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Get comfortable children, we're going to be here for a while.

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  • The amount of derp pics Wendy has circulating on the Internet. Here's just a few from her debut days.
    • Also, her voice impersonations.
    • Almost everytime she speaks English, as seen in the clip above, having to repeat what she just said in a Korean accent to be understood:
    Wendy: I'll sing a bit of "What a wonderful world".
    MC: Sorry, could you repeat that?
  • This clip.
  • Some of Seulgi's best mishaps:
    • the members once organized a surprise birthday party for her. When she came home to find all the lights turned off, she thought it was Earth Day.
    • "Unnie, what is our flight class in the plane tomorrow? Is it oconomy?"note 
    • Thinking only Korea has Valentine's Day.
    • Wishing happy birthday to Yooa of Oh My Girl... and signing herself as Moonbyul of Mamamoo.
  • Joy's iconic UFO replies.
  • Sunny, of Girls' Generation, prank calling the girls at a radio show.
  • Carpool Karaoke with Red Velvet. How Irene managed not to laugh while fimling this is beyond me.
  • Alas, to no one's surprise, Irene exposed herself.note 
    Irene: "I really like butts."
    • Joy's war cry and the members exposing Seulgi's habit of mispronouncing things.
  • Yeri trying to explain why one should listen to "Ice Cream Cake", a song with quite suggestive lyrics, and her unnies' reactions.
  • They got to share the stage with none other than Girls Generation for an encore. The members were their usual excitable selves and had fun along with their seniors, but Irene especially looks like she's on a sugar high and it's glorious.
  • This whole cut is one funny moment after the other. For instance, a gem delivered as Wendy was assigning group awards:
    Wendy: To Yeri, I award "Smile Award"
    Joy: *Snickering* "Filthy Award"
  • The karaoke battle: Seulgi-Wendy-Joynote  vs. Irene-Yeri. Let's just say one of the two teams ends up having a massive case of Heroic BSoD.
    • Seulgi running around gushing "We are singers!" might count as well.
  • The entire sleeping habits bit and Joy wondering if a comment full of praises for the group comes form her father in this radio show. Also this:
    MC: There are situations where you're in the wrong spot or where you have to move out of the way quickly...
    Wendy: Yeah.
    MC: ... or where you bump into each other
    Wendy: Yeah.
    MC: Right?
    Wendy: That's right.
    MC: Who can't find their own spot quickly?
    Wendy: That's right, it's me.
  • Radio DJs Wendy, Joy, and Yeri attempting to reinterpret their songs with various imitations and styles. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Later they have to draw a few listeners based on the descriptions they sent in, and the results are... questionable.
  • Almost all, but especially the last 40 minutes of this radio show, with Yeri and Joy providing most of the hilarity. In a mere few minutes they completely reveal Seulgi's sleeping habits, which become a Running Gag throughout the broadcast. "Joy is savage" is a total understatement.
    • The older members'reactions are amusing themselves: you have poor Seulgi sputtering in complete shock while Wendy tries (and fails) to protect her as best as she can against the maknaes' combined exposure. Irene, on the other hand, just laughs.
  • The whole speed quiz segment in this radio show, especially Seulgi and Yeri "arguing".
  • This, especially the real name roll call, the DJ asking them if they feel jealous of Girls' Generation for winning at a music show and the speed quiz.
  • Pretty much all of the times they've been on Weekly Idol definitely count, most notably:
    • In their first appearance, being forced to repeat the "Booyah!" part in "Happiness" during the Random Play Dance.
    • Their second time on the show, all of it. Special mention has to go to Irene for cementing her status as "Mother Bae" and nailing the flexibility contest. And her aegyo. Just... just her aegyo.
    • "One Of These Nights" era: battling for meat and "Dumb Dumb" at 2x speed.
  • Taking selfies at ISAC note  has never been this adorable probably.
  • All of their "One Of These Nights" MV commentary, especially their reaction to Wendy's poodle hair and apparent lack of eyebrows.
    Wendy: Why?! Why are you laughing if it's cute?!
  • In this radio show Wendy makes an appeal to Beyoncé and Ariana Grande for, respectively, Seulgi and Yeri.
