once the PD informs of Jae Suk's doing. Obviously, the teams are not too happy about Jae Suk's actions and decide to call Jae Suk's handphone. Jae Suk's group soon realize they're in trouble:
    Jong Kook: (angrily) Jae Suk, you'll be on the Korean table d'hôte menu!! You better gather some people. We're on our way to tear the Korean table d'hôte place down.
    • And on the way to the restaurant they play the Jae Suk Game:

    Question: What does Seung Un remind you of?
    Kwang Soo: Sundae and tripe.
    Question: What is your girlfriend's nickname?
    Kwang Soo (again): Diaper.

  • Episode 369: Kwang Soo. This guy is really unlucky to get all three Tour project. Not only he lost due to being the designer of the Roulette Underworld, but he was also picked to be punished by heading to Australia's Death Cage. The rest of the cast celebrates but it was cut short realizing that he's going to decide who's going to join him doing the penalty.
  • Episode 370 - 371: The entire Tiger Moth Tour Truth or Dare episodes. Team members were given 4 questions based on the video of Kwang Soo and So Min during their time in Indonesia, which either Kwang Soo and So Min tells their version of their answers. However one of them is telling a lie and the other is telling the truth.
    • Before the game starts, the PD informs the cast the reason why that Haha and Se Chan haven't been penalized yet is due to a Visa problem. Both Haha and Se Chan were so happy about it until the PD informs them that they decided to change their penalty to Nevis Swing in New Zealand instead since Kwang Soo is heading to Australia for his punishment. This does not sit well for the duo especially Haha, who insisted on changing to a different punishment of their choosing. Sadly the PD ignores their suggestion and just move on.
      • In fact during most of the two episodes, Haha was unable to concentrate until some of the cast members were fed up about his trauma and complains.
    • From the previous episode, Kwang Soo and So Min get to select three cards that the member left them for the trip which some of them contain money. Unfortunately, they are not happy with Jong Kook, Haha and Se-chan. If you think Jong Kook gives Kwang Soo nothing is heartless, Haha gives So Min a meal ticket in HongDae while Se-chan gives her 200 ''game money'', to the point Kwang Soo comment if they are actually trying to pick a fight with them.
    • After passing the first mission, Kwang Soo and So Min was able to take one of their item each... until the PD tells them if that they can take the said item if the Indonesia coin they toss lands on it. All of the cast members were pissed upon hearing it.
    Haha: That's so unfair!
    Suk Jin: Come on! That's horrible!
    Se Chan: Let's be fair! There are too many missions.
    Kwang Soo: Does that make sense? We already cleared the mission.
    Ji Hyo: (to Haha) Watch the video! Forget about New Zealand!
    • When checking the bags, So Min realizes that Kwang Soo brought a PS4 game console, thinking they would have some free time than doing missions. While most of the cast questions on his thinking, it also happens to be the answer to the first question where Kwang Soo manages to land the coin on top of the game console. You could hear the PD sputtering laughter upon his misfortune. Here are some of the cast members' comments:
    Se Chan: He has no common sense.
    So Min: (in the video) Kwang Soo, can you wash your body with that game console? Why did you bring that? You won't play games here, you know.
    Kwang Soo: I thought we would have a lot of free time.
    • In fact once he did take out the PS4 console, suddenly the adapter and controller came off as the PD tells him it counts as a separate item. So Min quickly whisper to Kwang Soo which he tells the PD that she suggested him to hit them using the console as that's the only thing he could do with it and agrees on her suggestions. Luckily the PD lets it slide, allowing Kwang Soo to take the adapter and controller.
    • When the first question starts, instead of asking them (mostly Kwang Soo) if they're telling a truth or lie, the cast members start asking them personal questions much like the actual Truth or Dare game. Kwang Soo was not pleased.
    • On the way to the second question penalty, Kwang Soo (who was telling the truth) is having a hard time convincing Ji Hyo and Haha that he rolls a negative when rolling the plus/minus roulette wheel. In fact, when testing him using the same roulette wheel, he gets the plus sign 4 TIMES. The trio in disbelieve isn't sure what to believe but was lucky that they didn't change their answers.
    • At Pantai Timang, upon arrival the PD tells them that only one person could ride the cable car due to the weight limit. No second guesses who goes first when this involves the plus/minus roulette wheel. note 
    • Poor Kwang Soo. He was so scared (to the point he's making excuses and intend to go back to Korea) that he couldn't bring himself riding the cable car for 40 minutes, even to the point where the cast members comment it's more like a comedy skit when the waves splash onto him. Not only that, the local tells him that in the past 3 days the waves were calm until today and ask Kwang Soo to hold tightly. To make matters worse, Kwang Soo was drenched by the huge wave, which somehow was fiercer than before moments later.
