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  • If Ristar knocks over a tree in Planet Flora's Dark Woods level, he will gasp in horror as if to say My God, What Have I Done?.
  • Once Adahan, the boss of Planet Scorch, takes enough damage, he is revealed as a really small mole having piloted a larger mole mech. He still tries to fight by tossing a teeny little wave of dirt at you, but it doesn't even faze you.
  • Itamor's cry of pain whenever Ristar throws hot food in his mouth.
  • Defeating Greedy essentially requires that Ristar attack him from below due to being a flying opponent... which oftentimes makes him look like he's being struck in the groin. That's right, the powerful evil alien overlord is done in by being repeatedly hit in the nuts!
    • Upon defeating him, Ristar speaks his only full line of dialogue other than the "Play with me?" heard on the title screen. His final parting words?


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