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  • Her response to a journalist called Liz Jones - who wrote in the Daily Mail an article accusing her of poisoning the minds of young women, going as far to say that she encourages rape - was to post an unflattering picture of Jones on Instagram and to call the journalist a "sloppy, menopausal mess".
  • During Miley Cyrus' infamous VMA 2013 performance, you can see her in the audience, looking very unimpressed.
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  • At the 2015 BET Awards, she apparently brought a roll of duct tape with her and then duct taped boxer Floyd Mayweather's mouth shut.
  • At the 2017 Grammys, not only did she deliberately show up on the red carpet just as the show was starting, she spent the entire show drinking from a sparkly flask and giving unimpressed looks to the camera. She even FaceTimed one of her friends during A Tribe Called Quest's performance.


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