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  • The dub team of Rune Factory 4 was clearly having far too much fun with the license quizzes. The answers are easy enough when you're familiar with the games (and fairly self-explanatory even if you're not), but choosing the right answer becomes much more difficult when the wrong answers are so much funnier...
    • From the EZ Cooking exam:
    If your cooking skill is lower than the difficulty level of the dish...
    (a) You need more RP.
    (b) You can't make it.
    If you succeed in making difficult dishes, your Cooking Skill will gain...
    (a) More Exp.
    (b) No Exp.
  • Similar to the above, Leon will ask if you're a decent cook. You can say that you once killed a man.
  • Doug's plan for world peace: Clone Amber. Many times. It conjures up funny and heartwarming images:
    "...if there were a billion Ambers, war would never happen. All the Ambers would just chill and drink juice."
  • A wide number of Dylas's shy lines, particularly the ones where he doesn't catch himself in time.
    Dylas: I've been waiting for you... wait-no I haven't!
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  • The guys are chatting about ideas for festivals. Dylas' contribution..?
    "I'd happily take part in a Beat Doug Senseless festival."
  • The revelation that pretty much everyone in the town was hiding in Porcoline's restaurant to eavesdrop on Dylas proposing to Frey. Doug charges in out of nowhere and tackle hugs him before Dylas even has a chance to put the ring on her.
  • Dylas is pretty much The Comically Serious. While he doesn't actively tell many jokes, he ends up in funny situations regardless.
    • Arthur tries to put glasses on him at least once. While you are (sadly) not given a visual, the thought of it is quite funny.
    • On days where the weather is Runeys, he'll wonder if they're edible. Apparently Porco is rubbing off on him.
    • Wearing a swimsuit is apparently a big deal, but it has nothing to do with splashing in the water:
      Frey: Aren't you going swimming, Dylas?
      Dylas: Hmph. I'm no kid. Why should I romp around like one?
      Dylas: N-not for that dumb a reason! See, I, uh... I'm wearing a swimsuit!
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    • Likewise, him challenging Doug to a swimming contest if Frey asks who's faster. Especially notable in that he will yell at Doug no matter where he is on the map — Doug could be across town working in the shop, eating at Porco's, or taking a nap upstairs, and Dylas still wants a duel right this minute.
    • Most anything to do with him dating Frey:
      • He tries to tell Frey he loves her and does a Last-Second Word Swap to shout about how great the weather is today; Frey thinks he's lost it. He manages to tell her the next day, and starts crying with joy if she says she loves him, too.
      • Frey asks if he loves her or fishing more, and he just sits there thinking about how he needs to answer quickly but it's already too late for that.
      • When he tries to reverse it and ask Frey if she loves him, there is an option that answers "I loathe you." Dylas' shocked silence is accompanied by some dramatic lightning and even a loud chord of music, potentially meant to represent the thunder echoing from his poor, broken heart. And while Frey didn't mean it, Dylas is now catatonic.
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    • In a scene where you talk to Doug, he produces a carrot. Dylas is confused, so Doug just offers it to the PC. You have the option to swing it around, and if you swing it Dylas appears on screen. Another option to swing it around, up or down, Dylas' character image follows it.
  • Any time Leon gets to messing with people, or commenting on the daily habits of everyone around him. Doug is apparently quite noisy and funny, and if you tell him that, he gets even noisier and funnier.
  • Porcoline generates a good number of funnies. One town event had him and the protagonist on a 'date' to Yokmir Forest. There, he shows a bit of his Hidden Depths while talking about his family (Margaret, Arthur, and Dylas). It was a bit heartwarming, at least until the Mood Whiplash kicks in and he proposed to the protagonist again. All response options provided are all about shooting his proposal down.
  • Upon asking Margaret what a Serenade is. .
    Margaret: E..err..Oh! Look Behind You! A Wooly doing a Leekspin!
    Lest: Huh?! Where??
  • After unlocking the Furniture Store, answer "Many" to the clerk's question of whether you have a lover or not.
  • The dialogue with Porcoline if you tell him you love him. He'll tell you that you're off to your wondrous wedding, and the screen will fade to white, as though it's about to go to a cutscene; it lasts just long enough for the unwary player to think, "Wait, what?" before fading back in, with Porcoline saying he was just joking, and he thinks he gave you the wrong idea.
  • Every baby-talk scene is pure gold, but Vishnal's reaction when Frey catches him is just perfect:
    Vishnal: (with Fireball Eyeballs) I love you!
    Frey: (shocked) Nice save!
    • Leon's has him lamenting the loss of his beautiful image.
