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  • Nolan getting drunk at the Stowaway Tavern.
    Nolan: Every bait and tackle needs a website, brother.
  • Nolan's "Jack and Emily sitting in a tree" in the fourth episode.
  • Nolan's call to Emily in the same episode:
    • "Your fake boyfriend is getting wasted in your other boyfriend's bar. Come and join the fun. Testosterone is on the house."
  • Nolan waking Emily up from a bad dream, only for her to grab his throat out of reflex.
  • Scrawny little Declan (complete with oddly poofed hair), coming over to his brother at the bar and saying nervously "Jack, see that guy over there? His name's Bull and he wants the bartending gig. Scares the hell out of me." (To elaborate - Bull stands about 6'4, and Declan's 5'6.)
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  • Victoria walking in on Declan in his underwear. And then:
    Declan: Are you freaking serious?!
    Victoria (deadpan): I am freaking dead serious.
  • Nolan and Amanda haggling over Jack while he's sitting right there.
  • Nolan's quip to Ashley after the arrest of Tyler, "Well, we both can pick 'em".
  • Nolan, after Mason is too spineless to recant his book about David Clark's guilt: "I haven't been this disappointed since Phantom Menace."
  • Nolan's attempt at the firing range. Note the use of the word "attempt".
    Daniel: It generally goes better when you have at least one eye open!
  • Victoria and Ashley discussing which dress Victoria wants to wear.
    Victoria: No more bandage dresses!
    Ashley: I'll have it burned right away.
  • Nolan's reaction to seeing what Emily's latest revenge has wrought on the biographer while the poor sap's in the midst of a breakdown.
    *admiringly* "Bad girl!"
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  • It's a pretty downbeat episode, but "Legacy" does feature some truly hilarious hair - Jack being a key offender.
  • The premise and presence of the whole Rogues Gallery in "Legacy" leads to a few great Villains Out Shopping moments.
    • The brief snippet of Mason Treadwell and Dr. Banks's conversation we get sticks out; Mason clearly would rather be talking to literally anything else in the world and has apparently been doing nothing but throwing shade for their entire exchange.
    Dr. Banks: I've just finished your book on the D.C. Sniper. Do you want to know what I think?
    Mason: Not really, but don't let that stop you. Let's talk about your new book on attachment theory instead; I've just read it.
    Dr. Banks: Really?
    Mason: No!
  • Nolan's disguise as "Burt the cable guy" complete with fake mustache, which he uses to get into the home of the mysterious white haired man who killed David Clarke and plant a camera.
  • Mason being a snarky bastard towards Victoria in Forgiveness.
    Mason: Do you gag a little when you say that? "Honestly?"
  • Conrad blustering that his portrait hasn't captured the "depth" of his eyes, and informs the painter thusly: "Arctic pools! Arctic pools, remember."
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  • Conrad gives Daniel advice on cheating on Emily:
    "If you get bored, you know, switch paramours, not wives. For one thing, it's far more cost effective. I mean, not that affairs are cheap..."
  • Aiden calling Nolan "Felix" when he compares them to The Odd Couple.
  • Emily on Jack's cop uniform: "Nolan was wrong. You don't look like a stripper."
  • A kind of dark one - after Victoria shoots Helen Crowley, Conrad comes home and discovers what she's done. His understated reaction borders on 'What've you done now?' as if she's only spilled wine on the carpet or something.

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