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Spoilers Off applies to the Moments subpages. BEWARE OF UNMARKED SPOILERS

  • Bunny's introduction in the film. The audience is treated to a shot of him emerging proud and tall from the tunnel, cutting a heroic figure against the snowy backdrop... only to break the illusion as he starts complaining about the cold.
    Bunny: (leaping across the snow to North's workshop) Oh, I can't feel my feet! I can't feel my feet!
    • Also The Reveal of what happens when no one believes in him. He becomes an adorable little bunny.
      Jamie: That's the Easter Bunny?
      Bunny: Now somebody sees me! I mean, where were you about an hour ago, mate?
      • Bunny's voice coming out of that adorable, tiny body. Despite the situation, even North looks to be having a hard time keeping a straight face.
      • Jamie's disappointed reaction to the above.
        Jamie: He was huge, and cool! And now he's... cute.
      • Jamie then starts scratching his chin, and Bunny starts thumping his foot like a dog kicking their leg during a belly-rub or like Thumper from Bambi. He realizes what he's doing and swats Jamie's hand away.
  • The Guardians (minus Tooth) heroically setting forth in North's sleigh. Which he drives like a maniac.
    North: Buckle up!
    Bunny: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are the bloody seat belts?!
    North: Ha! That was just expression!
    • later...
      North: I hope you like the loop-de-loops!
      Bunny: (Upside down and trying not to be sick) I hope you like carrots!
      Sandy: (Sticks his hands up in the air like he's on a freaking roller-coaster)
    • Which becomes an Ironic Echo when Bunny transports them to his warren.
      Bunny: My warren, my rules. Buckle up! (taps his foot, opening a tunnel to his warren)
      North: (sits up after crashing into the ground) Buckle up. Is very funny.
    • The sleigh's reveal from Jack's adamant refusal to immediate change of heart are also a good laugh.
      Jack: There is no way I'm climbing into some rickety old— (sees the sleigh) Sleigh.
      (short montage of how cool the sleigh is before it stops in front of the Guardians)
      Jack: Okay, one ride. But that's it.
      North: (smugly) Everyone loves the sleigh.
    • Also on the sleigh, Jack falls off the end and Bunny panics about it. He looks over the edge... to see Jack casually leaning against the side.
      Jack: Aw, you do care.
      Bunny: Oh, rack off, you bloody show pony!
      • That particular phrase can be doubly funny for Australians, as 'rack off' is essentially a polite way of saying 'fuck off'. So Bunny was saying 'fuck off you fucking show off' to Jack.
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    • It's subtle, but Bunny's expression as Jack gives into awe at the sleigh. He seems almost disappointed not be in the company of at least one other person unimpressed with it.
    • It's even funnier when you remember that Jack can FLY, so he was never in any danger.
      • Even better? Everyone on that sleigh but Bunny can fly. No wonder he got sleigh-sick and is too terrified to look over the edge (until Jack seemingly falls off that is.)
  • When Bunny takes them through his tunnels to the warren, while the others are flailing about, Jack's surfing along a la Tarzan.
  • A Funny moment inside Heartwarming Moments, but when Jamie sees Jack, and Jack realizes You Can See Me?, both their expressions are funny.
  • When Tooth reveals to Jack that they, including him, were all someone before they were chosen as Guardians, we get this bit of levity.
    North: You should have seen Bunny! (laughs)
    Bunny: (whispering) Hey! I told you never to mention that!
  • After the Tooth Fairy's helpers are captured by Pitch, the Guardians collect the teeth, making a game of it, trying to one up one another.
    • Tooth, in all her excitement to collect the teeth, flies right into a toothpaste billboard. After Jack makes sure she's okay, she zips off in glee to collect a tooth. Even Baby Tooth can't respond with anything other than an apologetic shrug.
    • The boys have to be reminded it's a trade, not a collecting:
      Tooth: You guys have been leaving gifts, right?
      Sandy nods, but then shakes his head no
      (cut to the guys, all with faces that scream "Oh, Crap!")
