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Bones Crazy Coaster

  • The ending to "bones crazy coaster" in which the narrator describes how bones spent the last of his money building a path leading back to the entrance of his roller coaster. The funny part is that the text appears one letter at a time, and many times the narrator makes a typo or the line is too long and gets cut off, gets erased (one letter at a time too) and is written again, often with more typos (which are then also corrected). This takes more than half the video.

Bones III

  • The revelation that Bones put Therapist into jail...just so he could break him out again:
    Bones: "yes I've always wanted to do that"
  • The Whole Plot Reference to Lupin III, the "Rattle Me Bones"-ified version of the "Red Shirt" Lupin theme, and Bones trying to shoehorn Therapist into the role of Jigen, Goemon, and/or Fujiko:
    Bones: "besides I need your mad marksmanship skills for my team"
    Therapist: "bones I don't have mad marksmanship skills that's why I use a shotgun"
    Bones: "then I need your sword that can cut through anything"
    Therapist: "I don't have that either"
    Bones: "then I need your huge boobs"
    extreme close-up on Therapist's eyes
    Bones: "then how am I going to steal the diamond"
    Therapist: "I guess you're not"

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