      Jae Suk: (comments) No, that's not how it happened. Kwang Soo made the sea angry.
      So Min: (After seeing Kwang Soo being drenched by the big wave). After Kwang Soo rode the cable car, the waves are crashing even harder.So it's confirmed: "He has the energy to upsets everyone."
  • Episode 372: Kwang Soo and the Assistant. The cast members (minus Kwang Soo) and two guests, Bo Mi, and Sung Rok need to find who is Kwang Soo's assistant(s) are. If they fail and Kwang Soo wins, he gets to choose two members instead of one member.
    • Before the first mission, Jae Suk intends to show everyone how powerful Bo Mi's kicks are based on her previous appearance. Although Kwang Soo and Sung Rok's (who assumed Kwang Soo was acting) reactions on her kick is funny, the best part comes when some of the selected members (Jae Suk, Haha, Jong Kook, Se Chan, and Suk Jin) are determined by a card so one of them could get kicked by her. Unfortunately, Suk Jin peeks at the card he just swaps from Haha (which is actually the unlucky card) and even boldly asks to switch. Of course, everyone sees through his intentions and Suk Jin gets punished.
      • In fact for the entire episode, Suk Jin was suspected of being Kwang Soo's assistant, which he wasn't. Poor fellow since he doesn't catch a break as Kwang Soo keeps making others suspecting him as his assistant.
    • The first Mission: Bell Hide and Seek: Kwang Soo, Let's Play. note  It's a must to watch as some of the cast did the dumbest move before they get themselves eliminated. Notable mentions are:
      • In the first round, Suk Jin tries to rush into the house where the crocodile doll is. Unfortunately, Kwang Soo did see him running from behind him and quickly eliminates him with no effort. Kwang Soo comments that he feels bad about doing it as Suk Jin wasn't running but walking instead.
      • In the second round, the moment the game starts, Jae Suk intends to get out through the window. However the moment he opens the window and tries to exit out... Kwang Soo notices him BEFORE Kwang Soo gets to enter the house. No second guesses on what happened to Jae Suk.
    • Jae Suk though he was safe when Kwang Soo asks him to stand beside him and the safe members. Unfortunately, Kwang Soo ripped his nametag, selecting him as his partner for the penalty. Jae Suk was shocked as Kwang Soo tells him that he want him to stand beside him, only to rip his nametag off. Jae Suk should have seen this coming for talking too much for the entire episode on who to punish to Kwang Soo.
  • Episode 373:
    • Swing dancing. Haha and Se Chan, who are both going to the Nevis Swing are going to swing dance. After the PD announces it, we get this golden line from Haha.
    • Why does Haha say it's dangerous? In swing dancing, there's a move that goes like this: A grabs B's waist, B jumps and spreads her legs, A kicks his foot slightly in between B's legs. As Ji Hyo's the only girl present there, Kwang Ja has to make a return. When they attempt that move for the first time,it's not hard to guess what happened.note 
  • Episode 376:
    • The entire While You're Busy game. Teams have to pass all 7 opposing members in a game of dibidibidip [[note]] Much like rock-paper-scissors but doing a certain form and only pass if the defender matches the attacker before their one of their teammates fall into the icy water. However, Jae Suk and Kwang Soo decide to cheat by stalling the game on purpose to the level which Jong Kook gets very angry at them, even to the point that he helps Jae Suk 'massage' his sleeping leg. However, when Jong Kook made a mistake, the PD only warned Jae Suk and Kwang Soo, which both of them assume that their being biases and Jong Kook's slave.
    • During the elimination Tag Race, Kwang Soo was cornered by the opposing team. What does he do to save himself? He runs into the pond and taunts one of them to chase him inside.
  • Episode 377: Crisis of the Family, Race of the Heirs.
    • During 'Love That Transcends a Wall' game, the men and women stand beside the wall and in order to pair up with each other, they need to sync by looking at each other over the wall. However, some of the teammates don't want to pair up especially the first three people.
      • Haha was up first and was shocked to find out it was Ji Hyo. He ends up partnering with her when both happen to look together.
      • When Kwang Soo sees So Min, he purposely backs away, which all the guys want him back in the front line. Luckily he looks up the wall and didn't partner. This also happens to Sung-Hee towards Suk Jin. Unfortunately, they ended up partnering together in the end.
      Suk Jin: There's an unspoken rule! (points at the wall) If you like your partner, you come out here. If you don't, you jump.
    • The entire Epic Fail of Kwang Soo using a small jumping rope while performing Double Down move. He ends up getting the rope smacking his head.