  • Wendy dropping the rap verse of the century. Made even funnier by the amazed reactions of all the other idols.
  • Anytime Wendy is called "no-jam" in this radio show with Joy. And, when she has to explain what she likes about Joy, she stutters so bad she blames her Korean, only for Joy to say that she always does that when she's in a difficult position.
    • Wendy and Joy reeading the players' names of Laos' national football team.
    • Joy mentions how she wasn't recognized when she went out by herself once and Wendy says it's because she didn't have eyebrowsnote . Cue Joy yelling at her.
      • On the same topic, Joy says she usually turns a bit green or yellow when she's not feeling well, which prompts Wendy to reveal one of her nicknames during their trainee days: Soolek
  • This encore of One Of These Nights, sung with... interesting lyrics.
  • Pretty much all the members are awful at acting cute when asked to. It shows.
    Youtube Comment: "Should be titled 'Wendy and the Times She Couldn't Even'"
  • Irene being startled by almost anything.
  • This, all of it, courtesy of Joy flirting with Seulgi. It just escalates from there.
  • Their first "Knowing Bros." episode is considered legendary. Their second time on the show was an equally crowning EPISODE of funny.
  • Their "Yang&Nam Show" episode has many from beginning to end. For example, Irene and Joy shrieking in fear when one of the hosts accidentally scares them in greeting.
    "Yeah, man!"
  • Back when she was in elementary school Yeri, during a test, was so nervous that she mispelled her own name to "Kim Myemim". An old classmate of hers posted something about it, and both fans and her own members won't stop teasing her about it.
    • "Don't call me Myemim people! I'm shy... I wanna hide..."note 
  • Wendy and Yeri against Irene and Seulgi in "Let's have fun with Red Velvet!" Honestly, the title is pretty self explanatory.
    • The team names themselves, respectively Team Whoooo~ and Team Ahaaaa~
    • Irene and Seulgi, asked to dance to complete a mission, end up pretending to be two strangers meeting in a club.
    • Team Whoooo~ nailing the game without knowing the rules. Heck, Yeri being an absolute MVP in general: the producers even have to change the rules because she finishes the first round too quickly.
    • At one point Seulgi picks the mission "Return to the starting point" just as she's barely one step away from completing her lap. Cue Irene advancing menacingly towards her.
      • Seulgi having to swap teams, leaving Irene alone, and Irene kneeing her in retaliation.
  • Their "Singderella" episode, with Irene (the best player of her team and Born Lucky in general) and her severe mood swings: hyper if she gets to eat, emotionless if she doesn't.
    MC: (when Irene is hesitant to sing): At which point did you get tired?
    Irene: Ah... the briskets...
    • Seulgi calls her father, tasked to complete the lyrics of a song in 30 seconds, and he playfully messes with her.
  • Many moments from their first Insta Live. Like Wendy spending a good five minutes drawing a "We're in Mexico" sign only to realise she has to mirror it.
    • This conversation:
    Wendy: You shouldn't whistle at night
    Yeri: Why not?
    W: Tigers will come and get you
    W: Sorry
    • "How about some ice water~"
    • Irene almost barreling into Yeri with her chair and Seulgi being hyper in the background.
  • The dance relay match. "Hey mamamamaya..."
  • Hyper Velvet battling against poor internet connection. The "Spirited Away" bit is comedy gold.
  • All of this video. When the girls say they are noisy in the waiting room, they mean it.
  • Red Velvet's melon radio during Red Flavor era. Both episodes have moments in abundance. Just a highlight from the first one.
    • From ep. 1, the incident during the MV filming. Part of Seulgi's hair extensions flew near Irene, who kicked it over to Yeri causing her to scream and run away.
      • The fruit song.
      • The girls attempting to sound like males and confessing to themselves, followed by the aegyo conversation in which Yeri unexplicably sounds like a grandma.
      • They sing songs according to different situations, from pretending to have climbed a mountain to seeing a topless guy on the street.
