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So many gems in this game:

  • Apara Kachingpopgorn's identity card is written entirely in Comic Sans, and describes his body type as "Buff". And has the logo of the Nigerian Football Federation on it. Also, it lists his age as "18 and single." Additionally, the picture on the ID isn't even a real photo, but rather an illustration of a manga character, something which is confirmed as canon and not merely a stylistic choice on the part of the visual novel in the epilogue when the real Horai discusses the Prince's ID with Rich Hastley and mentions having recognized the picture as "Right Imagay."
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  • Horai's Metaphorgotten tendencies.
  • The Good Ending. Oh good lord, the good ending. You can just picture the blithering main character watching her bank account fondly as $5,000 is withdrawn from her account every month. While smiling stupidly. And it's the good ending.
  • In the Bad Ending, Horai wishes her Prince will find his true love... or get run over by a steamroller.

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