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The Musical

  • During "We Built This City/Too Much Time on My Hands", after Dennis Dupree learns that the Bourbon is going to be torn down because it "no longer generates an adequate tax revenue".
    Lonny: That's why I keep telling you - we need to bring back Naked Jello Wrestling Thursdays. But this time, check it: we let women enter!
  • Franz. Just...
    Franz: I'm not gay....I'm GERMAN!
    • Early in Act 1, some of the ensemble members are doing a group number as Hertz and Franz walk by, and Franz runs off and joins them in their dancing. Especially funny with how the ensemble is clad in "rocker"-type clothing while he's wearing a business suit.

The Film

  • Most things involving Stacee Jaxx are pure funny. Especially when the two bruisers temporarily provide totally deadpan backing vocals during "Wanted Dead Or Alive", causing Constance to give them a WTF look.
    • Out of the blue, Stacee stops that very musical number for a split-second, long enough to answer a girl's crossword puzzle. "Dalai Lama."
  • The in-universe Executive Meddling to a band to take it from metal to hip hop. Bad hip hop. It must be seen to be believed, like every poser pushed into one band.
    • During "Any Way You Want it" when Drew is put in his new wardrobe, he's got a truly crushed look on his face, singing in a hilarious deadpan.
  • The entirety of the phone conversation between Stacee Jaxx and the poor guy picking up the phones at Rolling Stone late at night. Jaxx's dialogue is this drug-addled, cryptic mess, and the other guy snarks his way through the whole conversation.
    • And Stacee finding out he "has a gig" that night—cut to the empty phonebooth.
    • And then when he gets to his gig right after the crowd finishes the big "We Built This City/We're Not Gonna Take It" number, he recognizes the mayor's wife as one of his old groupies. And pretty much melts her credibility along with her.
  • When Jaxx goes back to the Bourbon Room to find Constance, he spots her and starts walking to her—only to be ambushed by an adoring fan who pulls him into a ridiculously long kiss. As it goes on, Jaxx turns from his usual response, to holding up a hand in the "just gimme a minute" gesture (Constance answers with an "it's okay, I'm sure you get this a lot" gesture), finally ending up just staring incredulously at the woman kissing him, clearly wondering if she ever has to let up to breathe before he finally manages to free himself.
    • The girl then collapses to the floor.
  • Patricia's supposedly short Back Story / Motive Rant.
    Mayor Whitmore: That was the short version?
    • Most scenes with Patricia Whitmore are pretty funny, due to her Large Ham tendencies.
  • Nearly every scene with Lonny in it but especially the 'Concrete Balls' conversation.
    • Also "why would the Devil be involved in closing vaginas?"
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    • When he runs out with the book is both this—because he looks insane—and a Moment of Awesome.
  • Anything involving Stacee Jaxx's pet monkey, Hey Man. Anything.
  • Lonnie and Dennis singing "Can't Fight This Feeling" to each other.
  • Sherrie and Drew meeting back up at the Hollywood sign:
    Sherrie: I'm a stripper at the Venus Club.
    Drew: I'm in a boy band.
    Sherrie: You win.
  • The sex and kissing scenes between Stacee and Constance, tongues and all. Particularly when they lampshade the Anatomically Impossible Sex during "I Want to Know What Love is."
    • Stacee singing directly into her ass during the song as well.
    • When Stacee finally sees her again in the Bourbon Room at the end, he tells her to open her mouth. Constance quizzically obliges him, only for Stacee to thrust his entire tongue into it and waggle it around obscenely. To top it off, Jaxx is visibly teary-eyed on seeing her. What the hell.
  • "What's the name of your band, mate?" "Wolfgang Von Colt." (beat) "You're sticking with that, are you?"
  • The Z-Guyeezz. Their name. Its pronunciation. Even more, their clothes. Even more, Paul's reminder to Drew aka Joshy-Z to turn off his microphone so that the audience doesn't hear him sing live (the music is 100% playback). And, of course, Dennis' reaction upon their performance.
    • Kevy Z continuing to dance the ridiculous choreography as he is being dragged off the stage to a lour chorus of boos.

The Unrelated Video Game

  • The Wallachia scene, parodying Castlevania perfectly, and then replacing Dracula with Vlad Tepes.
  • Every single cutscene in the entire game. Also, when you successfully mow down the door of your enemy's castle, they scream like a little girl and when they get rolled over, all you hear is *PPHHHRRRRRRP!* at the results screen.
  • This game is designed for speed, considering you play as a giant rolling boulder. So playing versus mode as a stone cube is really hilarious.