  • Episode 378 & 379: The Swallow Butterfly Tail episode. The cast members are split into two teams which are Team New Zealand (Haha, Se Chan, Jong Kook, and Ji Hyo) and Team Australia (Kwang Soo, Jae Suk, Suk Jin and So Min) as the ones who are not punished are there to support them. Unfortunately... due to the Chance cards they used, it turns out that everyone gets penalized. Here's the breakdown for each team:

Team Australia

  • Never try to smell So Min, Suk Jin or Jae Suk's hair. It smells so bad that Kwang Soo comments that he lost the ability to smell before smelling Jae Suk's hair.
  • After using one of the Chance cards, the PD lets Jae Suk and Kwang Soo pick either Suk Jin or So Min to join them for the Death Cage by using the two vans, which are heading to Crocosaurus Cove, the place where they take the Death Cage penalty. Before they enter, Jae Suk discusses with Kwang Soo that they prefer Suk Jin than So Min. So to make sure that Suk Jin doesn't change his mind, they send one of their cameramen into the vacant van. After both Suk Jin and So Min draw their respective numbers, sure enough, Suk Jin falls for it as he assumes that So Min's the one taking the penalty; they see the cameraman filming the back seat inside the vacant van. The moment Suk Jin enters his van, he was shocked to see Jae Suk and Kwang Soo and tries to bolt before he was dragged inside the van. So Min could only laugh at his demise.
  • Anything that So Min did or say after the above.
    • She manages to screw around with the selection causing Kwang Soo to go inside the Death Cage alone with Chopper, the largest crocodile in Crocosaurus Cove, while Jae Suk and Suk Jin enter with Axel, the second largest crocodile in Crocosaurus Cove.
    • She even angers all three members when she makes a slew remark of them signing their death will when the penalize members were to sign a safety agreement.
    • She swears at Axel for it peeing and something that was censored, which causes even Kwang Soo who was spectating, couldn't help but laugh on what the crocodile did.
    • She even supports Axel by writing 'Crocodile, let's go!' on the sketchbook and later write the year Jae Suk and Suk Jin were born hoping Axel sees it. Inspired by her actions, Kwang Soo write what flavor that they taste like to the crocodile. Jae Suk and Suk Jin are not pleased.
    • She even angers Kwang Soo when she wrote to the viewers that Kwang Soo is Grade A+ meat and even have the nerves to ask him for his account number before Kwang Soo enters the cage. Jae Suk comments that he regrets not choosing her for the penalty.
  • Kwang Soo and his time inside the Death Cage with Chopper. The show makes Fun with Subtitles of Chopper finding Kwang Soo as a big yellow toy ball due to one of the PD's slew remark saying that Kwang Soo is wearing the same color as Chopper's favorite toy ball.
    • In a huge unexpected twist, the zookeeper was surprised that she has never seen Chopper like Kwang Soo so much that she asks him to indirectly kiss him. After much hesitation, Kwang Soo succeed.
  • The four members assume that choosing 'going home' is a good sign. However upon reveal it turns out to be "I won't be going home until I get another penalty!". Once the PD tells them that all four members are getting penalize by going to the wildlife to take a selfie with a live crocodile while feeding it, Jae Suk comments that the PD is crazy.
  • After passing that mission, they were told to use the last chance card. Due to the previous card, only Kwang Soo agrees to used it while everyone rejects it. Unfortunately, Kwang Soo's right as it a card they let them choose a restaurant of their own choosing. Kwang Soo angrily beats his friends while Jae Suk and Suk Jin try to calm him down by treating him later.

Team New Zealand.

  • Upon arriving in New Zealand, it seems that Haha, Ji Hyo and Se Chan have picked up funny nicknames. Haha became HaPills due to the fact that he brought anxiety pills (which are restricted in New Zealand). Ji Hyo became Song Kwan Tae as she accidentally took someone's luggage. The best part was Se Chan being Se No Name: another passenger in the airport recognized Ji Hyo and asked for a selfie, Ji Hyo asked Se Chan to join in since he's part of the team, but unfortunately the passenger straight-up didn't recognize him and even had to ask for his name.
  • Their first mission is to recite the longest name in the world after taking a Jet Boat ride. With the exception of Jong Kook (who seemed to rather enjoy it), everyone is scared out of their wits at the speed and apparent recklessness of the driver, even causing Ji Hyo to cry.
  • Upon using the chance card, both Haha and Se Chan are pissed when they discover that the card that they choose, which said "We won't do the penalty", actually says "All of us won't complain about the penalty" once the other half of the card is revealed. However, upon realizing that this means Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are also going to join them in the Nevis Swing punishment, both Haha and Se Chan giggled while only Ji Hyo was upset about it.
  • During the entire trip to the Nevis Swing, Jong Kook and Se Chan tease Haha about his fear of heights. Haha was not amused.