    • After the "Crap, we forgot to leave gifts!" moment, we cut to a shot of the Guardians lining up at a laundromat to get quarters. The looks on all of their faces is gold! Especially since right before she reminded them they all looked so smug.
    • Other highlights from the boys' competition:
      • Jack arrives in a kid's room, only to find Bunny has gotten there first. He tauntingly shows Jack the tooth, only to have Jack blast him with ice. Jack's face especially when he does that makes the scene.
      • North getting stuck with Bunny after he falls into Bunny's hole. Sandy just gets the tooth and leaves them there to struggle. Not only that, but he holds the tooth out teasingly to them as he walks by.
      • In one kid's room, Bunny discovers a note with an arrow pointing to the window under a kid's pillow and he turns to discover that North has one-upped him and gotten the tooth first.
      • Just the fact that North took the time to leave the arrow drawing but still forgot about leaving something for the child.
      • There's one scene where Sandy comes up with a quarter... only to find North already set up an entire Christmas tree fully set up with the works with a bike' and stuffed the place with presents. Sandy is pissed and just throws the quarter away behind him in disgust.
      • Even FUNNIER when you realize that in story, that kid's going to wake up to that Christmas set up just before Easter.
      • Baby Tooth trying to beat up a mouse until Tooth reveals it's a member of the European Division. The mouse then shouts at them in French mouse-speak. While the Marseillaise plays.
      • Santa Cossack dancing across a roof and jumping down a chimney - only for Bunny to have lit a fire in that particular hearth, with a particularly evil grin on his face. "Ho ho ho." Cue the Distant Reaction Shot of the explosion and North shouting.
      • A tooth changes possession between Bunny, Jack and Sandy in about five seconds.
        [Jack snatches the tooth off Bunny]
        Jack: Yes!
        [Sandy snatches the tooth off Jack with a smug look]
        Jack: NO!
      • The Guardians fly past a window and Sandy turns to wave at the inhabitant with a big smile. The shocked child drops his juice.
        Bunny: Oh, I see how it is, huh? All working together to make sure the rabbit gets last place!
        Everyone else: SHHH!
  • Jack trying to return Sophie back to her bed, but she won't let go of his neck. When he finally gets her to let go she winds up rolling onto the floor next to it and won't get up. So he just puts a blanket over her and makes it look like she fell off the bed herself.
    • At the end, as all the Guardians' helpers are taking the sleeping children back to their homes, two elves toss Sophie into bed— and she promptly rolls off the other edge. They, too, toss a blanket over her.
  • That Yeti who can't catch a break making toys correctly!
    North: I don't like it! Paint it red!
    Bunny: Too Christmas-y, mate. Paint 'em blue.
    • Culminating with Pitch, who by now has essentially taken control over the workshop, proclaiming no more toys are needed. By then the Yeti is just jaded.
  • Jamie wakes up to see all the Guardians (save Jack Frost) in his room. What happens? Well, Bunnymund freaks out from Jamie's pet greyhound ("Crikey!"), which causes Sandman's sleep ball to bounce around the room knocking almost everyone else out.
    • "Candy canes!"
      • Just seeing what the other guardians were dreaming (Bunny - carrots; Tooth Fairy - teeth; Santa - candy canes) was funny.
      • Adding to the above, one of the carrots grabs a candy cane and does a short little dance with it.
        Jack: Oh, I wish I had a camera right now!
    • Once again Bunny is being all badass, staring down the dog and listing all the martial arts he knows (he's no ordinary bunny) - then Jack deliberately sets off the alarm clock and it turns into a day down at the race track.
    • Jack in that entire scene is hilarious. He gleefully ask Bunny if he knows what greyhounds do to rabbits, intentionally sets off Jamie's alarm clock, then jumps back to watch the chaos. Once everyone is passed out from the dream-sand, he casually says, "Whoops," in the most unapologetic voice ever. Then, when witnessing the dreams of the others, he wishes he has a camera. That boy's a total troll.
