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Funny / Rise Of The Extraordinary Avengers Coreline

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  • Whether or not you think that Mari "Captain America" Makinami managing to defeat a trio of Champions consisting of a Kryptonian ("Superman Gamma" Shinji Ikari), a DC-verse Martian ("Martian Manhunter" Hikari Horaki) and a Submariner-style human/mutant Atlantean hybrid (Nadia La Arwall) has landed her squarely in the territory of being a Creator's Pet or a Mary Sue, there's no denying that Misato's reaction to finding out that her team of Champions had just been utterly and completely curbstomped is quite funny.
    • Misato going all "stuttery, Jaw Drop, Heroic BSoD" with her reaction is funny... but there is also something very funny in Kensuke's Cargo Ship Big "NO!" reaction at finding out that the gadgets he handed to the Champions that fought Mari were completely destroyed in the first few seconds of the fight.
  • The discovery that not only does the Extraordinary Avengers have a Sentry in their roster, but that this Sentry is an Alternate of Anakin freakin' Skywalker (a little bit past the Clone Wars/Revenge of the Sith point of his personal timeline). Jaw Drops, Heroic BSODs, and everybody imagines The Imperial March blaring as background music at this revelation...
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  • Mari and Maria curb-stomp an Alternate of Freddy Krueger on their backstory. He is Genre Savvy enough to know that it doesn't matters how hard they try, he will just come back and he tries to intimidate them with that... and when their response is "yeah, so?" and kick his ass, Freddy's response is just to go "Oh, No... Not Again!" right before they "kill" him.

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