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  • The 3 Musketeers, Part 1:
    Douglas Smith: He persuaded the king to hold an enormous ball...
    Hugh Paddick (probably): (interrupting) Don't drop it, Louis!
  • Julian and Sandy recounting their trip around the world in a lifeboat:
    Kenneth Horne: Did you manage to drag yourself up on deck?
    Julian: Oh no, we dressed quite casual.
    • This was shamelessly stolen by Kenny Everett in an episode of Captain Kremmen c. 1977
    • And also by Paul Cornell in the Julian and Sandy pastiche sections of Happy Endings.
  • Kenneth Williams interrupting shows to moan and complain about his part (in the script).
    • "I wanna wear tights! (pause as the audience laughs) I've got the legs for it!"
    • Culminating in one sketch where the rest of the cast, and the audience have to reassure him they love him. Then he moans that Edwin Braden (who does the music) hasn't done it. "Get 'im to do it! Great 'airy hypocrite!" And then after that, he demands the producer join in.
      • During this, Bill Pertwee joins in, trying to turn Horne against Williams in order to get a larger part.

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