    • Subtle, but in the scene where Tooth gets nailed by the dream-sand and hits the floor, behind her is Sandman struggling to get Jamie's dog off him and he looks like a flipped turtle, legs flailing and all. It's cute and rather pathetic.
    • Realizing that Jamie isn't simply going to fall back asleep on his own, Bunny tells Sandy to knock him out. Sandy's response? To approach Jamie with a stern expression while cracking his knuckles like he's about to take a swing at the kid.
      Bunny: With the dream sand, ya gumby!
  • When everyone thinks that Pitch is in Bunny's warren, they go charging with their weapons at the ready, but come to a screeching halt when they see it's just Sophie. Now, special mention must go to the look on Bunny's face during this scene.
  • Tooth's attempt to calm Sophie... by showing her recently lost teeth of other children... complete with "blood and gums!" Cue Sophie running away, screaming and crying.
  • After Jack completely fails at fighting Pitch during the climax:
    North: That was good try, Jack. 'A' for effort.
  • The nightmares' WTF faces when Pitch is hit in the face with a snowball while in the middle of a threat.
  • North and Bunny's constant bickering over the importance of their respective Holidays, coming to a head when they decide to put their all into saving Easter.
    • Bunny's face when North admits that, in this case, Easter is more important than Christmas since the belief children have in the Guardians rests on the success of the coming Easter. It's simply priceless.
      Bunny: Did everyone hear that?!
  • Most of Tooth's scenes are this, or Tearjerkers. When what's happening to her isn't tugging at our heartstrings, she's flitting around in the background chattering out instructions to her fairies about molars and incisors, prying open Jack's mouth and gushing about the quality of his teeth, or fangirling about how this one is the first baby tooth and OH, look how they FLOSSED!
    • The mini-faeries? Especially when they're squealing over Jack.
    • The flossing bit seems to be a running gag for her, it crops up at the finale when they're all going around the neighborhood trying to get children to believe in them:
      Bunny: HAPPY EASTER!
  • Sandman trying to clue the other Guardians to the Man in the Moon, who is shining through the window. He becomes more and more desperate in his charades as they ignore him and finally grabs a nearby elf and shakes it violently to get their attention.
    North: Sandy, why didn't you say something?
    Sandy: (makes an angry face as golden sand "steam" comes out of his ears)
    • Right before this scene, during the part where North insults Easter, Sandman is floating in the background chugging eggnog. He has like two or three glasses within a few seconds. Then there's the Elf who starts drinking from one of his glasses, much to his annoyance.
      • The sound the elf makes when it hits the floor.
  • The group's initial attempt to welcome Jack into the Guardians with a ceremony. The whole sequence is pretty funny, but the best part is the elves presenting Jack with the gift of shoes — hilarious stereotypical elf shoes. With bells on them. This is the final straw for Jack, as he dons a Death Glare and immediately stops the ceremony. The shoes are only on screen for about five seconds and are never mentioned again.
  • It's subtle, but Sandy has a lot of hilarious expressions and gestures to make up for his lack of voice.
  • The poor elf who just wants to play his trumpet. Letting the Air Out of the Band has never been funnier.
    • Then at the end, when Jack is about to become a Guardian for real, we see the elf holding the trumpet and giving Jack a look as if to say, "There better not be any interruptions this time."
  • Jack also wonders why they actually brought him to Santa's Workshop in the first place.
    Jack: Am I on the naughty list?
    North: On naughty list? Ha! You hold the record.
  • While waiting to see the face of the new-chosen Guardian, the Big Four start guessing who it might be, and we get this:
    Bunny: Please-not-the-Groundhog-please-not-the-Groundhog...
    (The new Guardian is revealed to be Jack!)
    Bunny: I take it back; the Groundhog's fine.
    • Or when North is insistent about Pitch being at the Pole when Bunny scoffs at the notion.
      North: Look, he's up to something very bad. I feel it. (Beat) In my belly!
      Bunny: Hang on, hang on, you mean to tell me that you summoned me here— three days before Easter— because of your belly?
