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  • Insisting in a post-Wrestlemania 30 interview that "IT'S A DOUBLE TRIPLE POWERBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB!".
  • His in-ring promo with Chris Jericho during a WWE Raw Halloween special:
    Reigns: (To Jericho) I was gonna dress up as a Stupid Idiot...
    Reigns: (shrugs) ...but they didn't have anymore Jericho costumes, man.
    (Cue RAW Commissioner Mick Foley shouting "Zing!" in the background, with Jericho Jaw Drop)
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  • His absolute Trolling of Stephanie McMahon has been some of his funniest work ever.
    Stephanie: GET OUT!!
    Roman: But these people don't want me to go!
    Roman: Hey, ya'll want to see her get really mad? (turns his back and ignores her, causing a screaming meltdown)
  • During the meeting of the Survivor Series teams of Raw and Smackdown, Roman's reaction to AJ Styles soccer mom hair making the List of Jericho is to crack up visibly, even though it doesn't fit his persona.
  • Ruining Rusev and Lana's wedding celebration, complete with a zinger about Rusev's, ahem, performance skills.
    Roman: I was expecting more! Just like Lana was expecting more on her wedding night.
    • He then proceeds to shove Rusev backwards, into Lana, who goes directly into the very messy wedding cake.
  • Considering the IWC's usual vitriol towards him during 2016 into mid 2017, the "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" chant that broke out during a promo with Dean Ambrose wasn't too bad. Roman gets a little testy this time, though:
    "All the dudes chanting that I can't wrestle? I want you to calm down, relax, take a sip of your beer and shut your mouth."
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  • During the reunion of The SHIELD, Roman caught a bad case of meningitis and had to miss a good month's worth of shows in October 2017. Upon his return, Stephanie McMahon calls him out, prompting this response (though Seth Rollins' facial reaction is the capper):
    Stephanie: And you, where have you even been?
    Roman: You got a lot of questions, how about we spin this? Where the hell have you been? We haven't seen you in like, six or seven months, and all that really happened to you is you went through a table at Wrestlemania. Oh, wait, I don't wanna get you in trouble. Your husband put you through a table at Wrestlemania.
  • His spot-on impressions of Paul Bearer and Randy Savage. The Bearer one especially, for the sheer hilarity and Vocal Dissonance of hearing it come out of Roman.
  • He nearly hijacked Dean Ambrose's WWE Chronicle episode with his hilarious backstage antics. It was near-universally agreed upon that he was the second best thing of the documentary, behind Ambrose himself. It also crossed with Tearjerker, as the events of the episode were leading up to Ambrose's Face–Heel Turn — and thus, Roman's leukemia announcement.

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