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Throughout the series

  • Several games that require a routine in a group will have your team members look at your character with concern, annoyance, or disappointment when you mess up the rhythm. Here are 2 examples from Glee Club in Heaven and Tap Troupe in Fever. Even funnier is that despite messing up the routine, your character tends to be completely oblivious to the glares that they're getting, instead keeping the same happy expression.

Rhythm Tengoku

  • About halfway through Spaceball, the camera starts zooming in and out, and the batter will end up wearing various silly masks on his head.
  • There's something hilarious about the goofy noises the ghosts in Sneaky Spirits make, both the "oink-oink" sounds they make when sneaking and the needlessly dramatic moans they make when successfully shot.
  • Falling into a pit in Night Walk results in instant stage failure. It also results in the game flatly stating the obvious to you on the result screen:
    You fell in a hole.
    • The same feat can be repeated in the Night Walk Mini-Game Credits in Fever. When it happens, Miss Ribbon and Cam look down at where you fell in surprise.
  • In Quiz Show, if you somehow manage to mash the buttons more than 99 times, your counter explodes, followed by the host's, followed by the "QUIZ" sign.
  • When you play Rap Men, you'd expect a serious rap... but instead you get a silly rap about snacks. Note 
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  • In Cosmic Dance, missing the squat just before the long pause. The character just holds his stomach in pain for the entire break while the crowd murmurs to itself. You'd be forgiven for thinking they're worried about the dancer.

Rhythm Heaven/Rhythm Tengoku Gold

  • Both Glee Club games and the first remix don't begin until you tap and hold for a while. Until then, a little prompt appears: "Tap to shut your yap!"
  • The bonus material for Freeze Frame reveals that the woman who passes by at one point is the photographer's girlfriend, who was feeling ignored and deliberately photo-bombed him in order to get his attention.
  • In Lockstep, missing a cue results in the other Stepswitchers slapping you. This produces the amusing sounds of *boinkWHAK boinkWHAK*
  • Getting a perfect on Love Lab lets the player read the girl scientist's diary. As it turns out, the guy on the right hand of the screen arranged the experiment so she could talk with her crush. She appreciates it, but she still doesn't know why he's dressed like a squirrel.
  • Munchy Monk in general. His definition of monk training is to sit around eating dumplings all day. Which is ironic, given that monks are stereotypically depicted as starving themselves. Even the vocal cues are funny, particularly in Japanese and Italian.
    • Munchy Monk 2 reveals that "eating dumplings is terrible practice for becoming a monk", so he joined the circus instead. In the background, there's an orchestra of elephants and mice, which can make it difficult to focus on the game itself.
  • DJ Yellow's Engrish-accented audio cues in DJ School are downright hilarious. At one point, he gets so enthusiastic that his voice cracks!
  • The tutorial for Fan Club says, at one point, "Something, something, I suppose." This seems like a weird way to do that specifc cue, but it works.
  • The Endless game Glass Tappers is about 4 barmen who try to entertain a depressed woman by tapping glasses. ...then a frog-like monster walks in the bar. ...then a robot. ...then a short woman with extremely tall hair. All of whom are seduced by your tapping skills.

Rhythm Heaven Fever/Minna no Rhythm Tengoku

  • Air Rally has the beat change that comes from the cat screaming "Ba-bom bom BOM!", with the voice having the potential to be MORE distracting than the visuals, depending on how funny you find it.
  • Donk-Donk. It's so completely bizarre that the American version of the game doesn't even try to describe what's going on.
    • In the Enemy Roll Call following the credits, the "characters" from the game are subtitled as "Uh... these guys?" Yeah, it's that kind of thing.
  • Watching barnyard animals catching the kicked footballs in Double Date 2.
  • During Remix 7, the action briefly switches back to Karate Joe... who doesn't actually do anything, he just lays there, scratches his butt, and watches TV for a bit before the remix switches to another game. Even funnier is that he's apparently watching the Karate Man game from Tengoku.
  • Ringside. There's something amusing about the wrestler simply replying "yes" to every single question, and the reporter constantly reacting like he's giving really impressive answers. Pressing the wrong button during this game results in the reporter ducking for cover... but don't let that stop you from getting a superb.
  • In Samurai Slice 2 during the obscuring story thing, if you miss the timing, the man's words change to "Buy me a new bunny!" instead of saying "Save my bunny!" Additionally, multiple mistakes completely wreck the illustrations in both versions of the game.
  • From Packing Pests:
    "You even slapped away your pay? You must REALLY love spiders."
  • See-Saw. See and Saw's job is to test see-saws to make sure they work properly. Apparently, testing them consists of repeatedly jumping up into the sky and back down at explosive speeds to hard rock music. Then they explode at the end, presumably due to awesomeness overload.
  • The Police Call code SEESAW, consisting of See and Saw jumping up and down on a seesaw at an accelerating tempo until they explode.
  • Blink and you'll miss it: Remix 4 recasts the Wrestler from Ringside as a ninja, complete with a sword in its sheath at his back. One of his poses reveals that the sheath is taped to his back.
  • Towards the end of Flock Step, the camera zooms out to show the whole planet, then zooms out further to reveal that the entire universe is a Recursive Reality inside the player's bird's eye. It's literally a bird's eye view! Get it?
  • Press too early or too late in Love Rap and your rapper raps high-pitched or low-pitched.
  • Remix 10:
    • The tutorial of all things is included!
    • The finale. It's a Fake-Out Fade-Out. That happens twice.
  • Built To Scale 2's description obsessing on getting the work done faster, then the music comically slowing down to a crawl about two-thirds in.
  • Completely failing at the games can sometimes have amusing results.
    • Failing Flipper-Flop will cause the seals next to you to look annoyed while your seal gets slapped silly, and the Trainer will start counting in weary resignation. At one point he'll even give up counting and just start sighing in time to the rhythm.
    • Failing Flock Step will cause your bird to get swatted by the beak of the bird behind you with a comical expression on its face.
    • Failing Tambourine will make a frog jump on top of Monkey and make him look more and more pained and awkward with each missed beat.
    • Failing Screwbot Factory will cause a Screwbot to flop over either by activating the arm too early, or letting go in the middle of screwing on the head, while screwing the heads on too long causes the Screwbot to flail, then fall over.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix/Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+

