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Episode 2

  • Practically all of it.
  • Some key moments:
    • Jin spitting water at V when the latter groped the former.
    • Everyone else tickling Jungkook in order to get him to spit out water. Jin stopped their attempts when Jungkook's shirt was nearly undone.
    • RM spitting out water on his own face.
    • J-Hope spitting water at Jimin's face.
    • Everyone's reactions when V spat water everywhere.

Episode 3

  • J-Hope and Jimin when riding some roller coasters.

Episode 5

  • Again, practically all of it.
  • Highlights include:
    • Other members kicking or stomping on someone whenever he fails.
    • Jin celebrating and almost forgetting to give RM a high five so the latter could do his part in the challenge.
    • Everyone's victory lap when they all win the challenge.

Episode 6

  • Suga acting as a priest and forgiving everyone (except Jin)'s sins with his middle finger.

Episode 8

  • V not bothering to participate in the challenge since the team he was on made a promise to share the flags they found.
    • However, Jimin goes back on that promise.
  • Jimin running around so much that the cameraman following him can't catch up. Even the subtitles say, "Jimin, wait for me..."
  • Jungkook snatching a flag Jin spotted first.
  • Suga ditching his ATV when it got stuck and being forced to run.
  • Jungkook attempting to retrieve a flag he dropped only for Suga to steal it. The flag turned out to be blank.
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  • Jin getting scared by Suga who appeared out of nowhere.
  • Suga attempting to to say he won by tearing off a corner of the flag he stole.
  • Jimin giving a flag to Jungkook, saying he was cute, and making V beg for a flag.

Episode 9

  • As heartwarming as the episode was, there was a funny moment at the beginning when everyone except Jungkook was dreading bungee jumping.

Episode 10

  • Suga giving no fucks when Jungkook plucked out one of his hairs and put a hand underneath his armpit.

Episode 12

  • Hobi being told his crime is "looking like a horse".
  • Jungkook making Jimin dance to "Lie" with a fake gun pointed at him during his interrogation.

Episode 18

  • Suga being upset at not getting the racecar he wanted to drive (even though he had 40 seconds to pick).
  • V hitting the puck out of the air hockey rink.
  • Jin becomes a bit overly excited when it's his turn to play, and he laughs at himself so hard that he cries.
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  • Jin getting hit in the crotch with the hockey puck and being near tears while the others celebrate. Later, he gets hit on the hand.

Episode 20

  • Namjoon trying to cut the chicken into pieces with the sheath still on the knife.
  • V using a squirrel bowl to present the soy sauce in.
  • Jungkook's sweet potatoes getting stuck to the plate.

Episode 24

  • The entire group is tricked into thinking they're going to visit animals at an amusement park, only to end up facing a bunch of zombies.
  • J-Hope and Jimin being scared out of their wits the entire time.
  • Yoongi nearly fighting a zombie when the group gets off the bus.
  • Namjoon, Taehyung, and Jungkook being barely phased by the zombies.
    • Namjoon politely saying "excuse me, excuse me sir" while trying to pass by a zombie.
  • Jin and Yoongi's strategy for the mission is... to dress up and pretend to be zombies?
  • Jimin elaborately dodging the lasers in the laser room only to fail when his butt sets the alarm off, while Jungkook succeeds by just crawling underneath.
  • Jin giving a sticker with his face on it to a zombie and introducing himself as "Worldwide Handsome".
    • Even better, that zombie grins!
  • The fact that the zombies are clearly having a blast.

Episode 29

Episode 32

  • For the Christmas episode, the members have to look for numbers while carrying a pig balloon, which then changes to them being chased by J-Hope trying to cut the balloons. At certain point, though, V goes to a glass cabinet, enters... and pretends to be a mannequin by staying completely still. Namjoon finds him shortly after, and is extremely confused.
    Annotations: ???
  • J-Hope's yelling being heard through the hallways by other members and scaring them. The yelling is so loud that it echoes everywhere and Namjoon has no idea of where to run.


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