  • When measuring each participant's weight for safety, Ji Hyo manages to shut the helper out before he reveals the weight for obvious reasons.
  • They did get a chance card that exempted one of the members, whereupon the winner had the choice of using it himself, giving it to another, or destroying it; by luck of the draw Jong Kook got it making Haha beg him to give him the card. Jong Kook had HaHa take one end of the card as if he were going to bequeath it to him...before tearing it in half in his hands. Pissed, Haha beats him up before desperately trying to collect the pieces and submit that to the PD (he didn't take it by reason of having a piece missing).
  • Episode 380: Same Money, Different Dreams Race.
    • In the first game, So Min tries to stall Kwang Soo from passing to his teammates. However once Kwang Soo manages to pass it, he decides to punish So Min by giving her a Cobra Twist, which the sign comments that they're shooting a wrestling movie.
    • When Kwang Soo's Team wins, Kwang Soo happens to be the main winner since he's the only one who didn't cash all his money in. Suk Jin tries to pamper him so he won't get chosen however despite Kwang Soo's reassuring, it turns out to be a false hope as he gets picked due to the first game he'd screw up.
  • Episode 390 - 392: "The Random Tour Race" note 
    • Poor 'Yoo-So-Body' Team (Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Jeon So Min, Heo Kyung Hwan). Not only they are the last team to leave while waiting for Kyung-hwan to arrived, they pick 'steak' in Okinawa where everyone they met recommend either 'Ramen' or 'Soba', which they have to eat and eventually failing the mission note .
    • The 'Love Triangle' Team (HaHa, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Sang Yeob) in Busan.
      • In one of the restaurants, the team ate a local seafood delicacy but they were surprised that they need to catch fishes they've just ate based on one of the members in order to pass. What's funny is that no matter who they draw, even asking the head chef to draw for them, they keep ending up with HaHa, who ate the most.
      • When they do fishing, Kwang Soo annoys his team after catching a fish. When he manages to catches a Yellowtail amberjack fish, the moment he starts to brag about it, the fish slap his face with its tail.
      • Upon failing the mission, they're penalized with 5000 steps counter and to decide which members take the fall, they play the Pirate barrel game based on the knives. No second guesses who fails in one try. [[note: Kwang Soo.]]
    • The 'Between Friends' Team (Kim Jong Kook, Yang Se Chan, Shorry J, Yoo Byung Jae) in Thailand.
      • There's so much 'friendship' between Byung Jae and Jong Kook until to the point that Byung Jae purposely increases Jong Kook's step counter when they head out for a mission without Jong Kook (Who happens to stay behind to keep the Thai celebrity company). Jong Kook was not pleased after finding out that he did it on purpose, even calling him 'Little Kwang Soo' before the show ends.
      • Based on the above, due to Byung's actions, his team lost just around 1,500 steps to 'Yoo-So-Body' Team. Unfortunately, it was Shorry who has the highest step counter and he picks Jong Kook for the punishment.
  • Episode 392 - 393: Family Package Part 1: "The Curse of the Diamonds"
    • Before the show starts, due to the new theme, they invited 4 guests (Lee Da Hee, Kang Han Na, Hong Jin Young, and Lee Sang Yeob) to participate for a month with them. Unfortunately, the guest happens to pick the luxury and shuddering packages in which the winning and losing team will head once it's over. Everyone's not too happy about it especially HaHa whom one of the guests pick 'USA', which has the Giant Swing that HaHa manages to bypass last year.
  • Episode 395: Family Package Part 2: "The 36th Running Man Olympics, The Disappearing Stickers". note 
    • The entire Catch the Tail Minigame note 
      • During the team selection, the majority of the members want to team up with Jong Kook. Unfortunately, Ji Hyo was very upset that she has to team up with Suk Jin, So-min and Jae Suk while complaining that these three are the same unlucky team who keeps pairing up with each other.
      • Kwang Soo tries to put the question in his mouth after he landed on the cushion together with Sang Yeob, who also landed on the cushion with the question as well. The PD rules him out that he needs to have the question in his hands.
      • In the second question: "What is the name of the organization that pursues to preserve the world's natural and cultural heritage?", the fact that Da Hee took too long to answer 'NE' in 'UNESCO' sounds like a goat and the fact that Kwang Soo mistaken the answer for 'UNICEF', which the PD calls him out with sputtering laughter.
    • If So-min becomes a spy, she makes a worse spy ever. Unfortunately, Ha Nee was so gullible that she believes her lies that she's a gold medalist, causing her to tell everyone that she's not a coach. Upon meeting Jong Kook and Ji Hyo, both disbelieve of Ha Nee's hunches until an announcement tells everyone of So-min being eliminated and her being the coach. This causes Ha Nee to just realize the truth, causing Jong Kook and Ji Hyo to laugh themselves silly of her gullible attitude despite the many hints that So-min was the coach.