  • The Japanese announcement trailer, which has Satoru Iwata punching to the Tengoku version of Karate Man, complete with the pots right from the game.
  • Tibby, the main charcter of the game, provides some hilarious moments of his own, such as his silly "Let's we go, amigo!" catchphrase and his fruitless attempts to hit on his friend Betty.
  • At the end of Honeybee Remix, Karate Joe is seen thinking about pancakes. You can even punch the thought balloon away.
  • In Tangotronic 3000, at some point in the minigame, the woman your character is dancing with will spin her head along with yours when you do the head spin.
  • Every once in a while, First Contact will cut back to the researchers who are watching the interview. If you're doing well, they'll look slack-jawed and dumbfounded — if you aren't, they'll just fall asleep. Variations of this also appear in its sequels and remixes that it appears in including a typical family watching TV and alien researchers at their station.
    • Even funnier is their reactions are in response to the alien saying things like "You want to meet my leader? ...Gotcha." They also react the same way to the alien saying, of all things, "You left behind PORK RICE BOWLS!"
    • If you miss the first cue of each line and then press A way too late, or if you press A way too early, the interpreter will completely misinterpret the alien's words as insulting or hostile.
    Hey, carbon blobs!
    You are weird looking!
    I am your ruler now.
    • According to the bonus material, katsudon (Japanese pork cutlet rice bowls) is so popular with Martians that they're even building a restaurant filled with nothing but them.
  • Second Contact has you play as the alien, translating what a farmer is saying. The farmer starts flirting with the Martians, eliciting a similar reaction from the alien mission control. The results screen goes on to say "even when things got awkward, you nailed it."
    • If you miss the first cue of each line and then press A way too late, or if you press A way too early, just like in the prequel, the alien will completely misinterpret Farmer Bob's words and spout rude and downright bizarre nonsense instead.
    Blah, blah...
    Watermelon, watermelon.
    Rutabaga, rutabaga...
    You guys look like octopuses!
    I want a taco.
    Where are the donuts?
    Niagara Falls.
    Are you gonna eat that?
    Did I say something wrong?
    (boring stuff)
  • In LumBEARjack, the cats will sometimes put junk like cans of frozen orange juice or baseball bats on the stump for the Lumbearjack to cut, leading to a confused Double Take from him. Amusingly enough, he hardly reacts to having to chop a refrigerator in half at the end of LumBEARjack 2, or cutting open an enormous peach with a baby cat inside it at the end of the Final Remix.
    • Bonus points for a penguin tumbling out of the fridge you chopped.
  • Eglantine's Mood-Swinger moments, going from sweet and motherly to angry and ominous... and sometimes a combination of the two.
  • Super Samurai Slice features this as its Superb clear screen:
    I heard he's actually 17-bit... *sigh*
    • Also from Super Samurai Slice, if you fail to block the final demon's attacks, the woman will walk away in a huff, and the Wandering Samurai will stand there looking sad.
  • The ending of Super Samurai Slice 2. The Wandering Samurai rescues four princesses... and gets glomped from every direction.
    Th-th-th-thank you!
  • One rhythm game late on is called "Kitties!" (Exclamation mark included.) The description, verbatim and in its entirety: "THEY'RE SO CUTE YOU GUYS!"note 
    • Most "Try Again" screens have the player character expressing sadness, worry, confusion, or something else along those lines. The cat in this one, however, just decides to stop caring.
  • After completing the Lush Remix, it looks like Tibby will finally be able to get home, and he bids the player a fond farewell. Sad music plays as the credits roll and Tibby rides back into space on a beam of green energy, tears in his eyes... then the beam (and the music) peters out and Tibby falls back to Earth with a cartoonish crashing sound. Looks like there's more work to do!
  • In the last third of the game, Tibby's mom (who is a sentient temple; don't ask) is ominously purple, and his friends all mention a strange noise coming from her. It's causing the skies in Heaven Land to become gray and dull. When Tibby finally confronts his mom at the end of the game, he gives a heartfelt speech about how much he's grown as a person thanks to the player's help, hoping to get some kind of reaction out her. Suddenly, as the skies clear, she brightens up and asks Tibby how he's doing. Apparently, she was suffering from a nasty case of the hiccups and was holding her breath in to avoid them, leading to her ominous purple color. Tibby is left dumbfounded.
  • During the "Second Contact" sequence of the Left-Hand Remix, Farmer Bob asks for a martian bride. The freeze frame of confused aliens that appears afterwards is priceless.
  • After the final row of bugs in "Tongue Lashing", there's a brief close-up of the chameleon's face with a different expression, depending on whether or not you caught the final row. If you did, he has a silly look of content. If you missed, he has a squinty-eyed expression that basically says, "Seriously?"
  • The owner of the chameleon in "Tongue Lashing" interprets his pet's clinging to walls as getting stuck on them and bought wax so he slides back down.
  • The "Superb" ending to Clappy Trio 2, with an image of the lions throwing their afros into the air:
    Finally! Our ears are free! note 



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