    • And when the Man in the Moon confirms that it is Pitch, and Bunny says as much, North gives his belly a 'What did I tell you?' pat. Not only that, Tooth's fairies immediately zoom to his belly.
  • After Sandman comes back, he lays the smack down on Pitch, eventually knocking him out with his dreamsand bullwhips. And what does Pitch dream about? Pretty little butterflies.
    • Prior to that, North pops up from a chimney for more action... and realizes he's on the wrong roof.
    • Prior to that as well, Bunny opens up a tunnel for North, and they both hop in. In a blink and you'll miss it moment, you can see an elf behind them, running into battle with its arms waving around like crazy... before it trips and falls into the tunnel as well.
  • The circumstances are far from humorous - but seriously, Pitch dancing on top of the globe in the workshop is pretty funny.
  • At the end, after Jack is made a Guardian, North kisses Jack's cheeks in celebration. One elf sees this and kisses another elf on the cheek, who responds by punching him out.
  • Jack's tour of North's workshop.
    Jack: Slow down, would ya? I've been trying to bust in here for years! I want to get a good look!
    North: What do you mean, "bust in"?
    Jack: Don't worry, I never got past the yetis. [One of the yetis glares at him] Oh hey, Phil.
  • Tooth handing Pitch a quarter. He did ask, "What are you gonna do? Put a quarter under my pillow?"
  • After Jack arrives at the North Pole via Bag of Kidnapping and magical portal, this exchange between him and North.
    North: I take it the Yetis treated you well?
  • Jamie getting hit by a sofa after the sled sequence with Jack.
  • Pitch's reaction when Sandy pulls a sneaky hello on him. Quickly followed up by a CMOA when Sandy gets dangerous.
  • During the scene where Sandy and Jack chase after two Nightmares, Sandy and a Nightmare fly through a house, where we hear a cat yowl and crashing sounds.
  • The scene where Jack asks North that if the elves make the toys or not? North's response is that the Yetis actually do it, but they make the elves THINK they're doing it. Cue a couple of elves having a mishap with Christmas lights and North congratulating them and telling them to, "keep up the good work."
  • Near the end, when the Guardians and the kids are racing down Jack's ice path on their sleds, poor Monty (the kid with glasses) is running behind them and just can't keep up.
  • A non-canon one created by one of the movie's creators. It's a drawing of the father from The Croods telling his family to never not be afraid. Pitch is behind him, screaming "JOY!"
  • During the credits, the various Guardians' minions bring the children home. Including Phil the yeti, who takes time to sign Jamie's bigfoot book.
  • While preparing for Easter in Bunny's Warren, North plucks one of the walking eggs out of a stream of paint and declares it to be "a little strange". Bunny looks at him, covered in painted eggs, and corrects him, "Nah, mate, that's adorable." The slightly-crazed smile on Bunny's face is priceless.
  • When Jack gets his memory back, there's a brief shot of Baby Tooth sitting on the ice, arms crossed, with a "well?" expression.
    • And when Jack starts to talk and asks her "Did you see that?" she shakes her head in a very "No of course I didn't! They're your memories!" way.
  • When Pitch confronts the Guardians and Jamie, the last kid left who believes in them, he menacingly approaches them with a small army of nightmares... and then Jack throws a snowball at Pitch.
    Pitch Black: So what do you think, Jamie? Do you believe in the Boogey—(paf)
    • Seeing this, two of the Nightmares give each other confused/startled looks.
  • It's mostly a creepy moment, but the fact that even Pitch suffers from Cuteness Proximity when tiny!Bunny is around is utterly hilarious. Especially tiny!Bunny's reaction when Pitch asks him if he wants a scratch behind the ears.
    Bunny: DON'T you even think about it!


  • One of the storyboard artists drew this comic to hilariously lampshade the amount of fans/fanart/fangirls Jack Frost has received — which involves Pitch and Bunny standing in a crudely set up "Jack Frost Free Zone".
    Jack Frost: (wearing a fake mustache and sunglasses) Hrmm! Can I join you guys?


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