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Funny / Rock–Paper–Scissors

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  • Apparently, Ebenezer Fay died next to a squirrel. Yes.
  • The fourth panel of this page is ridiculously deformed, blunt, and hilarious. May also count as a CMOA for Chief Strausser.
  • This whole page. All of it. Reilly's reactions and Mr. Friday's strange adorkability.
  • This page. Poor Reilly. She's just jealous of the diamond in Ben's heart.
  • This entire page really. Jack's moped drama.
  • This page. It includes both silly brotherly rivalry and random Fan Disservice.
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  • Andy the badass and his love of soap operas.
  • These pages. Mr. Friday and marmalade. And singing.
  • The first two panels of this page. Andy's trigger happiness and the shop owner's lament.
  • Nice moped, Andy. Even better expression. And Jack's reaction is even better than that.
  • Louis attempts to hit on Argent. He fails miserably. The background of the last panel makes it even better.
  • Ah, Glen. What a Large Ham.

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