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Funny / Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness

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Act I

  • When Kurumu inflicts Marshmallow Hell on Rason in chapter 14, Tsukune reflects to himself, "So that's what it looks like from the outside."

Act II

  • As stated in chapter 20, the denizens of Snow Woman Village advertise themselves with this gem:
    "Come to Snow Woman Village and meet your future wife, whether you like it or not."


Act IV

  • The warning note next to Yukari's Love Potion is worth a laugh or two:
    "Love-Struck Potion. Made by Yukari Sendo. Do not touch! Extremely dangerous! Will make the wearer more susceptible to their Love Interest to a dangerous degree. Side effects can include hysteria, impaired cognitive thought, increased libido, and urges to participate in group orgies."
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  • In chapter 21, Falla rigs the entire girls' dormitory with Death Traps in an attempt to kill Moka and Make It Look Like an Accident, featuring such things as piano wire, Bear Traps on the stairs, a swinging axe on the window, a pit full of Spikes of Doom, a spiked swinging log, blades on a trip wire, flamethrowers, and boulders. What makes this funny is the final trap: a simple rabbit box trap with a packet of blood inside. Everyone thinks that the final trap is ridiculous, with Inner Moka thinking that they should actually be insulted by it.

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