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  • When Lisa bumps into a woman with iced coffee, the woman's reaction is quite hilarious, telling her husband to get another mocha coffee because "someone's wearing it."
  • Jackson gets a pen jabbed through his throat/trachea, goes berserk and runs off chasing Lisa. All a kid witnessing this has to say (to his friend whose pen it is) is "There goes your pen dude."
  • After a flight attendant catches Jackson and Lisa in the plane toilet and (mistakenly) thinks they were having sex there she does her rounds and when she comes by them says
    Flight attendant: [Deadpan Snarker tone] Trash?
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  • "Okay one of those flights."
  • After Cynthia has saved the Keefes from the missile, she is in the ruined room with dust and debris falling everywhere. Lisa rings her phone and she weakly answers "Lux Atlantic Resort.."
  • And at the end, she says to Lisa that they actually had a good night - all things considered. "Just that one incident"


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