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  • In many episodes, Jeremy complains about piranhas stealing the bait off his line. They're a common source of annoyance for Jeremy. But in the episode "Lair of Giants", a scene shows Jeremy eating cooked piranha meat for dinner. An interesting role reversal, indeed.
    • In one of the episodes in question, after a whole day of having his bait constantly stolen by piranha, he hooks something that he says feels bigger than a piranha. When he gets the fish in, it's... a really big piranha. The look on his face says it all.
  • While fishing on the Laos-Thai river border, Jeremy recounts the time where he fished in the same river and got arrested (and his mugshot is even shown). By the time he finishes, a police boat comes. Thankfully despite the high-tech fishing gear he has (which is the reason why Jeremy fears getting arrested) the police let him off with a warning and send him on his way.

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