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Funny / Red Hood and the Outlaws

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  • Jason's origin story is the feature of #0. When the tale reaches his resurrection via Lazarus Pit, the final line pokes fun at the original Superboy Prime Reality-Punch explanation.
    Jason's Narration: That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    • The whole story is presented with a certain degree of Gallows Humor.
    Jason: *is born*
  • If you like Roy's sense of humor he can be absolutely hilarious when he actually lets the jokes fly.
  • For some people this situation in one of the first issues:
    The Outlaws enter a creepy dark corridor.
    Starfire lampshades how creepy it is and says it's probably a trap.
    Roy and Jason being... themselves brush it off and make fun of her for being afraid.
    Cue trap Kori was right
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  • Simon's Heel–Face Turn reveal, both Jason and Roy look done for and then Simon hugs Jason.
  • #17 - the Suicide Squad's constant complaining about being teleported into the Arctic without a change of warm clothes.
  • The second Annual has Jason undercover at the circus. When Dick comes to visit, Jason pranks him by claiming he's "an acrobatic clown", complete with lame stage name and ugly costume. Dick's expression just screams "my baby bro is a meanie".

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