    Ji Hyo: Stop talking based on your hunch!
    • There are two What an Idiot! moments which cause both spies to gave themselves away until the third spy, HaHa gives up on them, despite him trying his best to survive.
      • So-Min lies to Kwang Soo that she's the gold medalist. Unfortunately, it also considered a Too Dumb to Live moment as Kwang Soo happens to be the real gold medalist and manages to eliminate her after taking a picture of her. note 
      • At the final court, when both Sang Yeob (the real coach) and Kwang Soo are suspected being the coach, both confessed that they're the real gold medalist. Unfortunately for Sang Yeob, upon being questioned on how he manages to eliminate So-min, he slips up by not realizing that the gold medalist could also eliminate people as well when Jae Suk tells him about it.
    • Ha Nee's Epic Fail moment when trying to open the briefcase. That is all.
  • Episode 399 - 400: Family Package Part 4:
    • When teams are split up into three (Jae Suk, Suk Jin, and Jong Kook), the other members have to pick their leaders by random using three closed curtains. Hilarity Ensues when some of the members' reactions, namely So Min and HaHa's reaction on who's their team leader.
    • Upon revealing today's mission theme, it is revealed that they are given a random draw of three missions. One of the staff and the other two from the other teams. Much expected, most of the missions the team gives to them are ridiculous and impossible to complete before the deadline.
    • Jae Suk's team in Hong Kong lost due to Jae Suk's bad decisions in finding a huge waiting line. That is all.
    • Jong Kook's team needs to head to Shinshimo Island, Incheon to find three brothers and play a game of yut against them. However, upon finding them note , they realize that the game of yut takes a very competitive way. It has seemed to believe it to the point even Kwang Soo says this line upon their opponent's amazing skills.
      Kwang Soo: (To the PD) Do these people truly live in Shinshimo Island? Did you recruit them?

     Episode 400 - Present 
  • Episode 406 - 408: The Luxury Package and Shuddering Package:

The Luxury Package Team note 

  • The teams are so happy to be heading to Switzerland until the PD told them that their mission is to complete the itineraries and avoid paying the additional fees. Most of them are not happy upon knowing the 'extra charges' they need to pay. To add fuel to the fire, the PD offers them that they could pay for free if they pick one of the 'extreme' challenges shown in the Shuddering Package.
  • In one of the missions on who to pay for the paragliding fees, the team decides to play a game of 'Spot 5 difference' based on their gender. Hilarity Ensues when the women team didn't spot the most obvious difference and the guys decide to purposely throw the challenge. This line sells it causing the wrath of the women team even after the game is over:
  • After completion, Ha Nee and HaHa, who was picked by Ha Nee, to join her to walk the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge in order to not pay the additional charges that the PD set up. HaHa's reaction sells it.

The Shuddering Package Team note 

  • Before heading to London, the teams play a mission where they need to push their hard case luggage near the line. Unfortunately, Kwang Soo's bag goes out of the line causing his 'disqualification'. Funnier when Da Hee also get disqualified the same way Kwang Soo did.
  • Kwang Soo's Fruit plane. That is all.
  • The return of the 30-minute silent game. There's not even one person ever try to stay silence due to the team member's cheating.
  • The Entire Wind walking challenge. Jae Suk, Da Hee, and Kwang Soo were selected (or penalized) to perform the Wind Walking challenge, which both Suk Jin and So Min celebrates that they don't need to perform it happily.
    • When the pilot introduce himself, one of the best moment is his reaction upon realizing that Kwang Soo has to perform the level 3 challenge (more details below), he gives a sigh and a joking expression that he will not make it.
    • When Jae Suk takes the level 1 challenge note , his cowardly reaction says it all despite it being the easiest out of the three challenges.
    • When Da Hee takes the level 2 challenge note , everyone disses Jae Suk's level 1 attempt as his challenge is more like a 'sailboat' and not heroic. To add insult to injury for Jae Suk, Da Hee seems to be enjoying it than fearing it even to the point she lifts her legs up.
    • Poor Kwang Soo who has to take the level 3 challenge note . Some of the notable funny moments are 1) He took the anxiety pills before the attempt and vomits out after completion 2) After completion, he criticizes Jae Suk for lying that Jae Suk's attempt is almost the same as his. 3) His fellow team members joked that he might end up going back to Korea by plane.
    • At the final challenge, Suk Jin, So Min and Da Hee have to sleep in the haunted Oxford Castle (after losing in a challenge off cam). But the funny part is they manage to sleep peacefully and soundly to the point where the PD were shocked upon seeing it.