    • Arthur will calmly ask Frey how long she's been standing there, then immediately go back to talking to the baby, in the same tone of voice, about how mean she is.
    • Dylas will declare that there will never be any boys around his child... Even if his child is a boy.
    • Kiel acts overly cutesy (even compared to the other guys), calling his baby a "cute little snookems." He even baby-talks about how much he loves Frey after she discovers him to embarrass her a bit.
    • Doug gushes about how much he loves his baby and Frey, and when Frey says she returns the affection, he's at first delighted... until he realizes that means she heard everything he said.
  • A random conversation with Bado.
    Bado: Can you think of a fast way for me to make money?
    (a) Work.
    (b) Work!
    (c) WORK, DAMMIT!
  • Upon booting up the game, a random character will read out the title. Dolce's version is a bit special:
    "Rune Factory... but which one? I'm not telling."
  • When following Pico to Obsidian Mansion the protagonist comes across a large gorge. Volkanon proceeds to fix this problem by practically flying across the gorge and building a bridge out of thin air. The possible responses are:
    (a) Wow, that's amazing!
    (b) ...
    (c) What are you?!
    Volkanon: I am but a simple butler. No more, no less.
  • Some of the conversations and mini-events are not gender exclusive, which, due to the romantic nature of some of them, can lead to hilarious exchanges, one in particular where Dylas saves you from a playboy who's hitting on you, a boy, and when you thank him reacts in typical tsundere fashion and then runs off.
    • One non-gender-exclusive event has the player lead Dylas around town so he can practice smiling at people. Several of the townsfolk will assume you're dating, no matter your gender.
  • Doug's proposal event has Frey walk in on him practicing his proposal with Dylas. As if that weren't enough, Dylas actually seems to be imitating Frey for it.
    • Later on Frey has this exchange with Margaret:
      Margaret: Funnily enough, when I mentioned Doug's name [to Dylas], he blushed beet red.
      Frey: R-really? Do you think they're actually... um...
      Margaret: Oh my...
  • If you're on a date with Leon and you choose to pet his head, the results are...quite hilarious. It's like getting revenge for all the times he ruffled your hair, complete with Leon begging you to stop because petting his head seems to imply that you're probably petting him the way one would pet any furry animal: behind their (fluffy and cute) ears.
  • A number of confessions can make you laugh at their reactions.
  • If you go through the Obsidian Mansion with Forte, she'll immediately teleport out when ghosts first start showing up. Then she'll come back and apologize for it.
  • Interacting with the flowers in Carnation's will have the character name off all the different flowers, with varying levels of confidence. If Illuminata is in the shop she makes no comment, but if Amber's in the shop, she's shocked at how you're absolutely wrong about every single one of them.
    Lest/Frey: These are...Pink Cats?
    Amber: C-Charm Blues...How could they be Pink Cats if they're not even pink?
  • Another Volcanon one
    • In one of the random town events, Volcanon overhears a conversation you’re having with Arthur and thinks that you’re planning to resign as prince/princess. He then proceeds to try to convince you not to resign. The situations he sets up are absolutely hilarious when you consider just how OP he is.
  • Giving Margaret a squid and watching her reaction. Doubly so since her reaction is fully voiced. You'll lose affection for doing this though. See for yourself.
  • The item description for Butter.
    Usually eaten with other food for the taste. Sometimes eaten alone, by the stick, in shame.
  • This is later followed up by the Friendly Rod's description
    A staff of friendship. "We should be good friends" means she doesn't want to date you.
  • In the Quiz Festival, it's downright hilarious that the player can just push characters out of the correct box and no one comments on it. Even the characters who were pushed will be confused as to how they got out of bounds. The judges should be calling Lest/Frey out on it, but since it's Porcoline who's judging... he might be letting them slide out of "love."
    • In the same vein, watching characters mess up questions they should know better than anyone else is very silly, such as Jones screwing up questions about his own clinic or, even worse, basic medicine. No wonder he encourages the player to make their own medicines.
  • When you beat the second arc, your character will go around the town greeting/thanking every one. When Dolce's team arrives, Pico greets you first and tells you how happy Dolce is that you're alright. Dolce's 3D model then shows and proceeds to knock Pico's 3D model out and the conversation continues like nothing happened.
  • You can bring Forte with you to the first dungeon when you're still in tutorial mode. This mostly just gives her minor commentary on what's happening in the dungeon, but she'll also ask why you're talking to yourself when you start talking about how to stack the three potions you just found.
  • One of Amber's greetings has her sing out "It's the season of flowers, but ugh, go away you annoying insects! " with her portrait sporting a cheerful expression, leaving Lest/Frey unsure of how to respond.

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