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  • Asmo gets into an altercation with the local town guard an immediately decks him in the face, and continues to do so as he tries to fight back until the group is sent off to The Wall.
  • The group is helping a small village find their missing cows. They track the thief to a tomb where they find a very nonchalant necromancer and a group of reanimated skeletons milking the stolen cows and collecting the milk in a giant trough. Needless to say, the group is stunned silent by this.
  • Daenir goes to a local library after saving the town and attempts to buy a book on history, a book on fiction...and a romance novel, which he fumbles through. The shopkeep asks if he's looking for porn, and when Daenir sheepishly accepts it, the man enthusiastically throws a switch on the wall and more porn than either Wolfgang or Daenir could possibly imagine appears from behind the bookshelves.
    • Even better, when Daenir, still sheepish, asks for tabaxi porn, among the books is one Lani describes as being about "ninja cats" and kind of "bizarre, disgusting power fantasy". ShadowDancerBob continues the joke by saying Daenir then notices a book about catgirls in a bakery, which he expresses disgust at. Keep in mind, Asmo's not with them, and one wonders what Taka's face is like from behind the cameranote  .
    Wolfgang: So which one you like more, the fat one or the annoying one?
    Daenir: I...uh...why!?
    • Even better, when Daenir finally picks onenote , the shopkeeper recognizes them as the town heroes and he revels at the fact that their town heroes just went into his shop for some smut at their expense and embarrassment.
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    • EVEN BETTER, Daenir admits afterwards that he just wanted a legit romance novel.
    Wolfgang: I'm sure there's some romantic stuff in there...beneath all the fffffffuckin'!
  • The trio are having breakfast when they are approached by their coachman who informs them that their complimentary carriage to the next town is ready. Upon noticing his translucent constitution and the fact that he floats, Connor rolling for Wolfgang has Lani drop a weird bombshell: he's a ghost. The players just burst out laughing at the absurdity of this development.
  • Very Black Comedy example, or at least, it's supposed to be horrific, yet ends up as funny in its own way: the trio are interrogated by a cop (who turns out to be a vampire) who doesn't believe their story of not killing a suspected murderer, crossing blades with the Jester of Bordeaux, who they did plainly see kill said Bleeding God cultist, or the reasons they're in the North in the first place despite all their evidence. When the cop tries to corroborate their story with a town they previously saved via scrying orb, all they get is a terrified cry for help cut short by the above-mentioned cow-milking necromancer drow, SOMEHOW STILL ALIVE despite only having his skeleton left, and nonchalant and affable as always, even when he plainly states he's massacred the entire town. What makes this otherwise horrifying revelation funny is the continued nonchalance of the necromancer drow in the face of the angered trio and the flabbergasted cop trying to swallow all of this.
    • As clarified by Taka later on, he imagined Asmo in that moment with his hands pointing to the scrying orb while giving the cop an "I told you so" look.
  • Wolfgang gives Asmo a Dope Slap and scolds him for swearing in front of his son, which resulted in him learning the word "Fuck." Seeing this and mistaking it for friendly bonding, T-wig slaps Daenir in the back of the head, though they unfortunately hit him much harder than Wolfgang hit Asmo.
    • Because of this, Elliot refers to Asmo as "Uncle Fuck" in his innocent, childish way. Later, T-wig also innocently calls Asmo "Uncle Fuck".
  • T-Wig uses Speak with Plants on a stalk of corn. She can hear it screaming when a farmer plucks some corn off of it. Then, because of the range of the spell, she can hear the entire field of corn screaming as it is being harvested.

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