  • Episode 409: Summer Waterpark Couple Race
    • Every single moment where Jeannie from Black Pink has way worse luck than Kwang Soo. Her most infamous moment was during the mission where she and Kwang Soo enters the haunted house maze. She decides to be to enter the haunted house maze first due to HaHa's lies, which ended up her started screaming and crying in fear at the start of the challenge to the point Kwang Soo purposely throw the challenge. Kwang Soo's line seals it after he tells everyone of their experience after the said mission.
    Kwang Soo: (About Jeannie) I think she's the biggest coward I've ever seen in my life.
  • Episode 410: The Mission Impossible Race
    • The first mission is Sound of Breakfast. note  It's not as easy as it sounds.
      • Due to being blamed for purposely hitting Jong Kook too many times, during Kwang Soo and Suk Jin's group turn, Jong Kook manages to get his sweet revenge by hitting him multiple times, despite the fact his hit causes the decibel meter to go over 60dB.
      • Due to a mistake by the PD sounding an alarm sound in their phone, Kwang Soo decides to set his alarm as payback due to Jae Suk's snarky remark on Kwang Soo's 'bad luck' during Jae Suk and So Min's group turn.
      • HaHa and Se Chan's team Rage Quit moment since they've selected the noisiest set to eat.
    • Any moment that involves Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg, and Henry Cavill especially the mini-games. Especially Simon Pegg who gets way into the variety TV show.
      • In the Metal Box Quiz, fed up of Jae Suk's skills, Henry decides to hold the box by force to see what's inside. Upon winning, while some complaints of him cheating, Henry pretends to move Jae Suk out of the camera, which the cast comment that he's the American Jong Kook.
      • None of the American actors are afraid to guess what's inside the mystery box to the point much to the members' dismay.
  • Episode 411: The Missing Jong Kook Shoes episode.
    • After a lunch buffet, Jong Kook's shoes end up missing and they need to find the thief/thieves who stole it. everyone except Jong Kook is the thief of stealing his shoes. However... Due to Suk Jin's awkward actions, the moment Jong Kook found out that his shoes are missing, he was the first person to blame since Suk Jin's the last person to move his shoes inside the PD's car. In fact, for half of the episode, Jong Kook keeps insisting it was him who stole it.
  • Episode 413: Unlucky Vacation.
    • Jeannie from Episode 409 returns for this episode's guest. She blames Kwang Soo for giving her bad luck... that is until she ends up picking the unlucky team which seals her unlucky fate.
      Kwang Soo: Never blame me again!
    • The water soccer ball challenge note  Highlight mentions are Suk Jin and Kwang Soo's turn.
    • In the last challenge, the start of HaHa's Dang Diggi Bang song and dance. That is all.
  • Episode 414: Out Dot Com Race.
    • The episode guest Kwak Si Yang suffers Jong Kook's wrath just because Si Yang follows the rules literally.
      • After Suk Jin's team wins, the PD informs them that since they cheat too much, one of their team members need to slap by one of the loser team members so that the PD needs to approve their win. Si Yang from losers side and Jong Kook from winners side were selected. The members warn him not to hit him hard as he takes revenge easily but unfortunately Si Yang did slap him too hard that some of the cast tell him to run away.
      • To add fuel to the fire, before Jong Kook got slapped, after knowing where Si Yang lives due to his other friend Cha Tae Yang happens to live at Si Yang's area, Si Yang informs him that Tae Yang has already moved out to Apgujeong without Jong Kook knowing. Whoops.
      • This leads to Si Yang suffering Jong Kook's powerful squeaky hammer hit in the following mission.
    • The final mission: Mission Impossible All Out. note  Expect a lot of backstabbing and Too Dumb to Live moments.
      • When it was HaHa's turn be bid, he request Kwang Soo to bet him 90 R dollars at him since he bet 90 R dollars to Kwang Soo. Upon hearing the announcement, HaHa was very happy that he was bet 90 R dollars and assume Kwang Soo buys him. This idea could consider a Moment of Awesome but unfortunately, Kwang Soo betrays HaHa by asking Jae Suk to bet 90 R dollars for him while he bet 19 dollars only.
      • After the above, due to Kwang Soo tricking him into losing his money, Jae Suk steals Kwang Soo's belt before he gets to sell it. Eventually, he manages to outrun him and sells Kwang Soo's belt for a hefty lot of money.
      • Jae Suk was torn between helping Suk Jin or Kwang Soo to help eliminate the other. He intends to eliminate Suk Jin until Kwang Soo accidentally send the bidding to Jae Suk which was suppose to be sent to the PD, causing Jae Suk to change his mind and both him and Suk Jin goes after him instead. Karma is a bitch, Kwang Soo.
