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  • These pictures, the first being Solo Darling holding The Comically Serious Heidi in a Bridal Carry, the second being Heidi holding Solo in front of her while Solo thumbs her nose.
  • Chris Sabin defeated Heidi at AAW One Twisted Christmas on December 27, 2014. After the match, Heidi went on Twitter to say that while she didn't agree with Sabin's "DIRTY" tactics, it was an honor to have been in the ring with him. Sabin responded by saying getting his ass kicked by Heidi was "the most female action I've had in a year!"
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  • In a since-deleted picture on her Instagram about the Social Network appearing at AIW Girls Night Out 11, there was an upside down sign which read, "SOCIAL NETWORK A BITCH A SLUT A PSYCHO OH YEAH AND HEIDI".
  • This picture of her screaming and swinging a Singapore cane.
  • This picture of her Team Slap Happy teammate Evie pushing Heidi into Vanessa Kraven's chest while Kraven's partner Tessa Blanchard poses, prior to their match at SHIMMER 78, October 11, 2015.
  • Her match with Kimber Lee at Remix Pro Throwdown for the Pound 12: Homeward Bound started with them teaming up to do the prematch frisk on the referee.
  • This post has her describe herself as a combination of Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls, Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim and Dorothy Zbornak from The Golden Girls.

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