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Funny / Red Dawn (2012)

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  • The Wolverines taking food from a Subway, mostly because of how completely random it is.
  • The Eckert brothers tricking Robert into drinking deer's blood.
  • One of the Wolverines, Daryl, makes a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare reference. In response, another says, "Dude, we're living Call of Duty. And it sucks."
    • Which is actually pretty funny considering the fact that one of the achievements in Modern Warfare 2 is a reference to Red Dawn (1984), as well as the fact that the sixth mission of the game is called "Wolverines!"
  • Sergeant Hodges, one of Tanner's Marines, walking casually across a wide-open space in the KPA's headquarters in full view of the KPA soldiers there and not even one of them giving him a second glance, since the sight of an armed man in tactical gear would be nothing out of the ordinary.

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