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  • Lizard's Grade 4 car in Rage Racer is a pickup truck. Also carries to its successor Danver Hijack in newer games.
  • The opening cinematic of Ridge Racer Type 4. Apparently the RTS team driver is so far ahead, he has time to pick up our dear Series Mascot Reiko in the middle of a race!
  • In R4, failing to beat a section time results in this needlessly long and hilarious comment from the announcer:
  • Age Ecureuil in R4. Tiny. One gear. Super-fast acceleration. Hilariously tight cornering.
    • Similarly, Blinky and the Caddy Car in 64. Blinky can blaze through the track in a snap, but skids around corners like there's no tomorrow. The Caddy Car has tighter manuverability and is also incredibly fast; the time it takes to reach top speed, however...
    • Their Spiritual Successor, Soldat Rumeur (one of four boss cars in V), could give Choro Q and Mario Kart a run for their money.
  • In newer games, you can drift the full 360 degrees through a corner and keep going without any massive loss in speed. In general, the drift physics can come off as comical to those used to the harder drifts of the older Ridge Racer games, to say nothing of how amusing a cheat it can come off as: carefully time your entry and exit into a coming chicane you're barreling down towards at full speed, or just spin around once and bypass the whole thing? Your choice.

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