  • Episode 415: Happy Death Day, Along with the Birthdays Race. note 
    • In the first trial, Jae Suk and HaHa were accused of multiple cases of betrayal. (minus Ji Hyo since she doesn't have any serious betrayal cases.) The Queen of Death, Noh Sa Yeon will judge if their sentence will be increased or reduce by 1 to 3 water slaps which will be played later after the first mission.
      • The entire Running Gag where Sa Yeon keeps snacking her food during the trial.
      • Suk Jin and Jong Kook are in shock that they'll received the same punishment if they give the wrong accusation. This causes the other members to compliment on Sa Yeon's fair trial.
      • Suk Jin blames Jae Suk for betraying his wife based on the lie detector during Ji Hyo episode week. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to convince Sa Yeon since she too felt embarrassed after being asked on an embarrassing question about his husband. So Suk Jin decides to pressure on asking stupid questions on Jae Suk's wife. This cause the entire defendant to blame him for not loving his wife causing him to be penalizes instead. This conversation seals it the moment they've discussed regarding not making excuses for their wife on the phone:
        Jong Kook: But doesn't every husband do that much?
        Jae Suk: Not everyone does.
        Jong Kook: Who doesn't?
        Jae Suk: (pointing at Suk Jin along with HaHa, Ji Hyo and So Min) THE ONE NEXT TO YOU DOESN'T!!!
    • During the first mission "Deity Mission", when HaHa and Se Chan were trying to decide whom they should pass the water slap to, Suk Jin suggest to pass it to "Team New Identity", which was their team. It was quite obvious which team gets more water slaps too.
    • The water slap penalty. Somehow Jae Suk's team didn't need to endure 8 water slaps at all as some were to punish Suk Jin and Kwang Soo. It has to watch to understand what's going on.
    • In the second trial, Kwang Soo gave up on defending Ji Hyo on her sleeping habit. That is all.
  • Episode 429 - 431: Year End Special, Losers Bracket note 
    • Before the mission starts, The team leaders (So Min and Ji Hyo) were given a mission to find their destination at Banpo Hangang Park after forming a team of 4. However what the leaders didn't know was that their team members were given a hidden mission where they could join Lee Si Young Team and it's only limited to one person from each team. HaHa and Kwang Soo (due to his keen sense) manage to join Si Young's group and somehow suffers their original team leader's wrath for betraying.
    • When the mission starts, each team needs to select a location where one van leads them to the airport, heading to Hong Kong while the other at Gangwon Providence. As everyone expected based on the previous cutscenes... Team So Min has to go to Hong Kong.
    • For many years, Kwang Soo was very popular among everyone even in Asia but upon calling Mr. Kang, a shepherd, for a mission to get 4L of milk from the sheep, he doesn't seem to know him except all the Running Man members. After realizing that his ranch fits the requirement conditions, HaHa and Si Young make a bet to Kwang Soo to give all his votes if he doesn't recognize him. Kwang Soo refuses at first assuming they're a pack of scammers but later agrees.
      • Upon arriving at the ranch, they make Kwang Soo and PD Joo Yong to swap outfits to see if the shepherd really doesn't know Kwang Soo. He doesn't. Poor Kwang Soo as he sulks upon it while his team members tried their best not to laugh.
    • Ji Hyo team have to cook for 100 people for their mission (which was adjusted from the 100 waiting line mission in Hong Kong). However knowing this is a hard mission, they decide to have Byul, HaHa's wife, as a special guest and helper for their team. You could see HaHa's reactions the moment they met at the resting place after completing their first mission.
    • Poor Team So Min (Consist of Jae Suk and Suk Jin) have to suffer eating noodles again only this time they're doing it in Hong Kong where they have to ask a local to recommend 'steak' much like in Okinawa. Sadly they failed.
    • Any time that Kwang Soo gets punished (or beaten) by Si Young. Especially when Kwang Soo steals the ballots. Twice. Lesson learn of the day, never try to steal or betray a former amateur boxer.
  • Episode 432: The Furious Santa episode.
    • Before the episode begins (Actually it is the second half of episode 431), due to Kwang Soo and Suk Jin being punished, the PD decides to make them as spies for this episode. However upon reveal that they need to decide who would be reveal earlier, both members picked each other and realize that the PD gave up on the new year spy theme. In the end Suk Jin is selected.
    • During the first mission, one of the topic each team need to pass is to give their best Christmas date memory. However HaHa and Kwang Soo's guest partners Sung Hoon and Park Ha Na ends up quarreling to the point where Sung Hoon explodes when Ha Na mentions she's living the same area as he is now. This continues until Sung Hoon reveals that she has a boyfriend already, which she admits. Unfortunately poor Kwang Soo (which he didn't know of that secret info) realizes that he has no chance in dating her and all her words during the selection are false hope. Due to that, everyone decides to let Kwang Soo's team win out of pity much to Kwang Soo's disagreement.