    • Ep. 2 has the girls making juice for fans. With their voices. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Near the end of the first day of their concert, all the girls were very emotional while singing "Candy", a sweet ballad that got both them and the fans choked up. The next song on the set list? Happiness. Poor Seulgi's voice was still shaky at the "Sometimes~".
    Yeri: Our Girls' Generation unnies came today. (all the fans turn around to spot them in the audience) Look at us, not them!
    • Day 3, Seulgi pretending to look for sweet potatoes in a grill prop.
      • Even after crying Yeri is a gold mine of one-liners. She says Irene looked like a witch while popping up behind her and Joy during "Happily Ever After".
  • Here, the entire discussion about who's the biggest "fashion terrorist" and Joy revealing she's so scared of ghosts she took all the mirrors out of her and Yeri's room.
    • Seulgi comments on how peaceful she and Wendy are in their room and the latter gives a meaningful expression. Then they start talking about the way they "argue".
  • A lot of moments from their respective birthday parties:
    • Joy and Yeri force themselves to laugh at anything Seulgi says at her party to make her happy. Also, the story of how her and Wendy once washed their hair together and the blue of Wendy's dye started staining the shower, shocking Seulgi.
      • The stories on how Seulgi accidentally messes with people.
    • Wendy's party with Yeri making fun of Seulgi's hosting abilities and the members explaining Wendy's sleeping habits.
    • The story of Red Velvet vs. Chanel the cat from Joy's birthday party is simply hysterical.
  • Here, Wendy casually implying Joy suffered of constipation after eating too much persimmon and the entire discussion about sharing socks.
    • Red Team vs. Velvet Team. Especially Yeri's "dee-do-do-do~" whenever Irene and Wendy get questions about her wrong.
    • Irene's 9 seconds long fit of laughter when Velvet Team can't get the question "When does Irene feel most beautiful?" right and the actual reason they can't guess correctly: Irene changed her usual answer before the game.
    "This is competition."
    • Wendy's "Yaa~"
  • Their appearance on NCT's Night Night, mainly because they're all really comfortable talking ang goofing around.
    • The NG story from when they filmed the music video for "Peek-A-Boo"
    • Wendy randomly dancing the Backpack Kid move after Seulgi says it's also called "Dance that gets you a lover".
    • Almost all the stories from their trainee days, especially Johnny recalling how Yeri wanted to make her skin lighter by drinking a lot of water.
    • "Breaking News: Someone has died in Busan from Seulgi's beauty."
      • "I'm so sorry!"
    • Irene accidentally hits Yeri's eye while they're leaving the studio.
  • Wendy's failed attempts at bottle flipping during ISAC 2018 end up with every Reveluv in the stadium chanting her name to give her strength. Like dork idols, like dork fandom.
  • The story of Wendy's squid mask.
  • The members trying to say hello to the audience during "Red Room" in Japan. They go "KONBANWA" all in chorus... and promptly fall silent because they forget the rest of the introduction. Twice.
  • Irene meme-ing at Dream Concert 2018.
  • Wendy realises she may have just accidentally spoiled a summer comeback. Panic ensues.
  • The sheer randomness of this Instagram Live.
    • Wendy, worried about her proportions, asks Yeri and Seulgi to film her from her thighs up. They do that exactly.
    • "Joy, they want you to join this, but you don't have to." - Wendy Son, Joy's self-proclaimed biggest fan.
    • Joy and Wendy continuously arguing about who's the one between them that smells. Joy says it's Wendy's hair, Wendy says it's Joy's philtrum. "Let's keep it pretty" indeed.
    • Yeri's random cover of Blackpink's DDU-DU DDU-DU. And Irene using her as the fennec fox Jennie holds in the video.
    • Yeri and Joy manhandling Irene around to convince her to show herself.
    • This:
    Yeri: Which songs do you want to hear at the concert?
    Wendy: Can we ask that after we've finalized the list?
    Yeri: (Beat) We'll edit
    • After that, Yeri tickling Wendy, who screams so loud it hurts Joy's ears.
    • The filters... these girls are a mess.
    • Yakiniku Song - Red Velvet 2018
  • Irene will stab her own group's maknae and self-professed daughter for a chocolate cookie.
  • Irene's ''Amor Fati'' dance and the inevitable memes.
