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The whole series is dementially fun, but some moments are even funnier.

  • Rat-Man's Negated Moment of Awesome in his Origin Story, setting the tone of dementiality for the entire series. The Buffoon (a Shallow Parody of Jack Nicholson's Joker) had kidnapped an orphan and demanded a ransom from his parents, and Rat-Man had decided to free him. After a rough start, Rat-Man curbstomped the Buffoon's gang Batman style (save for the moment he pulled a gun on one of his men, but he didn't fire), moved to confront a terrified Buffoon... And paid the ransom. The Buffoon was too shocked to even move long after Rat-Man and the kid had left...
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  • Rat-Man versus Hollywood Jehovah's Witness
    Jehovah's Witness: "Good morning. Do you know God?"
    Rat-Man: "Yes, that's me. What do you want?"
    Jehovah's Witness: "Good morning. Do you have The Bible?"
    Rat-Man: "I have Chuck Norris' Bible."
    Jehovah's Witness: "Have you ever wondered why God allows his children to have wars?"
    Rat-Man: "You know, they're children..."
  • In The Great Ratzinga (a parody of giant robot anime), Rat-Man was given the titular robot for battle, and the first sortie gives us this gem.
    Rat-Man: "Ratzinga! Take off!"
    Ratzinga takes off, and emerges from behind a fall in an epic way.
    Rat-Man: "Ratzinga! Close the windows!"
  • Pope Benedict XVI's brief cameo, fighting an alien invasion using a lightsaber and Force Lightning. Also doubles as Crowning Moment of Awesome, as he stalemated it single-handedly for a while before surrendering.
  • In one story, a bedridden Rat-Man told Arcibaldo he had never read a book in his life because Chuck Norris would appear and take him on a mission every time he opened one. Of course Arcibaldo doesn't buy it and leaves disgusted, but then...
    Rat-Man opens the book Arcibaldo gave him
    Chuck Norris: "Get up! There are smugglers to stop at pier 13."
  • The final story arc has, among his characters, Mr. Mouse, a Shallow Parody of Mickey Mouse who owns pretty much everything and has a Running Gag of throwing sheep down his Heliocarrier (a parody of Marvel's Helicarrier. Of course, Disney owns Marvel too...).
  • In the early story "Immutable Doom", Rat-Man reached a monastery in Tibet, having heard they would forge invincible armours. The monks explain him they do, but only if you fail into controlling your mind, as succeeding in that would actually make you invincible, and any outburst of rage would be punished with a piece of armour, and then assign him as a room mate to a former scientist who came there to quash his hate and rage, and had not a single piece of armour on himself. The former scientist's name? Victor Von Doom. Three guesses on why, by the end of the story, Victor had a full armour and got kicked out.
    • At the end of the story, Rat-Man is a day late into delivering cosmic rays-proof shielding to a spaceport, shielding that should be installed on an experimental spaceship whose launch has been postponed. The spaceship's builder? Nobody important, some doctor named Richards... Who hijacked the ship and launched it before Rat-Man's eyes.
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  • 299+1, Shallow Parody of guess-what, pulls one off well enough when Leonidas delivers one of the most iconic lines of the comic movie.
    Leonidas: "Spartans! What's your job?"
    Spartans: AHU-AHU-AHU!
    Rat-Man: "I'M A HAIRDRESSER!"
  • During issue #104 Brakko and Jordan are talking about Brakko having two days to arrest Rat-Man, and Jordan explains that if he had to arrest a friend he'll tell him to run and count to 20 before giving chase, knowing that, having trouble remembering what comes after 12, he'd give him a huge headstart. Later, we have this situation:
    Brakko: "Jordan? This is my office!"
    Jordan: "I know, sir. I'm really sorry. RUN!"
    *Brakko realizes Jordan has to arrest him and starts running*
    Jordan: "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve..."
    Jordan: "Twelve..."
    *Brakko comes back*
    Jordan: "Oh, thank you!"
    *Brakko runs away again, and Jordan continues counting*
  • The The Walking Dead parody has Bambi's mother returning from the dead... As a Flesh-Eating Zombie.
  • "Titanic 2000", the Titanic parody... With Rose replaced by a blow-up doll. That's just the start.
  • Ortolani's way to abuse the N-Word Privileges: Brakko's mother-in-law, black just like him, being horribly racist against black and, apparently not realizing she and her daughter Clara are black too, constantly insulting him due his race and telling Clara to find herself "a nice white man, just like you".

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