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  • The Rottentroll talent show, which features such highlights as:
    • Sigsworthy Crags reciting a poem commemorating an airship he had built, only to trail off and make dog noises.
    • Kettlewell sewing a sweater in real time.
    • Yockenthwaite singing his favourite song.
      Yockenthwaite: There were ten thousand in the bed and the little one said...
      Yockenthwaite: So they all rolled over and one fell out. There were nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine-
      Aysgarth: Shut up!
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  • The first demonstration of Jim Jam Ya Ha!
  • The Narrator having his voice raised in pitch and trying to tell a friend of his not to pick him up.
    The Narrator: Hello, Phil, I'm just ringing to say I won't make the darts match tonight. No, it's a very bad line, I think. Anyway, Dave can play instead of... no, it is just a bad line, mate. Yeah, well, you - you sound like an alien to me, too.
  • The episode "Twelve Angry Trolls" parodies televised court proceedings, with the narrator showing courtroom sketches of:
    • Kettlewell kicking Trucklecrag in the stomach
    • A Big Ball of Violence
    • A picture of some birch trees by the river wharf in late autumn
    • The jury with their mouths closed
    • The jury with their mouths open
  • The Barrel Rangers! Martin Clunes/The Narrator's reaction makes it better.
  • The Rottentroll Files. The various descriptions of the characters, especially Yockenthwaite's.
  • Everyone gets excited for the Rottentrolympics, especially Yockenthwaite, who borrows the rule cards first. No sooner does he borrow them than he trips up and promptly scatters said cards. His options are to confess to the others that he got the rule cards out of order, leading to them thrashing him with wet bracken or he could put them back together in any order. This leads to some interesting results.
    The Narrator: Okay, let's see how the day shapes up! At 9:30, we kick off with Cross-Country Snooker! At 11:30, it's down to the riverside for some Five-A-Side Pole Vault! 1:15, we go up to the high meadow; we got some Downhill Badminton for you!


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