  • Luvies brought up all of Wendy's past achievements in school, sports and the arts and her incredibly humble, sweet character despite her current fame, and came to the conclusion that if she were a fictional character she'd probably be cursed at.
     V LIVE 
Any appearence they make is a chock-full of these, but the most notable examples are:
  • Episode 1: Wendy being an Easily Impressed MC and the members calling Irene "old person" because of her taste in ice cream.
    • Red Team vs. Velvet Team, just all of it. Especially Irene killing it at the sit-ups competition while Yeri gets assaulted by Joy.
    Joy: I suddenly had the urge to kiss.
  • Episode 4 we get to see Red Velvet clubbing in a practice room. That is all.
  • Episode 5: Irene getting incredibly competitive over a crossword puzzle and Seulgi amazing everyone with her fast reactions.
    Wendy: Seulgi looked really desperate [for the answer] though.
    Irene: Look at me then! Look into my eyes!
  • The first "Red Velvet's Level Up" with Irene and Seulgi being the most awkward hosts ever.
    • "Seulgi stop, the blender will explode."
  • The surprise broadcast for the release of One Of These Nights. All those spoilers...
    • Seulgi and Irene begin the live and we're immediately greeted by Joy zooming in and out of frame (complete with makeshift sound effects) and Wendy's hair seamlessly blending with the lockers.
    • The unnies trolling Yeri and not letting her do the group's outro.
    • Talking about the MV teaser, Wendy accidentally mistakes Irene's reflection for Seulgi. The others don't let her hear the end about it.
  • During another surprise broadcast, this time for "Russian Roulette"'s first win, Joy spends half the time fangirling over Chenle of NCT, concluding with this:
    Seulgi: You could get arrested.
    Joy: Then take me away, I just like him so much.
    • Joy and Yeri imitating the way Wendy talks and Wendy promptly exaggerating any gesture she makes.
  • Red Velvet's Timeout. THERE ARE NO WORDS.
  • The live for the release of "Rookie" where the girls attempt to give some spoilers, only to realize they have to make anticipate the fans more. In the end they just start to talk like the sloths from Zootopia, with Seulgi nearly dying of laughter in the process.
  • The entire discussion about how they saved one another in their contacts: you have Joy, Seulgi, and Yeri who used rather normal monikers. Then there're Wendy, who either came up with puns or cheesy names, and Irene, who simply named each member "Poo Puppy" with a different emoticon to distinguish them. Joy losing it at the word "fart".
  • Irene and Yeri introducing an innovative "Water-drinking broadcast" and playing games. All accompanied by wonderful bursts of Contagious Laughter.
  • Similarly, Wendy and Yeri roaming around the company building and being their extra selves.
  • This live, which Yeri and Irene begin by hiding from view and making random hip-hop sounds.
    • Many of the filters they use, especially the mustache one.
    • The Shark Family song. Don't ask.
    • The entire Yeriana bit.
    • Seulgi steps by to go to the restroom. Then, six minutes later:
  • Red Velvet X EATING SHOW. Almost every moments from half an hour onwards. The viewers begin to wonder if they put something in their colas.
    • Wendy tells the story of how she can't eat Jokbal (pig's feet) because the first time she tried it Seulgi traumatized by relining the bones like a dinosaur's.
    • Irene, Joy and Yeri reapplying their make-up while they try to hide from the cameras, which end up taking picturesque shots of the food and the ceiling while Seulgi and Wendy happily pose and eat.
    • This bit becomes a gag for the rest of the broadcast:
    Yeri: Unnie, why did you pick this [watermelon]?
    Irene: Uuh~
    RV members: Are you going to rap?
    • The girls happily eat their dessert while Joy's picked the only pie she doesn't like. It has Yeri in stitches.
    • The cute videos for fans. After Wendy's, whose first attempt fails miserably, someone mentions she's drank all her cola.
    • The chic goodbyes. Joy cracks up the whole time, Yeri laughs at the end, Irene is super chic, Seulgi's too nice and Wendy is just herself.
