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Funny / Rage of the Gladiator

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  • The fact that you, as a gladiator, are forced to fight some Badass Normal people, such as Amit the snake charmer, Nagano the ninja, and, later, Master Yee, your trainer from the tutorial.
  • One of Gargadan's attacks involves his lion head telling his snake head to strike. Normally the snake head will respond with "Sssure!" and carry out the attack, but when you knock him down two times, this will happen:
    Lion head: Strike, snake!
    Snake head: But I'm scared!
    Lion head: You fool! (Smacks the snake head onto the ground)
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  • Any time Lord Vensor the 3rd opens his mouth.
    "Behold! Lord Vensor will now grace you with his presence. Is this some kind of joke? YOU'RE NO MATCH...FOR MY MAGIC! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
    "I call forth...A METEOR STORM!"
    "You dare challenge ME?"
    "A worthy ATTEMPT, "Your Majesty"!
    "Time for this magic show...TO END!"

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