    • At the final mission, Kwang Soo and Jae Suk meets up with HaHa which both claims that they eliminated Suk Jin. Jae Suk realizes that Kwang Soo's the spy and tries to eliminate him, asking HaHa for help. Until Kwang Soo shows proof that the clue he found stated "The Furious Santas (Spy) are shorter than 190cm." Turns out that Kwang Soo manages to create a fake clue beforehand which HaHa automatically believes him. After both Jae Suk and HaHa were eliminated, both ends up furious upon elimination realizing his intentions.
  • Episode 433: RPG (Running Man Playing Game) Stage 1: Rice Cake Soup in the Sky. note 
    • After completing the first mission, Kwang Soo and So Min are given a task to retrieve the ingredient that they didn't obtained. However upon reaching at the checkpoint, they're given a choice where they could choose either to take the Rice Cake ingredient or eat the rice cake soups and level up. Obviously, they choose the latter since So Min is level 0 while Kwang Soo is born that way. Upon return, the betrayal duo tries to smother themselves with snow; they intend to lie that they fail due to a fake mission. Unfortunately, before they manage to explain, Jae Suk notice that they have level up based on Kwang Soo's badge. Instead of making excuses, Kwang Soo just stated that So Min started eating first. (which it is true.)
      • Due to the above, everyone decides to penalized the duo by putting them in 7th and last place during the second mission. note  Due to the show's outcome, they never get to eat it. However...
    • After completing the above, Se Chan, who ate the most dumplings, must select a member (HaHa), to retrieve the ingredients. Upon leaving, both members also intend to level up the same way Kwang Soo and So Min did. Due to that, the remaining members were not too happy about it until they realize that... everyone who's inside the building has been level up while the two greedy members didn't. The PD seems to know their actions pretty well.
  • Episode 456: Two members each are tasked with making a sales pitch for an item in a box that they can't see and are graded based on their performance and answering questions from the other six members (who can see what the item is). Yang Se Chan and Jeon So Min are paired, and Se Chan begins by suggesting that the item be used when looking for a date. So Min runs with the idea and suggests using it on a first date. As the pitch proceeds, the two admit to using it essentially all the time and claim that women love it, with Se Chan eventually claiming to first use it in 3rd grade while So Min says her first time using it was at age 20; to Haha's question about what they would say to those who would be scared of using it they suggest covering their eyes and turning out the lights; Se Chan goes for the finish by proclaiming that when used with the lights off it'll feel like a "special event". At that point, the rest of the Running Men accuse the two of having peeked at the box and the production crew step in and insist on throwing out this round and doing it over...because the item in question happened to be a pair of handcuffs.
  • Episode 473: The House that has no exit Race. Considered to be one of the funniest episode of 2019 by fans.
    • The entire 'No laughing' Route. The mission sounds simple as the assigned member(s) have to buy stuffs in the convenience store without laughing by passing 5 stages. All the members assumed that it's very simple. Unfortunately they soon realize that it's not easy as they think.
    • The best notable mention is the final stage to the point Se Chan comments that this route is design for them to fail.note  Turns out standing behind the cashier is Han Ki-bum [[Note]] First appeared in Episode 402[[/note]], Kwang Soo's 'doppelganger' and look-a-like. When Kwang Soo and Jong Kook starts, the moment Kwang Soo steps foot into the store and sees Ki-bum, he immediately collapse out out of the store while laughing himself silly. Once Jong Kook starts, both Kwang Soo and Chul Min PD agrees that this stage is cheating.
      • This doesn't help the sheer hilarity when Han Ki-bum acts one of young Kwang Soo's comedy antics and making puns where you can see Kwang Soo unable to control his laughter on the ground.
      • Jong Kook's tactic of not laughing: "Make an awkward crying/sad expression" anytime something funny happens. Thanks to that, this was also consider a Moment of Awesome where Jong Kook pass even Han Ki-Bum praises him for it.
    • During the quiz game, when the PD ask Kwang Soo and Se Chan "A submarine that is made of lead is carrying 30 men and 29 women. But why did it sink?". The answer is "It's a submarine." However, both men gives the best ridiculous answers.
      Kwang Soo: When you add 30 and 29, it becomes 59. But lead's atomic number is 60. note 
  • Episode 478:
    • The return of the 'No laughing' mission (or challenge). Whenever one of the members laugh or even giggled, they would be punished by pulling them away and giving them funny disguises. However in the final challenge, that didn't happened since Han Ki-Bum makes his return with two other girls (one from Episode 473) as a band members. This causes everyone to laugh to the point that no one was pulled out for the punishment just to see their skit (even though the PD counts their laughter).

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