  • While Seulgi and Irene's Lie V was full of heartwarming moments as they recalled some stories about their trainee days, the full group broadcast is rowdy, to say the least.
    • Yeri saying she likes porn and the story about her having the same halloween costume as NCT's Taeil
    • The impromptu "Red Flavor" performance. You won't be sleepy anymore after this.
    • Wendy will never, ever live down the "porn-and-erotic-novels" thing from Level Up! Project.
    • Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy mention how they once fell asleep while harmonizing when they had vocal practice until 5 in the morning during their trainee days. Either that, or they started laughing at anything.
      • Yeri, who wasn't with them at the timenote , briefly starts snoozing.
    • Irene's "madame from the bath-house" pajamas and Yeri's "I usually don't wear anything [to sleep] these days..." which results in Joy slapping her butt.
    • "You always say you're the biggest fan! You said that last time for Ariana Grande!"
  • The game Irene and Yerim play here. If the chaos the game itself is won't make you laugh, their laughter will.
    • Joy casually brushing her teeth in the background.
  • Seulgi, Wendy and Yeri do a live in Japan, which basically amounts to 42 minutes of randomness.
    • Yeri's desperate search for a spoon to eat her soup, to which Seulgi suggest she just drinks it out of a fancy wine glass.
      • Later:
    Wendy: [People in the comments] are saying they want to marry you, Yerim-ah
    Yeri: Ah, really... I FOUND A SPOON! EUREKA!
    • Yeri's attempt at ASMR, with Seulgi sticking the phone right under her nose and Wendy shooting the idea down with a simple "It sounds nasty".
    • Wendy called her plushie "Manen" (short for 10,000 Yen, the amount she spent on it)note . No wonder she's attached to it.
    • "Are you curious what I'm thinking right now... I'm not thinking about anything" - Kang Seulgi, 2018.
      • Sometime before that: "Have you ever seen Kang Seulgi full?"
    • Seulgi randomly zooms in on Yeri's face, Hilarity Ensues and it becomes a Running Gag for the next 15 minutes.
    • Seulgi's "Nighty night"note ... so much confusion.
      • Wendy mishears it as "Smelling your nose", sounds fair. Cue Yeri cracking up.
  • "Power Up comeback live". It's pretty much a given that when they go on V-App it turns into a mess.
    • Irene falling continuously from her chair for no apparent reason.
    • They have to select different flavoured lemonades for each other and explain why. All the members pick nice reasons... except Wendy, who recommends a kiwi-based drink for Joy to help with constipation.
    Joy: How do you know that?! Did you see me go to the toilet today?!
    Wendy: I didn't so that's why I said that.
    • Wendy has hands like a guy's apparently.
    • The water-gun game. Or, Red Velvet spraying water everywhere. To name the highlights:
      • Irene's laughing fit when she spots the gun that has a backpack included and the stuttering that ensues.
      • Joy, despite her gun not working, is still a master photobomb. Later, Seulgi and Wendy do the same thing to her.
      Wendy: Joy, if it doesn't work, just put the water in your mouth and squirt it.
      • Yeri wetting the director's pants and Wendy leaving for the army.
    • They're asked to describe their style for the day and Irene has her hair in a bun. Cue the poop jokes.
    • TMY: Too Much Yeri.
    • Wendy and Yeri, roughhousing, bring out Irene's inner Team Mom.

Season 1

  • Ep.1
    • Yeri being relatable: "I hate everything to do with dealing with hardships."
    • Yeri's terror at the prospect of interacting with animals and the story of how Wendy almost drowned as a kid.
    Wendy: I went to a hot spring and flipped upside down in the water, but everybody thought I was doing synchronized swimming.
    • After Irene inadvertedly talks about a fitness segment, we get this:
    Yeri: We recently finished our Rookie promotions so, our bodies are all weak...
    • Irene and Seulgi suddenly dancing while they cook a kimchi pancake and some ramyun.
  • Ep.2: basically all of it.
    • The SM medley in th car and the girls thinking they'll end up in a Marine Corps training camp after all they see from their car are trees.
    • Find yourself someone that loves you as much as Yeri loves banana roti.
    • Their freak out when they see the villa they're staying in. The cameras can't catch up with them. Plus we get this gem from Seulgi:
    Irene: (first to see the inside of the house, in disbelief) No way, no way...
  • Ep. 3: same as above.
    • The game to assign the rooms, with everybody but Irene hating the sunlight and Wendy trying to win against Seulgi using "porn" and "erotic novels" as a last resort.
    • Yeri, trying to hide in the room she chose, is spotted by Seulgi because she left her shoes in plain sight. Later, Seulgi repeats the mistake by hiding her shoes, but leaving her bag on the bed.
    • Seulgi and Wendy trying to suck up to Yeri.
    Seulgi: (Cutely laying on the bed) Don't you wanna share the room with me?
    Yeri: Stand over there. Show off your charms!
  • Ep. 4:
    • Irene sulking at Wendy for wanting the other room. Meanwhile, Yeri has made Seulgi her servant.
    • Yeri tells Irene, who has acrophobia, that she could go parasailing. Irene's desperate shake of the head sells it.
  • Ep. 5
    • Wendy, Seulgi and Yeri having the time of their life on the speed boat while Irene goes through the first of many heart attack risks.
    • "Do I have to sing or something? Keojineun heart b-b-beat ppa-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Someone help me!"
    • Irene finds the sudden rain a perfect fit for her mood.
    • The staff telling the girls that they're pretty to calm them down right before making them run.
  • Ep. 6
    • Yeri whining when the staff tells her she's pretty.
    • The rest of the girls discuss Irene's situation from land:
    Seulgi: Is she having fun?
    Sound director: She was screaming at first, but it seems like she's doing better now.
    Wendy: That means she's smiling.
    • Irene parasailing inspires both chuckles and the need to give her a hug. Doubles as a CMOA for her though, since she managed to overcome her acrophobia.
    • Back on the speed boat, the girls singing random songs the faster they go and Wendy trying to distract Irene by making her film a fake CF.
  • Ep. 7
    • Seulgi and Yeri secretly start to eat while they wait for Irene and Wendy. The latter only notices because Yeri talks to her while munching on food.
    • Yeri accidentaly dropping honorifics with Wendy.
  • Ep. 8
  • Ep. 11
    • Never challenge this group at something, especially if Irene is there: they will take all the money and be frustratingly cute about it.
    • Yeri cuddling up to Seulgi out of pity for having stolen all the blankets during the night.
  • Ep. 12 and ep. 13
    • The members immediately need to change their schedule for the day due to waking up at 12 a.m. Not that they plan to do much, just eat, sleep and rest.
    • Nobody wants to team up with Yeri when it's time to decide who's going to cook kimchi fried rice or pancakes.
    • Team Pancake arguing on how to cook. Specifically, Yeri giving up after a few minutes to eat sushi while Wendy does everything by herself.
    • The girls ask the staff for some oil for free because they bought one of the writers a Kit-Kat bar. Said writer promptly gets smacked.
    • This exchange:
    Wendy: Su-mi-ma-saen ("Excuse me" in Japanese)
    Irene: We're in Thailand right now!
    Wendy: I forgot...
    • Wendy burns the pancake she was cooking and what do the members sing to cheer her up? "Play Ugly"note .
  • Ep. 14: once again, most of it.
    • The staff try to bait the girls to get back some of the allowance. It sparks a showdown that will be re-evoked multiple times, especially between Irene and Ramyun PD.
    • Ramyun PD saying he can't eat anything fancy when Wendy offers him her pancakes.
    • The producers slowly caving more and more as the girls refuse the food, ending up lowering the price of the ramyun so much they're the ones getting scammed.
  • Ep. 15
  • Ep. 18 and ep. 19
    • Yeri has to do a dance medley to get some money from the staff to buy presents because she's spent all of hers in food.
    • The hand pushing game. Words really don't do it justice.
      • Seulgi and Wendy looking desperate when they're put against, respectively, Yeri and Irene.
      • Seulgi almost eliminates herself before the game even starts and, later, gets violated by Yeri.
      • Irene, completely relaxed and unshakable, against a wobbly and very loud Wendy.
      • Seulgi, facing off against Irene, flapping her arms and laughing so hard she has trouble staying put.
    • The crocodile game has Wendy and Seulgi sending prayers to the crocodile god.
    • Wendy being salty with Yeri, making her show off her charms, and the ensuing dance party.
    "Rookie rookie my super Wendy I love you! WENDY WENDY WENDY WENDY~"
  • Ep. 20 has... well, everything about Red Velvet playing in the pool, seriously.
    • Yeri apparently is a good swimmer. Emphasis on apparently.
    • Irene vs. Ramyun PD to get free access to the pool floats and toys. Try to predict who wins. Take a wild guess.
    • Seulgi's swimming mask and Yeri's ensuing cackle.
    • Yeri, the Water Outlaw, fiercely facing off against Leader Bae.
  • Hidden clips 1 and 2
    • Anytime Irene whines and Wendy's motivational speeches. Also this:
      Seulgi: (right before Irene slides down the zip line) Say "Seulgi, I love you!"
      Irene: *incoherent screaming*
    • Yeri thinks she's going to be sold off when she wakes up in the van and doesn't recognize her surroundings.
    • Wendy singing a romantic song while Seulgi ties up a bracelet around Irene's wrist.
    • Joy, after being given a photo album as a present, complains that the members seem a little too close without her around. The staff also asks her what kind of trip she'd like to go on, but she's way too distracted by the album to focus.
    • Turns out Joy wants to go to Mongolia to herd sheep. The rest of Red Velvet is not amused.

Season 2

  • The new season opens with the LUP staff being cryptic about the new destination of their trip. The girls, except Joy, are as suspicious as ever.
    • "You do feed us so well so I have nothing to say" - Kim Yerim when asked if she trusts the staff.
  • Ep. 2 to 7
    • Once again, Seulgi and Irene prepare breakfast while dancing... and Seulgi almost burns her hair off.
    • Yeri and Joy messing with each other while they pack. Special mention goes to Yeri saying Joy dresses like a grandma and that Joy's books are stiff and untouched enough to give paper cuts.
    • Kang Conan/Famous detective.
    • The girls continously shooting down Joy's hopes of actually going in Europe. Irene later immediately figures out their destination by simply looking at the car's gps.
      • They end up singing a traditional Korean song very loudly.
    • Wendy being cheesy with Joy.
    • We're introduced to Wendy "Search King" Son.
    • The entire bit where Joy tries to trick Wendy with traditional Korean terms. She tells her to sleep on the upper (coldest) side of the floor and...
    Wendy: Hey! It says that mistresses slept on the lower side!
    • If Seulgi bulldozing through food isn't amusing enough, this conversation is:
    Seulgi: (eating a meat skewer) There are a lot of sesame seeds!
    Wendy: I hope they all get stuck between your teeth.
    Irene: (beat) Is this how you guys talk in your room?
    • "Wendy hubby", "Joy wifey" and Irene, their personal photographer.
    • Joy channeling her inner Beyoncé.
    • Wendy and Irene playing games, all of it. Gets even better when Joy and Seulgi join.
      • Wendy knows a trick that prevents her from losing, which means Seulgi, the other Born Unlucky of the group, is on the recieving end of the hits from a squeaky hammer. That is, until the end.
  • Ep. 8 to 9
    • The girls wanted an European style breakfast? Where did the staff buy the bread? Paris Baguette.
    • Their sudden realization that hills look the same everywhere, to which Yeri starts to sing a traditional song again, and Seulgi soulessly praising Korea's panorama.
    • Yeri's impromptu baguette CF, and Seulgi's afterwards too.
    Seulgi: Please just use what Yeri said (holds up a baguette) but using my picture.
    • Speaking of bread and Seulgi, they look kinda similar. Just ask Joy.
    • Joy and Seulgi take the dogs out to play, with mixed results. For Seulgi anyway.
    • Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy happily feed the sheep on a farm until a bald-headed sheep starts trying to mug them of their feed. And then once the shepherd shoos it away, he tries to introduce the farm's sheepdog to the girls. The dog refuses to take her eyes off the herd no matter how many times the shepherd calls for her.



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